But when I went to sleep that night, Dastien was the only thing I could think of. He hadn’t stopped by. No calls or texts. Hell, I wasn’t sure if he even had my cell number, but it still annoyed me.

The next morning I was getting worried about not hearing from him. There hadn’t been any sirens, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t fighting vampires somewhere else. What if he was hurt?


I tried to push away my worry as the gang and I finished breakfast and then headed over to the school building. Starting my second week, the knots in my stomach had untangled somewhat, but it was still an adjustment.

Chris had been helping me with metaphysics during breakfast. We’d just left the cafeteria when I realized I’d forgotten my notebooks.

“I’ll catch up with you,” I said to Chris as I ran back through the doors.

I slid between tables and the mass of people heading out. Frustration filled me as I realized I’d be late for class. In my old schools, this wouldn’t have been a big deal. But Mrs. Ramirez didn’t look kindly on tardiness. She’d majorly reamed out Shannon when she was five minutes late on Thursday.

I snatched up my notebook. And then stopped.

Dastien was at a table in the corner talking to Imogene.

Why hadn’t he come over to my table? He hadn’t even said hello.

I stood there, frozen in time as they got up together. His arms wrapped around her in a hug. His smile was bright when he pulled away.

I let out a breath. A hug was just a hug. He’d said they were old friends. I couldn’t let myself be the jealous girlfriend.

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And then she kissed him. On. The. Lips.

Rage boiled my blood. I spun around, not wanting to see what happened next. I had to get out of there before I lost control and ripped her face off. Shit. Who was I kidding? I was totally losing control.

I wouldn’t let him see me like this. I wouldn’t let her see me.

Tears blurred my vision as I raced across the courtyard to class. I stopped just outside the room and took a deep breath. Everyone was already seated. I looked down, letting my hair hang in front of my face, and entered the room.

Meredith waved me over. “You okay?”

“No.” But that was all I could get out before Mrs. Ramirez walked through the door.

She started lecturing, but I couldn’t pay attention. Meredith tried to pass me a note, but I shook my head. I could feel the wolf pacing inside me, aching to get out. To squash whatever hurt me. But there was no way I would let that happen. Not in the middle of class. I just needed to concentrate.

Hair sprouted along my arms as I tried to focus on taking notes. I inhaled slowly and exhaled but it didn’t help. My knuckles cracked and popped, forcing me to drop my pencil.

“Tessa?” Meredith whispered.

I caught Mrs. Ramirez’s gaze. “May I go to the restroom?”

She watched me for a second before nodding.

The chair screeched as I pushed back from my desk. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

Chapter Thirty-Three

In the hall I found my favorite person, Imogene, looking through my locker. Half its contents littered the hallway.

I lunged over to her. “What the hell is your problem?”

“You go through my stuff. I go through yours.” Imogene flicked one of my textbooks down the hall.

Okay. She had a point, but the girl was making a mess. “Can I help you find something?”

“Sure, bruja.” The metal clanged as she slammed it closed. “Where’s the gris-gris?”

“The what?” I didn’t need this. Not from her. Not when my wolf was so close to the surface.

“You know—the voodoo charm. The spell. Whatever the fuck it is that you did to him.” Imogene took a step toward me and crossed her arms. “I want it. Like yesterday.”

Was she serious? “I don’t have whatever it is that you’re talking about. I didn’t do anything to anyone.” I managed to get out the words through teeth that suddenly felt too sharp.

“There is no way he’d lose control like that without you doing something to make him lose it.” She moved closer. “No way he’d leave me. Especially not for some half-human half-witch loser.”

“It seemed to me that you two are still pretty damned cozy. So fine. You win. I’m not about to fight for some cheating asshole. He’s all yours. But you need to stay away from me.”

She took another step. I didn’t move back. I let her come.

“If only it were that easy.”

A frustrated laugh broke free. “You’re crazier than I thought.”

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