To the readers who have picked up and championed this series—­words cannot express my gratitude. I am truly blessed to have you all as fans. You make the hard work worth it.

To my dog, Annie: you ­can’t read (though it ­wouldn’t surprise me if you secretly could), but I want it written ­here—­for eternity—­that you’re the best canine companion anyone could hope for. Thanks for the cuddles, for sitting in my lap while I’m trying to write, and for giving me someone to talk to all day. Sorry I play the music so loudly when you’re trying to snooze. Love you, love you, love you forever and ever and ever.


And to my husband, Josh: You get last billing ­here, but that’s because you’re first in my heart. I’ll never stop being grateful that I get to share this wild journey with you.

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