“Because I remember you looked at me like this the first night you kissed me when we were dancing.”


“And how did I look at you?”

“Like you owned me.”

“Does that scare you?”

“A little. But it mostly…excites me.”

Then he was upright, his hand gripping her hair with enough force her scalp stung. “You like that take-charge side of me?”

She whispered, “Yes.”

“Get undressed.”

His command sent a shiver through her. She rolled off his lap and rested on her knees on the blanket.

He tugged his T-shirt over his head. Withdrew a condom from his front pocket and shucked his jeans and boxers.

Georgia was so busy watching Tell reveal his magnificent body that she’d forgotten what she was supposed to be doing.

All he had to do was lift a brow at her and she started stripping.

Then she was unsure what to do next.

“You’re kinda far away. C’mere.” Tell rolled down onto his back. Grabbing her hand, he murmured, “I liked how you were on me before.”

“On top?” she asked, wondering if he could see her blushing.

“Yep. And hurry up, ’cause I’m dying to see how beautiful you are when you’re ridin’ me.”

She straddled him, pressing her palms against his pectorals, squeezing that warm, hard flesh.

Tell reached up and traced the inner rim of her lip with his thumb. “Put me inside you.”

Circling her hand around his shaft, she adjusted her hips. The instant the tip connected with her opening, Tell’s hands landed on her hips.

“Slowly,” he murmured.

Georgia lowered herself a little at a time, aware of how wet she was. Aware of Tell’s hungry gaze on her. She looked up when his cock was inside her to the root.

“Put your hands on my thighs.”

Arching back gave him full access to her clit.

“Ride me like this. Bring me all the way out of that tight pussy and then take me deep again.”

Every time she lifted her hips, letting his shaft slide out, he’d swirl his thumb over her clit. Her body quivered from the effort as she kept the maddeningly slow pace. Her thighs were sweating. Aching.

When he pumped his up to meet her downstroke, she switched gears. She fell forward, dropping her hands above his shoulders. Sliding so they were skin on skin, which felt amazing. God. He was so pretty to look at as she was on top of him, fucking him.

His hands cupped her ass. “Impatient?” he murmured.

“Yes. This is so good.” She rolled her torso, her breasts rubbing against his chest hair as she increased the tempo.

Two sharp smacks on her bare ass surprised her.

She froze. “What was that for?”

“For takin’ over.” He smacked her butt cheeks again. “Some other time when you get it in your mind to be in charge, I’m gonna put you over my knee.”

Her pussy clenched at the image of lying across his lap as his big, rough hands connecting with her butt.

He chuckled. “Oh, sweetness, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Maybe,” she said, gliding back down his body like a cat, pushing him in deep. Then almost kissing him as she pushed herself forward. “But I’d really like to see that holy shit look in your eyes when I make you come.”

He pressed a kiss to her lips. “Take us there.”

Her instincts took over. She picked up the pace, sliding skin on skin until their torsos were damp and sticking together. Mouth dry, head roaring, every inch of her skin prickled with awareness as she pushed toward that point of no return.

Tell whispered, “Breathe, baby. Lemme help you.” His grip on her ass tightened as he helped her move to shorter, faster strokes.

That little changeup flipped a switch, sending her straight over the edge. “Yes. Oh God.” She threw her head back in sweet anticipation of that first hard pulse.

The automatic sprinklers went off as she started to come. She gasped from the shock of the cold water spraying on her hot skin. The tick tick tick of the sprinklers was synchronized to the contractions in her pussy, to the throbbing in her clit, and to Tell’s sucking kisses on the pulse point in her throat.

By the time the climax slowed, she was soaked.

Then Tell flipped her on her back, trying to protect her from the sprinkler stream. Resting on his forearms above her head, fucking her with power, but tenderness dominated his eyes. “Watch what you do to me.” He groaned and his back bowed as he peered at her from beneath lowered lashes. His mouth tight with tension, then slack with pleasure as he emptied himself into her.

There wasn’t time to cling to each other, whispering sweet words as bodies and breathing returned to normal.

Tell twitched. “Goddammit. That sprinkler head is spraying me right in the ass.”

Georgia snickered. “You won’t need an enema.”

“I can’t believe you said that. Just for that…” He withdrew from her body and rolled to his feet, ducking out of the way so the sprinklers hit her from every direction.

She shrieked and scrambled upright, grabbing the corners of the blanket before she ran to the patio, where Tell was shaking with laughter.

“I shoulda left your clothes out there,” she grumbled, dropping the wet bundle on the cement.

“Probably.” He pulled her wet, naked body against his. “But won’t you feel a little bad for me, drivin’ home in wet clothes? While you’re all nice and warm, wrapped in a fluffy robe?”

“Nope. Not a bit.”

He whacked her ass and covered her mouth, stopping her squeak of protest.

The kiss was pure seduction. So hot her lips seemed to burn. So sweet her teeth ached. So thorough she felt as if he’d taken her body again.

“I just can’t get enough of you, Georgia.” He gifted her forehead, temples, cheekbones, jaw, the corners of her mouth with soft kisses. He murmured, “Being with you… There’s never been anything like it for me.”

For her either. And he seemed to be as perplexed by it as she was.

“I hate that I hafta go.”

“Do you want to wait until your clothes are dry?”

“Nah. I’ve worn worse than this.”

Her fingers traced the cut muscles in his chest. “At least let me give you a ride to your truck.”

“The walk will do me good. But I appreciate the offer.” He snatched his wet clothes and only grimaced a little when he slid them on.

When she returned from donning a robe, Tell lounged by the front door. “Thanks for supper tonight. And for—” his hungry gaze swept her from head to toe, “—dessert.”


“Will I see you tomorrow?”

“If you want.”

His knuckles followed the curve of her jaw. “Oh, I want.” Then he slipped out into the night.

Chapter Thirteen

Georgia spent way more time on her hair and makeup for the reunion than she’d planned. Pointless fussing as she was torn on which image she wanted to project to her classmates. That Georgia Hotchkiss hadn’t changed in appearance at all? Or that Georgia Hotchkiss had changed completely?

She scrutinized her reflection. Her hair, a solid foot shorter than in her teenage years, was sleek and professional.

Wait. Why did she want to look like she’d just stepped out of a board meeting? Why wouldn’t she prefer to look sexy?

Dammit. None of this shit mattered.

Georgia fluffed up her sleek style into a tousled look. As if she’d just rolled out of bed after a bout of hot, hair-pulling sex. Tell would appreciate it.

She was wearing a sleeveless, form-fitting dress in a pale blue. With a modest bodice, the fabric was shirred from the empire waist to the froth of tulle at the hemline, two inches above her knees. With her funky platform heels in a blue cheetah print and a rhinestone clutch, she’d probably added fashion violation to her list of worries, which was already too long.

Seeing Deck for the first time since the dissolution of their marriage.

Seeing Tara-Lee, pregnant.

Seeing the girls in her class who hated her.

Seeing RJ’s friends.

The doorbell rang.

Georgia gave herself one last look and headed downstairs.

Tell hadn’t waited for her to open the door; he’d just waltzed right in.

And wasn’t it ironic he was standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for her, just like she’d seen in all those teen movies where the guy showed up to take the girl to the prom? To top it off, Tell had a look on his face she’d never seen on any man.

“My God, Georgia. You are a fucking goddess.”

“Thank you.”

He stopped her before she reached the bottom stair, setting his hands on her hips. He still topped her by a couple inches.


“You look so damn perfect I’m afraid to touch you. Afraid I’ll muss you up.”

Her shoes dangled from her right index finger. She propped her forearms on his broad shoulders and let them hang between his shoulder blades as she rubbed her nose to his. “I love it when you muss me up. In fact, if you wanna ditch this whole reunion idea right now, I’ll take you upstairs and let you muss me up however you want. All night.”

Tell laughed. “Mighty tempting offer, hot lips. Now you gonna let me give you a proper kiss?”


His mouth came down on hers with more force than she’d expected. He dove in for a tongue-teasing, openmouthed kiss that utterly overwhelmed her. His fingers tightened on her hips. And he blew every one of her circuits.

Then he eased back and made her weak-kneed with his dimpled grin. “See? I didn’t muss you up at all.”

Not on the outside. But on the inside? Different story.

“You ready?”

“Just have to put my shoes on.” She used the newel post for support as she shoved her feet in the heels and checked out Tell’s attire.

A black western-cut sport coat worn over a pristine white shirt, a bolo tie at his neck. Jeans, boots and his black hat. Yummy. “You are quite the head-turner, Mr. McKay.”