“He ran off with the others, most likely making his injury worse. But he’ll be fine once I fix him up.”

Mrs. Ramirez took a step into the room. “Girls, stay in the dorm. We’re under lockdown. Windows bolted. Curtains closed. No matter what you hear going on outside. Understood?”


“Absolutely, Ms. Ramirez,” Meredith said.

“Good.” She left. A second later we heard her knocking next door, spreading the word.

Dr. Gonzales shut the window, clicked the lock and pulled the curtains tight. “You didn’t read the book?”

“What book?”

She stepped over to my desk and picked up the thin volume—The Werewolf’s Bible.

I shrugged. “It’s been a bit of a rough week.” I probably should’ve put on gloves and read the damned thing, but no one expects a vampire invasion. “How come it hypnotized me so easily?”

“You met his gaze?”

I nodded.

Meredith slapped my shoulder. “Next time, don’t do that.”

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“We’re not as weak as humans,” Dr. Gonzales said. “It’s like when someone punches you when you’re not ready. It takes you by surprise. But if you are braced for it, it’ll graze on by. Just stay away from the window and never ever meet their gaze unprepared.” She placed the book back on my desk. “Please try to read this. It explains a lot.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“I guess maybe we should get ready for bed?” Meredith said when Dr. Gonzales left.

Bed? Was she kidding? Vampires attacked the school. One nearly killed me. Dastien and Mr. Dawson and the rest were out there. Fighting. Not to mention the adrenaline still working its way through me. “I don’t think I can sleep.”

“It must be weird for you to see that. But really, it’s going to be fine. They can’t come out during the day, and the Cazadores will come soon and watch over us at night.” She squatted in front of me. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

I pulled my hair back and saw my hands shaking. “I don’t know.” I thought for a second. “What else can vampires do?”

“You mean besides controlling your body if you meet their gaze and drain all the blood from you?”

Holy shit. “Yeah, besides that.”

“Some of them are said to have magical powers, not that I’ve seen it. Their saliva is poisonous to us, but usually if you’re close enough to find that out you’re going to be dead soon. You got lucky.” She paused. “And they glide over the ground, so they don’t make sound. And they can glamour humans into thinking they don’t look nasty. Also, they can leap really high. And—”

I waved my hand through the air. “Enough. I don’t think my puny ex-human brain can take any more tonight.”

Meredith laughed. “Listen. How about you get ready for bed, and then we’ll watch a movie in my room? Something fun and silly.”

I grabbed some pajamas, but kept looking toward my window. I didn’t dare go near it. That feeling when I looked at the vampire, like that thing had control over me, chilled me. It invaded my brain. I never wanted to feel that again.

I pulled on some shorts and a tank, and snatched a pillow off my bed.

“Sixteen Candles or Mean Girls?” Meredith said as I walked into her room.

“Mean Girls.”


I snuggled down on her fluffy rug and hugged my pillow.

I swore I could hear Dastien howling in the distance.

Mr. Dawson had been right. Too much of this was a coincidence. I come here and then the vampires. As much as I didn’t want it to be about me, what if it was? Or what if I was the excuse?

What if Mr. Hoel was the rogue? And Imogene was helping him?

I hoped I was wrong. That this blew over, but if it didn’t—then I’d made some pretty powerful enemies already. I was going to have to start watching my back.

The sound of scratching pulled me from my dreams. Little nails clawing. Followed by a very soft whining noise. How had I gotten back in my room? Were the vampires back? I looked at the window, but the curtains were still tightly closed. It was coming from my door.

No way they could get inside. Or so I hoped.

Maybe if I ignored it, it would go away.

More scratching and whining. That sounded dog-like. Or wolf-like.

I put a pillow on top of my head.

More scratching and whining.

I grabbed a tissue, ripped it in half, and shoved it in my ears. I sandwiched my head back in between the pillows.

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