“I promise not to tell.” She puts her other leg on the bed, and gets in, lying down beside me. I pull the covers back, exposing my naked body, and she pulls up the hem of her t-shirt, showing me her wet cunt. “You can take me if you want to. That can be our little secret too.”

“Fuck.” Her words make more cum leak out of me, and all I can imagine is dumping a load inside her young pussy. I want to wear her cunt out and make her remember who's been there. I have this urge to mark her like she’s mine, but I know I have to hold myself back. She might be eighteen and legal, but I still work at the school she goes to, and her father is a good friend to me. “I’m getting you off. That’s it.” I shoot her a hard look so she knows that’s all we’ll be doing.


Megan bites her lip and nods her head, reaching down between her legs, spreading her swollen lips open for me. She’s baiting me. Her clit is soaked with her sticky cream, and I move to get between her thighs, my mouth watering. Before I put my mouth on her I look up into her eyes. “Our secret, right?”

She nods her head, and I latch onto her cunt, sucking up her sweetness and eating her out. She starts to moan, and I reach up, putting a hand over her mouth. She puts her hands over mine to help muffle her cries as I drink down her juices, licking inside her cunt to get it all. I want every last drop of her. She’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted, and the more I eat her, the harder I get. I’m humping the sheets, trying to find relief, but the more I taste, the more I want.

While sucking her clit, I brace her thigh open with one hand, still holding the other over her mouth. It doesn’t take me long before she starts to grind against my face, her back bowing off the bed. I feel her cum against me, and like an animal I want more. I pull back and lick my lips. “Another.” I whisper, and go back to sucking on her cunt. I want to see her cum again.

She gives me another orgasm moments later, and before I know what I’m doing, I’m on top of her, the tip of my cock at her opening. I wonder if that Croy fucker has ever seen her like this before. The thought almost sends me over the edge. She’s been so forward with me that I can’t imagine her lacking for male attention.

I’ve become possessed by the need to mark her as mine so that no one else can ever touch her again. I want her for me and me alone from this day forward. I’m beyond caring that she’s off limits. I need to fuck her. Now.

“You're going to take me inside.” I mean it as a question, but it comes out more like a statement. I can’t seem to get myself under control with her.

“Yes, Coach. I need you.” She pushes her hips up a little, inviting me in.

I lean down and kiss her full lips, letting her sticky juice slide between our tongues. She moans at her flavor. Knowing the taste of her own pussy turns her on. It turns me on too. I thrust hard inside her, giving us both what we want, and as soon as I plunge all the way inside her, I pull back to look at her, my eyes wide. I felt a barrier break as I thrust in, and it hits me.

“Goddamn it, Megan. You’re a virgin?”

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Red blossoms on her cheeks, and she nods her head slightly. I can see little tears start to form in the corners of her eyes, and it nearly breaks my heart.

“Oh God, baby, don’t cry. I’m so sorry.” I feel like an asshole. I should have been gentler. I never thought she could be a virgin with the way she’s been acting, but knowing I’m the only man to have been inside her makes me almost cum on the spot.

I lean down and kiss her cheeks, holding her to me, trying to comfort her and doing my best to keep myself from embarrassing myself by unloading all my cum into her. Fuck, I shouldn’t be doing this. I’m balls-deep in untouched pussy, and I can’t make myself pull out. She’s squeezing me tighter than anything I’ve ever felt, and all I can think about is fucking her hard and deep to try to break her in.

I look into her eyes, and she gives me a little smile. “You want me to pull out, baby? This should’ve been better for you. We shouldn’t be doing it like this.”

Her eyes get big, and she shakes her head. “Please don’t stop. I want this. I want you. Don’t you feel it?” She puts her hand on my heart, and I know what she means. The connection between us is real.

“You’re not on any birth control, are you?” I can’t believe I didn’t remember to put on a condom, something I'd never done in my whole life. Fuck, she has me twisted.

She has the decency to blush again, and shakes her head.

“Fuck.” My dick twitches at that answer, the image of her, swollen with my child, fills my mind. The sudden urge to breed her and make her mine drives me crazy. Everyone would know without a doubt that she belongs to me. But I think better of it and decide not to cum in her. “Fine. I’ll fuck you, but I’ll pull out.”

“I want you inside me. All of you,” she pleads, and I’m not sure she knows what she’s asking for.

“No,” is all I say in response, because it’s all I can say. If we keep talking about me cumming in her virgin pussy, this is going to be over before it starts.

I pull out a little and push back in, letting her feel how much I want it. She tilts her hips up, inviting me inside her tight body, and when I thrust hard, I feel myself hit her cervix. If I push up against that and cum, I know she’ll get pregnant. Cumming right inside her would breed her instantly.

That thought makes me cum inside her a little, and I feel my seed spreading against her virgin walls, making the thought of pulling out that much harder.