“Come inside,” Mr. Dawson said. He’d changed from his workout clothes into a pair of faded jeans and a green T-shirt. The piney soap from his shower blocked all other scents.

The cabin was one large room. The bed stood against the wall to the right. A door next to the kitchen opened just enough so that I could see the bathroom. To the left, was a small sitting area. A kitchen with a small breakfast nook that looked out to the trees took up the rest of the room. The two men I’d seen parking the Expedition earlier stood up from their chairs in the sitting area when we entered.


“Tessa McCaide, meet Sebastian Braun and Donovan Murry. Two of the Seven,” Mr. Dawson said.

Oh crap.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Dastien stepped in front of me. “I take full responsibility. She had no choice or option.”

What the hell was he thinking? He couldn’t say that. He’d be killed.

“We’d like a word with you. It isn’t an easy thing to bite someone. Especially if you’ve not gone mad, which I can see for myself that Michael wasn’t lying.” Donovan’s Irish sing-song voice was really pleasant to listen to. His hair was black, but his eyes were a crystal, clear blue. “Have a seat, lass, while Dastien tells us what he’s about.”

I started to step around Dastien but he rumbled a low growl.

“Quiet down,” Sebastian said. “No harm will come to her.”

Dastien stepped aside. I sat across from Donovan. His power whispered along my skin.

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“Tone it down, Dono,” Sebastian said.

Donovan capped his powers so much that I had to check to see if he was still sitting there. Dastien sat next to me.

Sebastian’s white-blond hair and fair skin made his moss colored eyes stand out. “Why’d you do it?” Sebastian said as he settled into the last spot, across from Dastien.

They cut straight to it. I shifted in my seat, waiting for Dastien to answer.

He cleared his throat. “I didn’t set out to turn her. My wolf momentarily took control. It seems he has chosen her as his mate.”

What the hell was he talking about?

Donovan leaned across the table. “Did he really?”

Yeah. Did he? I stared at Dastien, and he shifted in his seat before saying anything. “Yes, Sir. Once she got near, there was nothing I could do to stop it.”

Sebastian studied me. “Interesting that your wolf would choose a human.” His German accent showed through on the word “wolf” turning the “w” to a “v.”

Great. So his wolf wanted me but I wondered if he—the guy—actually wanted me. Was that possible?

Mr. Dawson stepped to the table. “I think you might find her interesting on a couple of different levels.”

“Really?” Sebastian reached his hands across the table toward mine.

I put them on my lap, out of his reach. The look he gave me, like I was a new treat to try out, didn’t ease my mind.

“Don’t hide them,” Sebastian said. “Take off your gloves.”

His power rippled along my skin. Goosebumps followed in its wake. “I’d really rather not,” I said, ignoring his command.

Sebastian turned to Mr. Dawson. “I see what you mean.”

“Do as he says.” Mr. Dawson gave me a nod of encouragement. “It’ll be alright.”

He didn’t know that. In fact, I was nearly certain he was wrong. Meredith told me that certain werewolves had developed special powers, and I’d bet my ass Sebastian was one of those wolves.

I met Mr. Dawson’s gaze. “If something happens that I don’t appreciate, I will never trust you again. And I will do my best to get out of here as quickly as possible.”

Donovan laughed. “She’s got you by the balls, Michael.”

“Just don’t make a liar out of me, Sebastian,” Mr. Dawson said. “You cost me the two strongest wolves from my pack and there’ll be hell to pay.”

I don’t know what all that meant, but I figured it was something significant. And I guessed I had to do as they asked. “For the record, this is a terrible idea.” I pulled off my gloves, folding them in my lap, and reached across the table.

I closed my eyes and waited for the onslaught as Sebastian grabbed my hands.

Nothing. I got nothing from him.

And then I felt it. A tingling in the back of my mind. He was reading my thoughts, my feelings, my memories.

“Hey!” I tried to pull my hands from his, but he tightened his grip. “Stop.” The invasion continued. He picked at my most private memories. Poked into the worst times at school in LA. Uncomfortable didn’t even begin cover it. “I said stop!” I visualized him in my mind and shoved him as hard as I could.

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