She tested his reactions as she explored his mouth. Sucked on his tongue. Licked and nibbled and bit as long and as methodically as she pleased. Jack was an active participant, but he didn’t try to wrest control.


She slid her lips up and down his neck. Tasting. He arched when Keely hit a sensitive spot with her tongue. He groaned when she sucked on the tendons straining for attention. She scattered kisses across his pectorals, relishing how the downy chest hair teased her cheek. Mmm. He smelled terrific too.


“Let me, Jack.” The tip of her wet tongue flicked his nipple. “Or do you want me to stop?”

“No! I just—”

“Then be good, bad boy, or I will stop.”

Jack slumped into the mattress with a terse, “Fine.”

She bent to her task of mapping his pecs with her mouth. She traced the cut muscles with her tongue between lapping at his nipples. “I’ve never seen you working out, so how is it that you maintain such a studly body?”

“I work out at home while I’m watching TV. I’ve used the weight room in the community center several times since I’ve been here.”

“I’m glad. So—” she licked his right nipple, “—very—” she licked it again,

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“—very—” and she blew across the wet skin, watching that already taut nipple tighten further, “—glad.”

His hips shot up. “You’re killing me with that mouth of yours.”

Keely painted wet swirls on his abdomen, paying meticulous attention to that luscious six-pack. She dipped her tongue into his belly button; his cock jerked against her neck. She swept the pearly bead from the head and placed a smacking kiss on the middle of his shaft. “Scoot up and spread your legs.”

He moved so fast she suspected he’d gotten fabric burns on his ass.

For a minute, Keely admired the bounty before her. She’d seen her share of cocks, but she admitted Jack’s cock was beautiful. Big. Long and thick. The shaft itself was wide enough she couldn’t circle her index finger and thumb around the girth. His black pubic hair wasn’t too long or too short. She appreciated his manscaping.

She nuzzled his groin, inhaling the ultimate masculine scent that was as familiar as it was unique. She brought the pilfered pouch within reach and angled her head to suck his sac.

“Sweet Jesus.”

Man, she loved the way he groaned as she rolled his balls over her tongue. Sucking both together, then one at a time. She released them and flicked her tongue up the ridged vein of his cock until the tip reached the sweet spot below the head.

Keely half-expected he’d be watching her intently with those sexy hooded eyes, but his head was on the mattress. His eyes were closed. He wasn’t relaxed, but he’d probably forgotten their entire conversation.

As much as she’d enjoyed taking her time, Keely ended the sexual teasing. She wanted Jack’s orgasm.

She’d earned it. She swallowed that velvety heat into her mouth, just holding it there.

Jack didn’t grab her head. He didn’t force his hips up. He stayed still and emitted another rough-edged moan.

She slipped the Fukuoko 2000 onto the tip of her finger. She brought more of his cock into her mouth, letting the wetness guide him deeper. She sucked hard as she released the length back, letting her teeth nip the upper rim of the head as her tongue fluttered below it. Keely did this over and over.

It wasn’t long before he rasped, “Goddamn. Keely. Please.”

Her head bobbed faster, keeping the strokes shallow. She flipped the tiny switch on the mini

“massager” and placed the vibrating tip on the strip of skin behind his balls in front of his anus.

“Holy fuck!”

And Jack was toast. The instant his balls constricted, his cock hit the back of her throat and she swallowed each hot spurt. He came so violently, the bed shook. When she figured she’d sucked every last drop and most of his brainpower, he slipped free from her mouth.

Several minutes passed. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t reach for her. And Keely suddenly felt very unsure of herself and almost…shy. She pushed onto her knees, ready to flee.

But Jack hauled her against him so she sprawled across his chest. He took her mouth in a savage kiss.

After he finally relinquished her lips, he buried his face in her neck.

“So I guess you liked that after all?”

He swatted her ass. Hard. “You even have to ask?” He dusted delicate kisses on her cheek. “That was fucking amazing. Thank you.”

“I loved doing it.”

“I could tell.” He breathed in her ear. “Did having my cock in your mouth turn you on? If I slip my hand between your legs will I find you wet?”


“Maybe I should take care of that for you.”

“Or I could take care of it myself and you can watch.”

Jack’s entire body went rigid. Then he growled, “Show me. Now.”

Keely straddled him again, staying up on her knees. “This won’t take long.” She smiled naughtily and brought the Fukuoko to her mouth. She watched Jack’s face as she licked it.

A dark hunger shot through his eyes and he growled again.

She set the plastic tip directly on her clit, flicked the switch and closed her eyes. Because she was primed from blowing Jack, that tightening, tingling sensation didn’t build; it sideswiped her. Immediately.

Keely climaxed with a sharp gasp.

His slow, sensual smile brightened his face. “You weren’t kidding about fast.”


“Sexy as hell. Next time I’ll be in charge of the vibrator selection, as I know you’ve squirreled away a whole box of them.”

“Deal.” Keely shoved the Fukuoko in the pouch, threw it on the nightstand and crawled into Jack’s arms.

Before she drifted off, he whispered, “Thanks, cowgirl.”

Chapter Thirteen

Due to a light schedule, Keely left work early. She drove to Moorcroft to check on the building process before she headed out to Colby and Channing’s.

Jack was in a foul mood. He wasn’t yelling, but speaking in clipped tones, wearing that don’t-fuck-with-me look. Eyes hard, mouth flat, eyebrows drawn together. Plus, his hair nearly stood on end from jamming his hands through it.

Might make her a chickenshit, but she steered clear of him.

Chet and Remy were covered in dust and grime, leaning against the wall by the back door. Keely approached them cautiously. “Hey guys.”

“Don’t ask how it’s goin’, ’cause I’ll tell ya right now, it ain’t goin’ well, cuz. Not at all,” Chet said.

A knot formed in her belly. “What happened?”

Remy took a long pull off his water before answering. “Nothin’, that’s the problem. Before we can get to the actual remodeling part you’ve contracted us for, we have to tear down all the ruined materials and haul them out. That’s what’s taking the bulk of time you’ve allotted. Jack ain’t happy about that.”

“Why not? That’s part of the process, isn’t it?”

“Yes. And no. We worked all damn day clearing out the lathe and plaster in the first room upstairs.

One room. Out of all these rooms.”

“And we weren’t slacking either,” Chet added.

Her confused gaze moved between them. “I don’t understand.”

“I know you don’t, sweetheart. But the truth is, you need to hire a demolition team to come in here and get it ready for us to start. We’ve done our best to work around it, but the truth is…”

Chet and Remy exchanged a look.

“The truth is what?”

“The truth is: that’s not their job, Keely.”

She whirled around and faced Jack. “What?”

“They’ve been busting ass hoping it’d get easier, but it hasn’t. Neither the work nor the fact they should’ve told you from the start that teardown wasn’t configured in the contract.”

Keely stared at her cousins with total mortification. “Is that true?”

Remy blushed. “Yeah. It’s true. We didn’t want you to feel bad. You’re family and we wanna help you. Like Jack said, we thought we might be able to do the teardown easy, but we can’t. And now we’ve fallen behind, not only on Jack’s timetable for this project, but on our other construction projects.”

Not only was she fucking up her own project with her ignorance, but Jack’s, as well as those West Construction had committed to. Keely had the overwhelming urge to hide her face in shame.

Buck up. This is what big girls do. Own up to their mistakes and make amends.

“I appreciate you guys finally telling me. I hate to think how much longer this might’ve gone on if Jack hadn’t forced the issue.” She attempted a smile. “Since we’re being upfront with each other, I’ll need timesheets for you both for the last week so I can pay you for the teardown you’ve already done.”

Chet protested. “Keely. That’s not necessary.”

“It is. You work hard. I won’t screw you out of money because you’re too nice of guys. It ain’t your fault I’m just your clueless little cousin, okay? I can pay you.”

Another silent communication passed between the brothers. Remy said, “All right. We’ll have the paperwork filled out and here tomorrow.”

“Thank you. You guys know any companies I could hire to come in and finish the teardown? So you can get started on your end?”

“I know of one outfit from Meeteetsee, but last I heard they were starting a project in Livingston, Montana.”

“And they ain’t cheap,” Remy pointed out.

“How much money we talkin’?”

Chet shrugged. “I’m guessing…about fifty, sixty.”

“Fifty or sixty what?” Keely asked.

“Fifty or sixty thousand dollars. I believe that’s a low number, even for around these parts,” Jack inserted.