“Forget what I said this afternoon.” His eyes ate her up, lingering hungrily on her breasts. “Never wear a bra.”

He brought his free hand up between their bodies and lightly traced the outer edge of one breast with his fingers. Bobbi’s breath caught and held as she watched that large hand, fascinated by the stark contrast between his dark flesh and the whiteness of her top. One long finger brushed across the sensitive skin above the cotton and Bobbi’s knees weakened.


“Please,” she whimpered, but he was concentrating so fiercely on the task at hand that he barely seemed to hear her. After forever his hand ever so softly closed over one of her breasts, and he squeezed gently, testing the weight and learning the shape of it. The barrier of cotton between his skin and hers added an element of erotic frustration that drove Bobbi wild. She pushed herself into his hand but he released his hold almost immediately. His hands switched tasks and the other breast received the same tormenting treatment.

“Gabe . . . more,” she begged, and this time he listened, and his thumb flicked her excruciatingly sensitive peak—the friction of thumb and fabric against the engorged tip made her arch against him, and he hissed when she pushed up against his straining erection.

“God,” he groaned, releasing her wrists and sweeping her toward the recliner that he had been occupying when she’d first entered the room. He sat down and arranged her on top of him until she sat straddling his lap, her wet core very firmly wedged against his hardness—the denim of her shorts and the fabric of his suit doing nothing to disguise either’s arousal.

He dragged the tank down to her waist and then just stared at her naked breasts for a long while.

“Jesus, they’re perfect,” he said reverently, bringing his hands up to cup and explore, tease and torment. He plumped one up and brought it to his lips, laving the tortured crest gently with his hot tongue before sucking it roughly into his mouth. The combination of tender and tough felt amazing, and when he repeated the process with her other breast, she was helpless to prevent the inevitable from happening. She had wanted him for so long that she was primed for an explosion, having his mouth on her breasts while she instinctively rode the ridge of his erection was more than enough to send her spinning into the biggest orgasm of her life.

She was coming! The knowledge nearly propelled Gabe down the same blissful path but he somehow managed to keep himself under control. Barely.

She was so damned hot. Her body tensed, her breath hitched, and the already sexy back and forth movement of her hips became a deep, slow grind as she pushed herself against him, taking her pleasure like a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it. He tried to prolong it, sucking the hard bead of her nipple into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue to maximize her pleasure, while his free hand played with her other breast, stroking the swollen tip with his thumb.

She came quietly—with a held breath, a series of soft moans, and then a long exhalation. She wasn’t a screamer, his Bobbi, and damned if he didn’t find that a huge turn-on too. He gave her nipple one last, regretful kiss before grudgingly releasing the firm globe of her breast. She slumped against him with her face buried in his neck.

He could feel her wet heat against his aching penis and it was all he could do to prevent himself from thrusting against her to achieve his own satisfaction. He wrapped his arms around her waist, allowing his hands to drape over her firm, curvy bum and held her trembling body against his.

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He wanted her more than his next breath, but he wasn’t going to allow this to go any further until they’d established a few ground rules. If push came to shove, their friendship was too important to mess up, and if she felt that it wouldn’t be able to survive a temporary affair then this “interlude” would have to be the extent of it. He figured that it should be relatively easy to return to normal with Bobbi, whom he already cared for deeply, after they’d gotten this craziness out of their systems. He just needed to know that she would be on board with the mutually beneficial arrangement he had in mind for them.

After a few painfully long moments, her breathing finally regulated and her limp, sated body started to grow tense as awareness returned to her. She brought her hands between their bodies and pushed against his chest until he loosened his grip around her waist enough for her to slide into a sitting position on his lap. He bit back a groan at the movement, still unbearably turned on and she grimaced apologetically.

“Sorry,” she murmured, tucking the damp hair of her fringe behind an ear.

“It’s okay,” he said.

“Doesn’t feel okay.” She deliberately slid herself up and then down against the hard column that she was straddling. “Feels rather uncomfortable to me.”

“Stop that.” His fingers dug into her flesh when she did another sinuous up and down shimmy. Where the hell did this seductive minx come from? He would never have taken Bobbi for such an accomplished tease.

“But I want to take care of it.” She pouted, and he couldn’t resist kissing that pout away. He kept the kiss short and sweet, not wanting to get carried away again and this time when she leaned back, he took the opportunity to—quite regretfully—drag her top back up over her pert breasts.

“Later,” he promised. “But we have to talk, Bobbi.” Her eyes reflected concern as she leaned back to study his face.

“Yes,” she agreed. “We do.”

“Like I said before, I want you . . . very much. It’s weird having these . . . feelings for you but the attraction is so overpowering that getting you naked is pretty much all I’ve been able to think about over the last two days. But there are other factors to consider here, sweetheart.”