He sat on a barstool, bringing Rielle between his legs, close to his body. “What can I do?”


“Nothing. You know what it’s like to have an only child. They expect immediate attention. That hasn’t changed even when she’s in college. Last night, she had to share me with Sierra. She assumed she’d have my undivided attention today, but Ainsley needed to talk so I met her in town for a long lunch. Then you show up and kiss the shit out of me, throwing her mommy and me world into turmoil. She won’t have my total focus this weekend. That’s never happened to her before.”

“Why didn’t you tell her about us?”

Rielle smoothed her palms over his cheeks. “Not because I was embarrassed. But…” She outlined his face with her fingertips, from his hairline to his jawline, to the curve of his lips. “You really are a handsome man. Such a McKay.”

Gavin growled. “Answer. The. Question.”

“I didn’t tell Rory about you, because I have so few things that are mine. Not in an ownership way, but in a personal way. I’ve lived my life as an open book with her. I don’t regret that.” Rielle caressed his face. “So what you and I have? I’ve never had. I don’t want to share it with her or anyone else, because it belongs only to us.”

That’s when Gavin fell in love with her. He couldn’t tear his gaze away from this beautiful and complex woman who had swooped in and stolen his heart.

“You look so serious,” she said softly. “Did I say something wrong?”

“No, honey, you said everything right.” He brushed his lips up the strong line of her jaw, to the sweet spot in front of her ear. “Have I mentioned that I missed you?”

“Mmm-hmm. But you can tell me again.”

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Following the curve of her hips, he grabbed two handfuls of that sexy ass. “I thought about our goodbye in the wee small hours of Monday morning. A lot.” He blew in her ear. “It’s such a fucking turn-on when your body is squeezing me so hard I can’t even fucking breathe.”


“But we’re more than just body heat and movement beneath the sheets in the darkness.” He nuzzled her neck. “I thought about how perfect it feels when I slide into you. When I hear that catch in your breath and I know in that moment, you’re only mine.”

“You been reading books on how to seduce a woman with pretty words, tycoon?” Rielle turned her head and nipped his ear lobe.

“Maybe. Is it working?”

“God yes.”

Gavin’s hands squeezed her butt, urging her closer. “I want you.”

Their lips connected and he forced himself not to inhale her. He forced himself to temper his explicit words with the tenderness and sweetness of his kiss.

A whoosh sounded, followed by, “Seriously? God. Get a room!” Then stomping, followed by another whoosh.

Rielle pulled back. “And Rory breaks the moment yet again. Have you told Sierra about us yet?”

“No. I guess I’d better do it now.” He kissed her cheek. “We’ll pick this up later?”


Rory and Sierra conspired together to keep their parents apart.

Sierra desperately required Gavin’s help with biology homework. On a Friday night. For two hours.

Then Rory demanded Rielle’s help to find a specific knitting pattern. Sifting through pattern books and printouts lasted two hours.

Consequently, dinner was served later than she’d planned. When Gavin offered to help, Rory made a comment about him helping himself to another make out session with her mother while the food got cold.

Rielle and Gavin were seated across from one another. Too far away to even casually touch—obviously intentional. And Rory insisted they eat each course separately, reminding her mother that the goal was to enjoy the food it’d taken her so long to prepare.

The appetizer course—a caramelized apple and onion tart topped with brie—was followed by the chopped salad course and ended with chicken and noodles—Rory’s favorite.

Every time Rielle glanced at Gavin, that hungry look entered his eyes. A look that said he’d only be satisfied if she was his four-course meal. He’d barely touched his wine. She knew his gaze was on the clock as often as it was on her.

Rory and Sierra left them alone while they prepared the dessert course. As soon as the door swung shut, Gavin shot out of his chair.

Rielle’s heart rate spiked when he moved in behind her with deliberate leisure. He set his hands on her shoulders. His thumbs lazily stroked her collarbone. Shivers spread into gooseflesh, traveling down her belly and her spine.

He pressed his warm mouth to her ear. “I want to fuck you.”


“I need to fuck you.”

Yes, please.

“These girls can try and keep us apart, but they have to go to bed sometime. And as soon as that happens? You will be naked, underneath me.”

She turned her head, almost desperate to feel her lips on his skin.

But he stayed her movement, his hand sneaking up to cup her chin, holding her in place as he licked the shell of her ear. “Remember that every time you look at me. Imagine my mouth sucking on your nipples. Imagine my hands on your ass as I’m thrusting into your hot cunt.”

Rielle just about came right then.

Gavin was back in his seat by the time Rory and Sierra returned with the strawberry lemon shortcake. They chattered, seemingly oblivious to the increased sexual tension.

“So Sierra and I were talking about our after-dinner plans,” Rory said as she set a dessert plate in front of Rielle.

“We thought it’d be fun to have a game night,” Sierra added, sliding a slice of shortcake in front of her father.

“How about Scrabble?” Rory asked.

“I’d rather play Clue,” Sierra countered.

They argued the merits of various games. Rielle cut into her dessert but she couldn’t eat a bite. Her mouth was too damn dry from the heated gazes the wicked man across the table kept throwing her way.

“Mom? What do you think?”

Startled, Rielle looked over at Gavin. The lust in his eyes made her stutter, “I d-don’t know.” Breathe, idiot. “Gavin?”

“Am I up for playing a game? Absolutely.” He wrapped his lips around a strawberry on the end of his fork and sucked it into his mouth.

She was so flustered she dropped her knife.


No mistaking that for anything but sexual tension now.

Then Rory tossed her napkin on the table. “That’s it. I’m done. You two wanna blow off our plans for family night, because you want to lock yourselves in the bedroom? Knock yourselves out. But I won’t stick around to hear the headboard banging.”

“Rory! What a rude thing to say.” Her cheeks burned as she glanced at Sierra—even her mouth was open in shock.

“I’m headed back to Laramie tomorrow. But tonight, I’m going to town.” A calculating look crossed Rory’s face. “Come on, Sierra, let’s go out.”

Sierra looked even more shocked. “Ah, sure.” She pushed back from the table.

“Just where do you think you’re going?” Gavin asked Sierra.

“Out. With Rory.”

“And where’s that?” Gavin demanded from Rory.

“The Golden Boot.”

“What makes you think I’ll let my sixteen-year-old daughter go to a bar with you?”

“It’s a restaurant. Do you think that’s worse for her than being in this house, listening to the two of you get it on?”


“Sierra’s curfew is midnight. Have fun.”

Chapter Twenty

Rielle waited until the front door slammed before she looked across the table at Gavin.

His steely-eyed gaze was focused entirely on her.

“Did they really think we’d pitch a fit about them leaving when we haven’t been alone for four goddamn days? Did it even cross your mind to ask them to stay?”

“No.” The lustful glimmer in his eye served as a warning. He’d have her stripped, bucking beneath him, lost in the pleasure his body brought to hers if she didn’t snatch control right now.

Rielle pushed back from the table and moseyed over to him. Gavin watched her with the heavy-lidded gaze that caused her pulse to skip.

“Something on your mind, Ree?”

“You.” She straddled his lap and fingered the collar of his black dress shirt. “I’ll admit disappointment you took off that sexy tie. I had plans for it.” She pressed an openmouthed kiss on his neck. “You ever been restrained, tycoon?”

“Ah. No.”

“Might be fun.” Rielle sucked on his throat, then whispered, “Imagine how the silky fabric would feel floating over your skin. On your chest.” She eased back far enough to slide her hands down his pectorals. Then lower. “On your belly.” When she found his hard shaft through his dress pants, she stroked it. “Wrapped around this. Such softness against hardness. Coolness on such heat.”

“Jesus,” he hissed.

Rielle kissed him. Slowly. Savoring him. Licking and sucking on that pouty bottom lip. Her hands clamped onto his head as she rolled her hips. She cranked up the intensity, making his tongue chase hers. Trapping his head as she ravished his mouth. She broke free and arched her back.

He blinked at her abrupt departure, but the sleepy haze of lust remained in his eyes.

“Undress me,” she said softly. His palms slid down her back. “Take off my camisole.”

A soft groan escaped after he tossed the stretchy top to the floor and her breasts were shoved under his chin.

“You want to touch me, Gavin?”

“Fuck, yes.”

“Show me.”

Then his hot mouth enclosed the peak of her nipple. Another groan reverberated against her flesh as he suckled more strongly. His hands caressing, plumping the globes together to better access the tightened tips. He’d push them apart, licking and burying his face in her cleavage. His fingers pinching and twirling her nipples, skating close to the edge of pain.

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