Generally driving him out of his fucking mind, which he probably deserved.


She knelt at his feet and said, “Gimme your heel so I can take off your boot.”

“That’s okay, I can do it.”

“You’ll either let me do it, or that big cock of yours isn’t going in my mouth.”

A little shocked by her vehemence, Tell lifted his foot. “Who made you boss?”

“You just did.” She cupped her hand around the bootheel and pulled up. “Next.”

This was weird. And thank God he’d put on clean sweat socks today. Ever since he was a kid, he’d been self-conscious about his smelly feet. He reached down to pull her up before she could get a whiff, but she slithered out of his grasp.

“I mean it, Tell, knock it off. You keep your hands on the wall and let me do this.”


“Because I want to.”

“What if I can’t?”

“What’s the problem?”

Be honest. “Because…fuck. My feet smell like something goddamn died in my boots, okay? I don’t want you…”

Georgia merely blinked at him as she tugged off his sock. Then she bent down and…

No. Holy mother of God, no…

She licked his foot, straight across the knuckles of his toes. Twice. Then she slipped her tongue between the webbing of each toe. Twice.

Fuck. His knees damn near buckled. He just about shot in his jeans. Who knew that was so erotic? And goddamn she turned an embarrassing moment into something so sweet and hot.

Tell didn’t protest when she removed his other sock. But he was in no way prepared for when Georgia licked and sucked on his toes. Who knew an invisible line ran from his feet to his balls? Every lick felt like she had her tongue on his sac.


When she rose to her knees, he grabbed her biceps and hauled her up so they were nose to nose. “Your pussy in my face. Now.”

“Uh. Okay.”

He picked her up and carried her into the living room, setting her on the reclining chair.

Georgia’s eyes were enormous and brimming with heat. He stripped off his jeans and boxers. His gaze encompassed the reclining chair as he walked toward her.

“Should that wild look in your eyes scare me, cowboy?”

“Only if you’re not flexible enough for the way I wanna try this. But I saw you doin’ them cheerleading jumps, so I don’t think it’s gonna be an issue, bendy girl.”

“Now you’ve got my attention.” Her eyes ran the length of his body and zeroed in on his cock. “But then, you’ve had it since the instant I saw you tonight.”

“That right?” Tell set his palms on the cushiony armrest and kissed her. “Remember when you said you’d take me any way you could get me? Inside, outside, upside down? Well, sweetness, we’re about to test that last one.” He patted her thigh. “Spin around so your head is in the seat and your legs are on the backrest.

She shot him a crooked grin and flipped around.

And motherfuck if it didn’t make his mouth water, seeing her legs splitting into a V, showing that juicy pussy. He grabbed a pillow off the couch and nestled it behind her butt.

With the recliner back a click, her head hung off the edge of the seat and her legs were splayed around the sides of the chair.

Georgia’s breath caught when Tell widened his stance and rested on his forearms on the arm rests. Then he put his mouth on her wet sex.

She moaned.

He could feel her ragged breath on his shaft. The first tentative lick. The wet heat of her mouth enclosing the tip. Then her fingernails raking up the insides of his thighs to reach his balls.

Christ. He was not gonna last.

Without the use of his hands, he had to get creative with his tongue and lips and teeth on her pussy. When he pulled back from jamming his tongue in that creamy channel, he let his five o’clock shadow lightly graze her clit.

That caused her to arch, which sent his cock all the way into her throat.

Don’t come.

Georgia clutched the outside of his thighs, setting the pace of how deep and how fast she’d take him. And holy crap could she take him deep in this position.

He lapped at her clit. Swirled his tongue around it. Flicked it, teased it until her legs shook and her belly muscles tightened. She was close.

And thank you, Jesus, because he didn’t know how much longer he could hold off. With her jacking motions and the saliva from her wet mouth making his cock so slippery and ready to blow.

Tell zeroed in on that swollen pearl. His face was coated with her juices, and as he licked that swollen nub, his tongue still sought out more of her creamy taste.

Never enough. He’d never get enough of this woman.

She nearly arched off the chair when she hit her peak.

His cock had slipped out of her mouth as she wailed a long stream; the only discernible word was his name. Her pussy spasmed against his mouth with such strong pulses he wanted to roar with pride that he’d brought her to this point.

With just his mouth. Heh heh.

Tell nuzzled the inside of her thigh and the top of her mound as the orgasm wound down. Wishing he could use his hands to stroke and soothe her as well.

Then that wonderful, wet, sucking mouth was on his cock again. Focused on the head while her fingers stroked his balls and shaft. When he pumped his hips, she moved her hand faster.

That spark of release began in the base of his spine and traveled up, slowly, like a roller coaster climbing that first hill. His stomach was tight; his ass was clenched waiting for that first drop…and then bam. Plummeting into a chasm of dark pleasure. Come shooting out the end of his dick in hot bursts, and a thick tongue swallowing and a soft muscle milking the head until he had nothing left. Not seed. Not breath. Not sanity.


After he’d realized his arms were quaking, he stood.

His head was still spinning, his heart still thumping, and he glanced down at Georgia to see the same dazed look on her face. Her upside-down face.

Then she grinned at him and waggled her eyebrows.

In that moment he knew this woman was everything he’d ever wanted.

When she spun around, he hauled her into his arms, giving her flirty kisses and a slap on the ass. “You.” Kiss. “Knocked.” Kiss. “My.” Kiss. “Socks.” Kiss. “Off.”

“Actually, I pulled them off, but I’ll take the compliment, sexy beast that you are.” She smoothed her hands over his chest. “So are we okay? Is there anything else that happened this week that I need to explain?”

“No. I meant what I said, Georgia. I should’ve come to you first, instead of showin’ up all pissed off after the fact.”

“Is that an apology for throwing me over your shoulder and hauling me out of the Golden Boot?”

He flashed his teeth in a predatory smile. “Nope. I’m not sorry about that at all. I shouldn’t have been so pigheaded about callin’ you either.” He brushed her wild strands of hair back in place. “I’m not good at this datin’ stuff. I’ve always claimed I don’t like playing games, but it appears that’s what I was doin’ with you. Testing you to see if you really wanted to see me after the reunion. Waitin’ to see if you called me first.” His cheeks burned. “I know. What am I? Fourteen? That was just fuckin’ stupid.”

“It’s sort of unsettling that we both keep reverting to adolescent behavior.”

Somehow Tell kept himself from making farting noises. Although Georgia probably would’ve laughed. “I’ll try harder.”

“Me too.”

“Now how about if we get cleaned up, pop some popcorn and make out on the couch for a little while before I have to go home?” He saw disappointment in her eyes. “I’m sorry. I can’t stay tonight. Can you come to my place?”

“No. I have to leave early for the two-day rodeo in Evanston.”

“I wish I could go with you.” Sometimes being a rancher sucked ass. “But I promise I’ll have a fun surprise planned for when you get back.”

“Fun,” she repeated. “Should I be scared?”


Chapter Twenty-One

“Miniature golf,” Georgia repeated.


“You want me to play mini golf with you?”


“That’s your big, fun surprise?”

He grinned. “Come on. Admit you weren’t expecting that.”

“Uh, no. And I’ll admit I don’t know why you picked it.”

“Because you need fun in your life. And as the McKay who’s been called the ambassador of fun, aka the boy who won’t grow up, I have much better ideas on how to have fun—with our clothes on—than you do.”

As flip as his answer sounded, Georgia read between the quips. “Do your cousins call you that because they believe you’re out having fun all the time, while they’re tied down with wives and kids? Do any of them know how hard you work on the ranch? Or how much time you volunteer to the community? Or how much time you spend helping out your immediate family? If anyone deserves to cut loose, it’s you.”

His beautiful smile faded and she wanted to kick her own butt for causing it.

“Tell. I’m sorry. It’s none of my business.”

He curled his hand around the side of her face. “I’m surprised by what you pick up on that most people, even my own family, don’t. The truth is, there wasn’t a lot of fun in my house growing up, so I learned to make my own. That way when I was away from home, I couldn’t blame anyone but myself for how things played out. Havin’ fun didn’t come natural, as my brothers can attest. Dalton is better at cutting loose than Brandt is, just because he’s younger and I could beat it into him.”

She laughed softly, even when a little pain had lodged below her heart.

“So what do ya say? A trip to Spearfish for putt-putt golf and a steak dinner?”

“How could I resist?”