He chuckled against her throat and the vibration traveled down her torso to where his magic fingers were still working her.


“Oh God.”

After the last throb faded, his firm, warm lips ate at her mouth. He murmured, “I want you. Now.”

“Yes. My room is upstairs—”

“That’s too far. I want you now.” He blew in her ear. “On the stairs.”

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On the stairs? Georgia shivered.

Tell eased his hand out from beneath her skirt. Watching her eyes, he yanked the blouse off her shoulders. Then her bra hit the floor. “Take off your panties, Georgia.”

Dragging them down her legs, she kicked them away.

His eyes drank in her half-bared body as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans.

This intensity was intoxicating. No dimpled smile, just heat firing his eyes. The angles of his face seemed more pronounced. Edginess rolled off him as he pulled his T-shirt over his head.

He wrapped a hank of her hair around his fingers, using it to tug her closer until they were chest to chest.

She spread her palms on his pectorals, wanting so much to put her mouth and tongue where her fingers touched.

Then his mouth snared hers in a brutal kiss. Another hot, wet, deluge that left her teetering in her heels and on the edge of orgasm again.

During the all-consuming kiss, Tell maneuvered her to face the staircase.

He said, “On your knees on the second stair.”

Her heart threatened to beat out of her chest as she did at he directed, resting her elbows on the fourth stair tread.

Hearing the crinkle of plastic, she looked over her shoulder at him as he rolled on a condom.

“Grab on to the spindles.” His work-honed hands skimmed the outside of her legs and he pushed her skirt out of his way. “Spread your knees and flatten your back.”

The carpet scraped her elbows and her knees as she widened her stance.

The tip of his cock circled her pussy. His strong fingers dug into her hips as he pushed inside her fully. Filling her so completely she felt the head of his cock bumping her cervix.

Yes. God. Yes, that was good.

He didn’t say anything beyond a long groan.

Twice more, Tell eased in slowly and withdrew slowly.

Then no more niceties. He slammed into her and pulled out all the way, quickly slamming into her again. And again. And again. The sounds of bodies slapping and harsh grunts permeated the air.

Georgia arched harder. At this angle each stroke hit her G-spot with pinpoint accuracy. Each hard thrust nearly stole her breath. It certainly stole her wits; she couldn’t think beyond more.

Tell fucked her without stopping. Without saying a word.

She’d never been…taken like this. Her body had never responded like this. Her skin tingled from her nape to her heels. Her blood burned hotter as it churned through her. She held on and held her breath as another orgasm rocked her.

His thrusts became frenzied and he released a long groan. His hips slowed from the relentless, pounding rhythm to small, rolling prods with his pelvis. His entire body shook as he fought for more breath.

Then she felt his hands moving up her back, releasing gooseflesh from every point of contact. Firm, warm lips kissed her shoulder. His hands swept aside her hair so he could string kisses up to her ear. “So beautiful.” His palms followed her arms to her wrists. He curled his big hands around her fingers gripping the stair spindles. “Loosen up, sweetness, or you’re gonna get a cramp.”

Still such a concerned gentleman. She’d move. In a minute. When every part of her brain and body and soul wasn’t so relaxed and floaty.

He chuckled. “You’re a little out of it, huh?” He pulled out. She heard clothes rustling. His hand circled her ankle and he removed her shoes, sending them tumbling to the floor. Then he picked her up and carried her up the stairs.

Georgia let her head loll into his neck. He was so warm. So solid. And he smelled good. Like cologne, sweat, sex and man. She sucked in another lungful of him and let it out as a sigh.

“Which room is yours?” he said gruffly.

“The one with the big bed.”

She thought she heard him growl again.

“You shoulda said the big pink bed.”

“I’m a girl. I like pink.”

He set her on the bed. Keeping her eyes closed, she stretched her arms above her head. “I’m so tired.”

“Lemme help you get ready.” Tell’s hands roamed over her torso until his fingers reached the waistband of her skirt and he tugged it off. He settled her head on the pillow before tucking her beneath the sheets.

“Aren’t you gonna stay with me?”

“Not tonight.”

He stroked her cheek so sweetly, she angled into his touch. This floating feeling was marvelous.

“Thank you.”


“Turning my brain into mush. That was really fun. Can we do it again?”

“Anytime.” He kissed her forehead. “Sweet dreams.”

Classy, McKay. Fucking Georgia on the stairs. That was your big ‘wait for it baby, it’ll be phenomenal’ sex play?

What the hell had he been thinking? Not even taking the time to get either of them completely naked? He’d just bent her over…

And found himself in heaven.

Georgia Hotchkiss was as hot-blooded and hot-bodied as he’d imagined. Those little moans she made. The way she’d given herself over to him without hesitation. If she hadn’t forced him to look at why he’d been holding back with her, he wouldn’t know the wet clasp of her pussy around his cock.

He’d come so hard he’d had to cage her body beneath his or he might’ve passed out.

Georgia had come twice. He’d made her come twice. And how fucking sexy had it been when she’d dug her nails into his forearm, not wanting that hand going anyplace? Or how about when she arched against him? Pushing herself deeper into his rapid thrusts. Wanting more, wanting everything he gave her.

These sex flashbacks aren’t helping you get focused.

Right. He was supposed to be getting ready for the rodeo.

Tell slipped on his judge’s vest and pass, heading to the livestock penning areas to inspect the rough stock. Rarely had he deemed an animal ineligible for competition, but the health and welfare of the animals were top priority for everyone involved. Tell had never run across a stock contractor who would put anything—money, or a shot at getting picked for NFR—ahead of the well-being of their livestock.

The outdoor arena in Buffalo was a mix of old and new. The stands were little more than wooden benches with a tin-roof covering. Spectator seats ringed the arena, reserved for sponsors and fans who were willing to pay a higher ticket price to get sprayed in the face with dirt.

At this particular rodeo, all the rough stock and timed events originated from the same end of the arena. At some venues, the rough stock chutes were on one end and the timed events were on the opposite end. Tell had worked the Buffalo Rodeo before, so he knew it ran very smoothly. At least it had under the other rodeo promotion company. It’d be interesting to see if anything changed under the company Georgia worked for.

After the fireworks and pageantry of the opening ceremony, including appearances by Miss Rodeo Wyoming, Miss Rodeo Montana, Miss Rodeo South Dakota, Miss Rodeo North Dakota, and Miss Rodeo Colorado, a salute to veterans, and the singing of the national anthem, the crowd was revved up and ready to rodeo.

Tell hit the dirt with his clipboard and took his place as the second judge.

The only time he paid attention to the crowd was if the judges were booed for what the audience believed was a bad score. It happened at least once during every event. He never took it personally.

The roster was pretty big for a small rodeo. Saddle bronc riders fared better than bareback riders, as far as making that eight-second mark. As the second judge, Tell wasn’t required to be on horseback for the timed events.

Since it was a two-day event, purses and buckles weren’t awarded, so the festivities wrapped up early. The other judge invited Tell to hang out at the local bar. He didn’t jump at the chance like he usually did—because he was looking for a chance to jump Georgia.

He waited until the crowd thinned before he made his way to the business office. And he was still stopped half-a-dozen times by people he knew. He remembered how nervous he’d been the first time he’d judged an event. How he’d worried it would be like high school. Where the upper classman sneered at him as fresh meat or all questions would be about his bull-riding cousin Chase McKay, who’d seemed to get more famous every year. But now even that wild man had been tamed.

Speaking of wild…there she was. The hot little number he wanted to get wild with all freakin’ night.

Her clothing was a mix of professional and accessible. No severe business suit; no-over-the top sequined rodeo-queen outfit either. Her denim dress was form-fitting enough to be sexy, but modestly cut. She looked good enough to eat.

After the group broke up, Georgia started gathering papers. She hadn’t noticed him yet, or that they were the only ones in the room.

When she finally looked up, he hauled her against his chest and kissed her.

And kept kissing her, sinking into that sweet mouth. Sucking in her fevered response like oxygen. Aching to touch her, but keeping his hands spread across her lower back, knowing once he set his hands to roaming, he wouldn’t be able to stop.

Georgia slipped her mouth free, leaning back to look at him. “Well. If it isn’t Tell McKay. No hi, how are ya? No sorry I didn’t call? You just waltz in here and kiss the crap outta me first thing?”

“Yeah. Is that a problem for you?”

She grinned. “Not. At. All.”

“Good.” Tell cradled her face in his hands. “I should mention that you are totally rockin’ that dress. But I preferred what you were wearin’ the last time I saw you.”

“I was naked… Oh, ha ha. Real funny.”

He feathered kisses across her lips. “As hot as it was between us last night, I intend to slow things down a bit tonight. So will you come to my motel room right now and let me show you?”

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