When Keely continued to hold herself rigid, expecting more, he removed his leg and released her wrists. “I’m done. And I reward good behavior. Up on your hands and knees.”


She didn’t look at him, but she obeyed. Jack took a second, unbelievably humbled, unbelievably grateful, unbelievably touched by this strong woman who gave herself over into his sexual keeping without question.

He peeled her jeans to her knees, in effect hobbling her. Jack knelt on the bed, his eyes eating up the red marks he’d placed on her ass.

Fuck that was hot. He swept his palm over the marks. Literally hot. He kissed the lips tattooed on her butt cheek. Then he ran his tongue over the beautifully pinkened flesh.


He laved every swollen spot. Blowing on her heated skin until she arched into him for more. Bathing his marks of possession until he smelled her arousal and saw the sweet cream dotting her inner thighs.

Jack stripped her jeans off. He placed his hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her upper body to the mattress, leaving her ass in the air. Taking a butt cheek in each hand, he lifted her up and spread her open for his mouth.

Keely gasped.

He licked her slit, from her clitoris to that sweet little asshole. He rimmed the pucker with his tongue, relishing the sexy moans of consent she didn’t bother to hide.

A thrill shot through him. Keely liked his raunchy side. Her complete wantonness increased Jack’s determination to please her beyond her wildest dreams.

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“If this is your idea of punishment, I plan on being bad all the damn time.”

He laughed and continued to torment her. He fucked her ass and her cunt with his tongue until she shook with need, whispering please, please, please in a husky rasp that caused his dick to jerk against his zipper.

“Turn over.”

The second Keely was on her back, Jack buried his face in her pussy. He zeroed in on her clit, sucking relentlessly until Keely bucked against his mouth and came in a rush of wetness all over his face. He didn’t release her juicy sex until her legs stopped twitching.

Again, Jack was humbled, seeing Keely utterly boneless, beautiful in abandon. He kissed her damp mound. The ticklish skin between her hipbones. The strange looking tattoo on her hip he suspected was a brand. The cute indent of her belly button. He looked at her, hoping she saw how much she meant to him at that moment.

No smile. No teasing eyes. She just said, “Fuck me, Jack. However you want. On the bed. On the floor. Over the chair. Hanging from the damn ceiling. I don’t care. I just need to see that wild look in your eyes and know I put it there.”

Her honesty floored him. Jack took her mouth in a brutal kiss. He slid his hands under her butt and lifted her, eating at those full lips. He staggered back, spun and pinned her against the wall.

He ripped his mouth away. “Help me get these jeans off.”

They depantsed him. Her hot, naked skin against his drove him out of his freakin’ mind. He grabbed a handful of her warm ass, canted her pelvis and plunged his cock in deep.

“Yes. Oh God. Yes.”

With her legs wrapped around his waist, she ground down on him every time he thrust up. Slam slam slam. No kisses. No caresses. No talking. Nothing but hard, fast fucking.

Her head fell back against the wall and she moaned, “Harder,” tightening her fingers in his hair as she bore down on him with her pussy muscles.

Slam slam slam.

Keely suddenly snapped upright, a stricken look on her face. “Wait. Did you hear someone walking down the hall?”


“I did. Jack. Stop. I think my parents are home.”


“So? We can’t do this if my mom and dad are downstairs.”

Jack had just uttered the words, “You’re paranoid,” when Keely’s mom called out, “Keely, hon? You up here?”

“Shit! Let me down.”

“No. Just answer her.”

“We have to stop.”

He got right in her face. “No fucking way. Answer her now before she comes hauling ass in here.”

Keely half-glared at him and shouted, “Yeah, Mom, I’ll be right out.”

Pause. “Is Jack in there with you?”

“See?” she hissed.

Jack began to thrust again. Damn. Had sex ever felt this good? He muttered, “Answer her, buttercup,”

against her throat and sucked on the spot that turned her inside out.

“Yes! I mean, Jack is here and we’ll be done—I mean out—in a few minutes.”

“Okay. We’ll be in the kitchen.”

“Fuckin’ hell, my dad is out there too!” she whispered furiously.

“So?” His thrusts picked up rhythm.

“Dammit Jack, stop. I can’t have an orgasm now.”

He grinned at her. “Wanna bet?” He fucked her without pause, using his teeth on her throat until she came gasping, cursing his name, which bizarrely enough, turned him on even more. Keely pulled his hair, her orgasm was so intense. He muffled his raw shout against her shoulder as hot burst after hot burst shot out the end of his dick.

That’s when he realized why the sex was so good.

“Shit. We forgot a condom.”

She blinked at him sleepily, wearing the sated expression of a well-fucked woman. “Hmm? What did you say?”

“No condom.”

“Oh. I’ll admit I prefer ridin’ bareback.”

“Me too. But—”

She pecked him on the mouth. Twice. “No worries. We’re safe. I’m on the pill.”

“You could’ve told me that last night.”

“We’ve been lovers less than twenty-four hours. It would’ve come up.” She shrugged and tried to cover a yawn. “Let me down so I can at least fix my hair so I don’t look like I’ve spent the last hour being fucked silly by you.”

“Good luck with that.” Jack withdrew and set her on her feet. “Do you want to go downstairs one at a time so they don’t suspect? Or can we walk in together?”

“It’s embarrassing to get caught screwing in my old bedroom as an adult when they never caught me when I was a stupid kid.”

Jack zipped his pants. “You never got caught?”

“No. But I caught them plenty of times and that wasn’t any less awkward.”

“Carson and Carolyn doing the nasty? I’m shocked.”

“Let’s just say I had no clue what a ball gag was until one weekend I came home from college for a surprise visit, and I saw one in my mother’s mouth and my father had her tied to a dining room chair.”

“Really? Maybe your dad can share tips about which brand is better, since I’ve often wanted to gag you.”

“Jack Donohue, don’t you dare bring it up! I swear to God, if you—”

He smashed his mouth to hers, cutting off her protest. But his kisses didn’t placate her. She pulled back and glared at him. “I’m not kiddin’.”

“Relax, cowgirl. I’ll behave. But I sure am hoping we’re sitting in the dining room.”

Carolyn McKay slanted them both a knowing look and blithely offered them a slice of peach pie.

Carson McKay’s glare could’ve set Jack’s hair on fire. But his grin for Keely was genuine adoration.

Mr. Tough Rancher was absolutely whipped for his daughter. Whipped.

Jack was beginning to understand the feeling.

“I see you cleaned up the barn again, girlie. Thanks. You and Rosa have a good ride?”

Keely wiped her mouth. “It was a great ride. We must’ve been gone three hours. I thought after all the party preparations and being around family yesterday you’d do something just the two of you?”

“Who’s to say we didn’t?” Carolyn winked. She addressed Jack. “Did your mother and Justin get off all right?”

“Yes. We had brunch before they started home. My mother was upset she’d ended up with your cake server. She made me promise I’d hand deliver it to you.”

“Which is why it ended up on the floor in the living room…how?”

Keely wouldn’t look at him, the coward.

Jack smiled at Carolyn. “An oversight. I got busy doing something else and must’ve dropped it.”

Carson harrumphed but didn’t demand details.

“So what’s next for you two lovebirds this week?” Carolyn asked.

“Tomorrow we find out if Jack got approval on the remodel plans from historical committee. Then he’ll do his thing and I’ll do mine. I’m working at the clinic Tuesday through Friday.”

He frowned at Keely. “Not Friday. We’re flying to Milford early Friday morning. Technically we’re landing in Salt Lake City and then making the two hour drive to Milford.”

“That’s this week?”

“I told you about it last week.”

“When?” she demanded. “We had a fight before you left. You were gone right up until the party started last night and when we got home—”

“We didn’t do a whole lot of talking, did we?” he murmured, ignoring Carson’s low snarl.

“Dammit, Jack, that’s not funny. You said we were going to Milford at some point, but you never said when.”

“Well, buttercup, it is this weekend. Friday night they’re having a dinner for us. Saturday I’ll do one last run through before giving them my final set of suggested updates. There’s another dinner on Saturday night. However, I am hoping we can sneak out of town Sunday morning before they drag us to church.”

“I can’t believe this is the first I’ve heard of it.”

Jack warned her, “You’ve known about this ‘commitment’ from the very start, Keely.”

“Don’t sound to me like Keely’s too keen on goin’,” Carson mused.

“Doesn’t matter. She is going.”

Keely sighed. “I’m not gonna have to wear a long dress and some kind of freaky head covering, am I?”