“Tais-toi,” Dastien said.

Mr. Dawson hung up the phone and cleared his throat. “It’s official. No one has seen Sebastian or Donovan since they went to investigate how the vampires found us.”


“Merde,” Trent said. That was one French word I knew.

“How could this happen?” Dastien walked to Mr. Dawson.

“I’m not sure. Had to be an ambush of some sort. They can’t be taken easily.” He sighed. “I can’t think that it’s a coincidence that they go missing and Rupert shows up.” He looked straight at me, even though he couldn’t actually see me. “You may have been onto something bigger than even I thought.”

Dastien started pacing. “The vampires have been acting up more the past couple of years. Especially recently. Do you think they could’ve found a leader?”

“No. You don’t just change your behavior after centuries. There’s got to be something more. I’m just missing it.”

The door to Mr. Dawson’s cabin swung open. Five guys in all black with guns ran in. There were three quick shots.

I screamed.

“Drugged,” Dastien said. “Run.”

Ice ran through my veins. I didn’t know how to break the link. I checked on Mr. Dawson.

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Mr. Dawson glanced at me like he knew where I was. “Out.” The command rolled through me, pushing me out of the cabin. I tried to stop it, but the power behind it was too much. I sped through trees and buildings to get back to my body. It wasn’t comfortable. By the time I found myself lying on my bed, I wondered if I’d ever feel right again.

I didn’t have much time to think about it before Meredith strolled through the bathroom with Shannon in tow.

The music was still blasting.

“We’ve got news. And it’s not good.” Meredith said. Shannon hovered behind her.

I shot up from the bed. “Run. Now.” I grabbed my cell phone and keys from my bedside table.

“Wait. What!” Meredith said.

The knob on my door twisted. “Window. Now. Fucking now!”

I leapt onto the windowsill and jumped down. The landing was easy this time, and I sprinted across campus like the hounds of hell were on my heels. I didn’t look back to see if Meredith and Shannon were there. Maybe that meant I was a bad person, but Dastien was in trouble. I needed off this campus. I needed help from someone I could actually trust.

The parking lot was packed with big black SUVs. I clicked my car key, and set off in the direction of my car. Thankfully, I owned a black SUV too.

I was going to have to thank Axel for that one again.

I spotted my car and unlocked the doors. For the first time I spared a glance behind me, and I was surprised to see not only Meredith and Shannon, but Adrian and Chris were there too. I wasn’t sure when they’d shown up.

“Get in.” I closed my door, and started the car. I didn’t wait for them to buckle their seat belts. The gates were half-open as another SUV made its way into the parking lot. I swerved around it, and down the road.

“What in the fuck is going on!” Meredith said.

“Sebastian and Donovan are missing. And while I was linked to Dastien—long story—five cazadors broke down the door to Mr. Dawson’s cabin and shot Dastien, Mr. Dawson and Trent with tranqs. Dastien said to run. When I broke the link, Jason was coming into my room. So I got the hell out.”

A stream of curses came from my backseat.

“Tranqs. That’s so damned cowardly,” Chris said.

“¡Conchesumá!” Adrian hit the back of my chair.

“Whoa. Let’s not break my car.” What he said registered. “You kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“The word fits the man,” Adrian said.

“Where did you guys come from anyways?” I said.

“We were in the quad walking back to the dorm from the cafeteria when we saw you jump from the window. When Meredith and Shannon followed we figured there’s too much drama on campus today to not see what was going on with you.” Chris squeezed my shoulder. “You’re getting much better at the jumping from the window thing. That leap was a thing of beauty.”

I snorted. “Fourth time’s the charm?”

“Where are we going exactly?” Shannon said.

I sighed. “To my house. Kind of obvious, so we can’t stay long, but we need to regroup and find out what the hell is going on and what they’re planning to do with Dastien and Mr. D. I have a really bad feeling. Sunset isn’t far away and something tells me if we don’t find them before then…” I took a calming breath. “We have to find him.”

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