I’m dressed wearing yet another long sleeved black backless dress that comes mid-thigh. This one has silver beaded patterns through it. I finish it with black silver-studded heels. I feel good in this dress. Although the back is so low you can’t wear underwear with it which I feel a little uncomfortable with but the girls swear you can’t tell. I put on a little eyeliner and mascara and finish with a light pink gloss.

We arrive at The White Rabbit around 11pm and walk right up to B-Rock who smiles at us and says, “I was wonderin’ if I’d ever see you girls again. Thanks for not breakin’ my heart.” He winks and lets us in. Mimi rubs his bald head, Lola pats his cheek, Nat winks back at him and when I walk past him, I put my hand on his chest and kiss his cheek.


The club is pumping and we’re giddy. We walk straight up stairs to be greeted by Asian Alice who smiles at us and says, “Ah, the Safira party has arrived. Right this way, ladies.”

Everyone knows us!

I feel like a rock star!

Asian Alice walks us to our huge booth and takes our first drink orders. We decide on cherry bombs which is a bad idea because these babies go straight to my head but I cave. All they are is Red Bull and cherry vodka.

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We’ve been sitting, chatting, and laughing for an hour and a half. We’re finishing our third drinks when I see Mimi smiling at something behind me. I turn and all the guys are there walking toward us.

I smile a hugely stupid smile. I’m so happy to see them even though I just saw them some hours ago.

They look hawt!

Trick and Ghost wear what I assume is their uniform which is a tight black V-neck t-shirt over black slacks and dress shoes. Max is wearing a black button up shirt over black jeans and dress shoes. And last but definitely not least is Nik. He’s wearing a white button up shirt over dark blue jeans and dress shoes and looks oh-so-yummy.

All the girls stand to exchange hugs and greetings, then we all sit back down. A waitress brings the guys a drink I hadn’t know they’d ordered and she also brings us another round. I’m already fuzzy headed. I haven’t eaten anything since lunch with Ceecee. Stupidly, I shoot the rest of my drink and pick up my fourth.

Nik has chosen the seat next to me and I’m glad. I put my hand on his thigh and scootch over to be closer to him. He smiles down at me and puts his arm around my shoulder.

I make eye contact with Mimi who pokes her tongue out at me and shoots me a cruel smile. She speaks loudly so everyone can hear her, “I have a great idea. Who wants to play Truth or Truth?”

Son of a Big Mac… I’ll cut a bitch!

She knows I hate these games. They’re always dirty and give me hives.

Unlucky for me, everyone agrees. Mimi goes first. “Max, have you ever fantasized about someone other than the person you were actually having sex with?”

He laughs, “Yep. I have. I was dating this girl in high school and every time I closed my eyes I’d see Christie Brinkley.” Everyone laughs with him and he asks, “Okay, Nat. If I were a food what would I be and how would you eat me?”

A loud chorus of Ooooooh crosses the booth.

Nat takes it all in stride and says, “Well, I guess you’d be an ice cream.” She looks at Max with lowered eyes and makes her voice sultry. “I loooove ice cream. I like to lick it up slowly, especially when it runs down the cone.” She takes Max’s hand and licks his finger slowly. Max’s eye flutter closed and he looks like he’s in pain.

We’re all laughing so hysterically.

Ghost doesn’t look impressed.

Nat puts Max’s hand in his lap and he adjusts himself through his pants. “Damn girl, you gave me a semi.” She bursts out laughing and says, “Okay, Nik. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?”

He stretches his arms over his head and smiles. “When I was in fourth grade I had a crush on my teacher.” He chuckles at himself. “I wanted her to be my girlfriend. So, one afternoon I went to her house with flowers and candy. I rang the doorbell.” He puts a hand over his face. “And her husband answered the door. I dropped the shit and ran like hell.” After we stop laughing, he says, “Mimi, have you ever masturbated?”

Trick puts his arm around her and tells her, “Coz you know I’d be happy to help.”

She flashes a huge grin and says, “Yep. At least twice a week. Sorry guys but sometimes you just need to please yourself.” The guys groan in agony. Mimi asks, “Lola, who was the first guy you let touch your boobs?”

Lola looks up and thinks hard. She tells us, “I think I was fifteen and barely had any boobs. It was my cousin’s best friend Frankie, he was sixteen and he gave me my first kiss and went in for a feelski. I didn’t mind though ‘coz he was hot.” She looks around the table. “Meanwhile, I saw him at church the other week. He was sporting a bald head and a pot belly! So lucky I didn’t end up with him. Trick, have you ever peed in a pool?”

Trick leans back in his chair with a goofy grin and says, “Yep! Just the other day at the gym.”

We all scoff in disgust and he defends himself with, “It don’t matter, all the chemicals kill the pee! Max, what was the worst pick up line you ever used and did it work?”

Max smiles and says,“I told a girl once I’d lost my bed and asked if I could borrow hers. She wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. But I did get laid that night.”

We all boo and hiss. Max looks right at me and asks, “Teeny Tina, have you ever watched porn?”

Crap on a biscuit!

“Uh. I- Uh.” I cover my face with my hands and nod. I hear everyone laugh and can feel Nik’s arm tighten around my body shaking. I drop my hands and turn my flushed face and bright red neck to Ghost. “Ghost, what kind of underwear are you wearing?”

Ghost smirks at me and answers quietly, “I would tell you if I were wearin’ any.”

The girls whoop and the guys groan. He just smiles and asks, “Lola, what’s the strangest name someone’s asked to call you in bed?”

Lola’s shoulders shake with silent laughter and she replies, “There was a guy who called me puppy and wanted me to bark like a dog.” Her body shakes and tears fall down her smiling face. “I didn’t like him enough to put up with that shit.” Lola looks at Trick with a shy smile and asks, “Trick, what do you find most sexy in a woman?”

He looks up at her with a slow smile. It’s a genuine smile and says softly, “I’m not sure, little Lola. Look in a mirror and let me know.”

We all whoop and Lola blushes as red as a tomato.

Trick looks at Nik and smirks, “What’s the fastest you’ve ever come?” Everyone bursts into laughter. Nik chuckles and says, “I think the first time I ever had sex I lasted about twenty seconds.” We’re all in hysterics. Nik interrupts our laughter with, “I’d like to let everyone know I’ve vastly improved since then!”

Nik tugs my hair and I’m afraid to look at him. I know I’m next. He asks, “Tina, how many men have you slept with?” The whole table quiets down and my girls send me sympathetic smiles. I clear my throat and answer, “I’ve only ever slept with one guy. And it was a while ago.” I feel Nik’s body still against me.

Max looks shocked but continues to probe, “Well then that question’s not valid. When is the last time you had sex?”

Thirty seconds pass and I hold up my hand extending my thumb and all my fingers. Max looks at my hand and says, “Five months? That’s rough.”

Nat shifts in her chair. Lola looks at the table. Mimi shoots me an apologetic look.

I whisper, “F- Five years.” I feel Nik’s body stiffen. Rock solid.

The silence is deafening. And I think I saw a tumble weed roll past.

Max whispers loudly, “No Fuckin’ Way!” He leans closer to me and asks, “How are you not masturbating at the table right now?! You must have a will of steel. That’s amazing, babe.” He sounds respectful.

Ahh, Thanks Max.

I avoid the shocked stares of the guys and sympathetic smiles of the girls. I shrug and ask, “Anyone need a fresh drink? I certainly do.”

Before anyone can answer I walk over to the bar and order another cherry bomb. I’m stumbling slightly and feeling loose. I’m tipsy and it feels good.

I walk back to the booth. Trick and Ghost have left to do some work. Nat has gone to the bathroom. Nik pats his lap. I lower myself and sit sideways on him. He lifts my hair, puts his mouth to my ear and says, “I’m sorry for putting you on the spot, honey. If I knew it would make you uncomfortable I would never have asked that question.”

I put a hand on his chest and with a smile say, “That’s okay Niki. It is what it is. I can’t deny it.” I lift my drink to sip at it and miss my mouth completely. I may be a little more than tipsy. I spill my drink down the front of Nik’s shirt.

I trill, “Holy buckets! I’m so sorry, Nik.” I use my hand to wipe the drink off his shirt but all I do is smear the bright orange liquid over even more of it. He takes my hands and I look up at him. He’s smiling hard at me, dimple and all. He says, “I keep a spare shirt in my office. I’ll go change.”

I move off his lap and as he goes to move away I hold on to his hand. “I’ll go with you.”

Nik smiles and pulls me closer to him. “C’mon, honey.” He leads me into a hall behind the bar and opens the door.


It opens opposite the ‘chill out’ room. I follow him to his office and he starts unbuttoning his shirt. I know I should look away but I’m a bit drunk and I want to see what he’s got hiding there. He has all the buttons down the front open and he’s working on the sleeves.

He asks, “Can you please get my other shirt from over there?” He nods to the clothes hanger in the corner. I grab the freshly laundered garment and take off the wrapper. Underneath is the silk lilac shirt he was wearing the day we met.

I state, “You were wearing this the day I met you.”

He smirks and says softly, “I know.”

Then he takes off his wet shirt.

Holy smokes!

Nik is even better looking without a shirt. His abs are clearly defined. He has a small smatter of chest hair. His arms are amazing! They’re muscular and have veins running up them. He has tattoos, too. His jeans fall low on his hips. On his right hip is a tattoo of a cross. On his right bicep is a large printed tattoo that looks like XAOC. I have no idea what that is. He’s removed his watch. His wrist has a tattoo on the inside. It says Ceecee.

Aww, I love Ceecee, too!

Behind his left ear is a tribal tattoo that comes down to his neck. Still shirtless, he turns and I think I gasp out loud. His entire back is tattooed. One big picture. It’s a bit scary actually. There are seven blank eyed angels up in the clouds holding swords of flame. They’re fighting off five devil-like creatures with horns on their heads and pointy tails that are reaching in to the clouds. It literally gives me shivers.

Nik breaks me out of my spell when he pulls the lilac shirt on. Once he’s buttoned up he holds out his hand, I take it and we exit his office. As we make our way down the hall Nik stops suddenly. He puts a finger to his mouth and I quiet myself. There are banging noises coming from the opposite end of the hall.

We tiptoe to the conference room and the noise get louder.


Nik smirks and puts his ear to the door. His body shakes with silent laughter and he motions for me to come closer.

Eyes wide, I put my ear to the door and listen.

A girl. “Oh my god.” Thump-Clink-Bang.

A guy. “Fuck, you feel good.” Moan-Groan.

The girl. “Oh God. You’re amazing!” Moan. “I still hate you. Ooooh.” Thump-Clink-Bang.

The guy. “I hate you too, pretty girl.” Groan. “Fuck me, do that again.” Groan.

I know that voice.

It’s Nat.

I look up to Nik with a hand over my mouth. His eyes are dancing. He mouths, “Ghost.”

Ghost moans again then says, “Say my name, pretty girl.” Thump-Bang-Thump.

Nat groans, “Ghost! Fuck me, Ghost!” Bang-Clink-Thump.

“No baby, say my name.” Clink-Bang-Moan.

Nat pants, “Ash- Asher! Oh God, Ash... Harder Ash.” Groan-Thump-Bang.

Ghost states, “Any harder and I’ll put you through the fuckin’ table!” Moan-Clink-Groan.

I giggle and Nik bursts into silent laughter. He pulls me back to his office, closes the door and we laugh hysterically.

My best friend is shtupping broody Ghost!

Nik has his arms around my waist. I hold on to the front of his shirt. We laugh til we’re in tears. When we finally stop laughing we look into each other’s faces. I stop smiling. I want him so badly. And it’s not the booze talking. I want him to kiss me right now.

Nik’s also stopped smiling. I see him swallow hard. His face serious puts a hand to my belly and pushes me back gently til my back hits the wall. His amber eyes bore into me, they search my face. He lifts a hand to the side of my neck and moves his fingers slowly up and down my collarbone. I close my eyes and shudder.

“Look at me.” He says this firmly. It’s not a request.

I open my eyes and he looks deeply into them before saying hoarsely, “I’m going to kiss you.”


And he does. He lowers his face til his lips softly touch mine. I huff in a shaky breath. Neither of us moves for seconds and its torture! It seems like days. My shoulders slump and my knees weaken when his tongue darts out to trace my lips. Luckily, the wall was doing a good job at holding me up.

I gasp and he takes my weakness as an opportunity to kiss me deeply. He groans when his tongue touches mine. They dance together and I want to weep with joy.

Wow! Like… Wow!

Warmth spreads through my belly to my core.

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