Keely feathered her thumb across his well-kissed lips. “If anyone can make me lose total control, it’s you, Jack Donohue.”


Jack caressed and kissed her until she sighed pure contentment. “So no regrets?”

“For the rockin’ sex? Hell no.”

His left eyebrow quirked. “Regrets about something else?”

Yes. That this is temporary and you’ll probably shatter my heart into a billion pieces when this charade is over.

“Keely?” he prompted.


“That’s not an answer.”

“I know.” Keep it light. “The answer will have greater…benefits if you can guess what I regret.”

His eyes darkened at her challenge. “You regret bending over a haybale in Daisy Duke short shorts at age sixteen and teasing me with a glimpse of your sweet ass cheeks?”

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“Nope. I did that because you were lookin’ for a cheap thrill and I am an accommodating girl. Try again.”

He nipped the tip of her nose. “Smartass. You regret dating my brother.”

“Huh-uh. Dating him forced me to acknowledge what I didn’t want in a long-term relationship. Try again.”

“Regrets about the threesome?”

“Which one?”

Jack half-snarled, “You’ve had more than one?”

“No. I like hearing that jealous growling sound. Damn, Jack. That is sexy as hell.”

“You teasing me?”

“Yep. I figure what goes around, comes around. You did your share of teasing me. Like when I stayed at your folks’ house over Christmas break? You never put on more than a skimpy towel after you showered. You wanted me to salivate over this hunkalicious body.”

He smirked. “Maybe. I don’t regret it.”

“Me either. But you did try to torpedo my relationship with Justin.”

“Not for any reason beyond he would’ve been miserable married to you.”

Ooh. That stung. Just when things were going so well. Keely turned her face away.

Jack wrapped his fingers around her jaw, forcing her to meet his gaze. “Let me clarify before you jump to conclusions. Justin would’ve been miserable because you’re too much woman for him to handle.

Don’t deny you would’ve run roughshod over him. You’d be bored with a man you had total control over.”

“Probably.” She poked him in the chest. “We’re getting off the topic here. You were supposed to be trying to guess what I regret.”

An unholy gleam lit Jack’s face. “You regret not blowing me first thing tonight. You’re in luck. I’m more than ready to let you make it up to me now.”

Chapter Nine

“It’s hard for me to blow you when your dick is still inside me.”

Jack kissed her impudent mouth. “Be right back.” He eased out and pushed to his feet, feeling her eyes roving over his backside as he strolled to the bathroom.

He tossed the condom in the trash and washed his hands. Beneath his primal satisfaction was a hint of guilt. As long as he’d fantasized about Keely McKay, nailing her on the floor wasn’t his most suave moment.

Two knocks on the door. “Jack? You okay?”

“Yes.” You impatient to get my cock in your mouth?

Crude, Donohue.

Keely pushed open the door. Her curvy frame was perfectly framed by the doorjamb. His eyes scanned her head to toe. She still wore those peep-toe fuck me pumps that belonged on a nineteen forties pinup model. Not that any model had anything on his naked cowgirl.

“Ooh, I’m intrigued by that bad boy grin you’re sportin’.”

“It’s all for you.”

Keely’s gaze dropped to his erection and zoomed back up to his eyes. “Before I get to that, I need your help taking my shoes off. I lose my balance when I try.”

“You want to do it in here?”

“No. My bedroom.” She turned, flaunting her tight, round, perfect little ass. Talk about losing his balance. Jack almost tripped over his goddamn tongue. He grabbed four condoms from his shaving kit and followed her.

Her room was completely dark, except for a dim lamp on the dresser. Jack flipped the light switch, flooding the room with light.

“So much for mood lighting,” she muttered.

“But better for me to see all of you. Bend over, put your palms flat on the mattress and spread your legs shoulder width apart.”

When it appeared Keely might argue, he merely raised his eyebrow in challenge.

She obeyed.

Jack moved in behind her, setting his hands on her hips. He traced the contours of that marvelous ass, making a couple thorough passes over the same sensitive section of skin just to see her tremble. His hands followed the line of her thighs until he fell to his knees between her feet.

Using a rough-tipped finger, Jack teased the swell of her butt cheeks past the ticklish crease of her knee, down her muscled calf to the barrier of her shoe. Then he repeated the method on the other side. As he tantalized her inner thighs with butterfly-soft touches, he caught a whiff of her sex, softening, moistening for him. His eager, demanding cock slapped his belly.


“Be still.” He had no intention of letting her off easy. He replicated his effort on her legs with his hot, wet tongue.

“I thought you were helping with my shoes.”

“I’m a Jack of all trades.”

Keely groaned.

Jack circled his hand around her left ankle. “Lift up.”

She shifted. He tugged on the spike heel and the shoe popped off her foot. He kissed her anklebone and her instep before gently replacing her foot on the floor. She wiggled her toes into the carpet and sighed.

“Much better.”

“Good. Other side.” Her right foot received the same meticulous treatment.

“My feet thank you.” Keely looked at him curiously when he remained kneeling on the floor.


“Sit on the bed facing me.”


“Do it.”

Keely bounced she hit the mattress so fast. “I knew you’d be demanding and controlling.”

“And yet, here you are.” Jack placed his mouth on the inside curve of her knee. He feathered kisses up, listening to the choppy sound of her breathing. The closer his marauding mouth moved to her pussy, the more her leg muscles quivered beneath his lips. He inhaled the aroma of her lilac-scented lotion mixed with the musky perfume of her sex.

Her eyes were dark with lust as she peeked from beneath lowered lashes. Her upper teeth sank into her kiss-swollen bottom lip. An effort to keep from crying out? Pointless. He’d take great pains and great pride in making Keely come undone.

Jack curled his hands around her hips and brought her body forward to his liking, ignoring her surprised gasp. He slipped his hands under her butt and bent to lick her glistening sex. He didn’t bother holding back his primal groan as he tasted her for the first time.

He could’ve drawn out his oral worship, built Keely to climax slowly, but Jack was crazy to feel her explode on his tongue. After pressing kisses on her closely shorn mound, he followed the cleft down to the mouth of her pussy and wiggled his tongue inside.

“Oh. Damn. That’s…”

Jack withdrew and did it again. And again. He zigzagged his tongue up that gratifyingly wet slit, stopping to suckle her pussy lips, while his tongue probed her clitoris.


He started working her sweet little clit. Alternating sucking with tickling flicks of his tongue and firm-lipped bites. When Keely’s hands landed on his head, he latched onto that pulsing nub and sucked until she screamed.

After the throbbing slowed, her hands fell away. She flopped onto the mattress with a heavy, sated sigh. “Can I just say…holy fucking shit. That was—”

“Phenomenal? Astounding?” he supplied.

She rested on her elbows and looked at him. “Not what I expected. I thought I was giving you head.

Not that I’m complaining or anything.”

“Good.” Jack pushed to his feet. Her avid gaze devoured his cock as he rolled the condom on. He dipped his tongue into her navel and blew across the wet spot. “Roll over.”

Keely flipped to her stomach. That sexy squeaking noise escaped when he yanked her hips to the edge of the bed. Her toes barely touched the floor.

“Brace yourself for a hard, fast ride, cowgirl.” Jack arranged his cock, lifted her ass so he could watch his dick disappear into her soft hot, pink flesh.

The mattress moved as Keely wiggled and widened the space between her thighs. “That’s better.”

“The visual is better for me too,” he murmured. “Fucking hot as hell, Keely.” He gripped the middle of her thighs and thrust deep.

“Yes. As hard as you want, you won’t hurt me.”

A snarl-like noise rumbled out and he slammed into her wet heat. Each slap of his hips brought forth her soft groan of approval. Keely fisted her hands into the comforter, keeping herself in place as his cock tunneled in and out at warp speed.

Sweat coated his face, dampened his hair, trickled down his chest and the crack of his ass. His toes curled into the carpet in anticipation, but he didn’t stop. Couldn’t stop.

Keely emitted a keening moan, shooting her hips back with more force. Caught within her vise-like pussy muscles, Jack had no prayer of holding back. His sac tightened, his cock swelled as it tried to break out of the latex. He came right along with her, a grunting, sweating maniac consumed with experiencing every hot pulse of bliss as his balls emptied.

“Jesus. Yes.”

His strokes didn’t slow even after the head rush faded. Jack kept fucking her, prolonging both their orgasms. Even in the aftermath of his release, his pelvis snapped eagerly, almost of its own accord.

Keely sagged face first into the mattress, mumbling.

What a way to end a long dry spell. Jack trailed kisses up her spine, tasting her sweat and pulled out.

She emitted a sleepy sound. By the time he’d returned from the bathroom, she’d rolled to her back.