"It's helping me quite a lot" Cam's hand slipped into the back of her drawers. She wriggled in violated modesty, her clothes dropping ever more rapidly toward the floor.

"I have to see you in daylight." His mouth chased lightly, hungrily over her throat and shoulder. "Monisha, you are the most beautiful woman, the most? His hands moved with increasing impatience, pulling hard at her clothes until a few stitches popped.


"Don't, this dress doesn't belong to me," Amelia said anxiously, fumbling to unfasten the borrowed garments herself rather than have them torn. She froze at the sound of footsteps coming along the hallway, passing the closed door without stopping. Most likely it was a servant. But what if someone had seen her entering Cam's room?... What if someone were searching for her at this very moment? "Cam, please, not now."

"I'll be gentle." He lifted her from the circle of discarded clothes. "I know it's soon after your first time."

She shook her head as he laid her on the bed. Clenching the fabric of her chemise with both hands to keep it in place, she whispered, "No, it's not that. Someone will find out. Someone will hear. Someone will?

"Let go, hummingbird, so I can take this off you." There was a flick of devil's fire in his eyes as he said mildly, "Let go, or I'll rip it."

"Cam, don't?

She was interrupted by the sound of rending linen. He had torn it completely down the front, the fragile material drooping on either side of her.

"You've ruined it," she said in disbelief. "How am I to explain this to the maid? And how am I to put my corset back on?"

Cam didn't look at all apologetic as he pulled the remnants of the chemise away from her body. "Take off your drawers. Or I'll have to rip those, too."

"Oh, God." Seeing no way to stop him, Amelia pulled the drawers down over her hips. "Lock the door," she whispered with a scarlet face. "Please, please lock it."

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A quick smile passed over Cam's mouth. He left the bed and went to the door, stripping off his jerkin and shirt along the way. After turning the key in the lock, he took his time about returning to the bed, seeming to enjoy the sight of her burrowing beneath the bed linens.

He stood before her half-naked, the breeches riding low on his hips. Amelia dragged her gaze away from the sleek, tightly muscled surface of his torso, and shivered between the cold layers of the bedclothes. "You're putting me in a terrible position."

Cam finished undressing and joined her beneath the covers. "I know other positions you'll like much better."

She was pulled against him full-length, his body large and startlingly warm. He ran his hands over her, discovering she was still wearing garters and silk stockings. With a smoothness that left her gasping, Cam disappeared beneath the covers, his broad shoulders tenting the layers of linen, wool and velvet.

Amelia tried to struggle to a sitting position but fell back with a whimper as she felt his mouth against the soft skin inside her thigh. He untied the garter, letting it fall away, and began to roll the stocking down her leg with torturous slowness, his lips following the path of furling silk. His tongue ventured into the hollow behind her knee?glided over the clenched muscle of her calf... the delicate side of her ankle. The silk was gently tugged away from her clenched toes. It took fierce concentration not to cry out as she felt his hot, wet mouth closing over her toes, one at a time, sucking and stroking while her ticklish foot jerked in response.

By the time the second stocking was removed, Amelia was steaming. She fought to push the covers back, away from her overheated skin. The tips of her br**sts contracted tightly as they were exposed to the cool air. Cam pushed her thighs wide, her legs crooked over the hard bulwark of his shoulders. His fingers sifted through the springy curls, and he kissed her tenderly, licking into the heat and tension, circling and drawing lightly. Too much?not enough?Amelia strained beneath the soft-flicking torture.

He settled a hand over her stomach, rubbing in soothing circles. "Lie easy, sweetheart."

"I c-can't. Oh, do hurry!"

Cam laughed softly, his parted lips dragging across her sensitive flesh. He traced her with his tongue, made her wet, and blew against the dampened curls. "If s better for you if I don't hurry."

"No it's not"

"Much you know about it. This is only your second time."

She gave a little sob as he used his tongue again. "I can't bear much more of this."

He licked over her, fiendishly sweet, and inside her, lewd and deep, until she was breathing in moans and his hot breath was shivering against her. He moved upward, his body settling into the taut slip of her thighs, and he entered her in a thick slide. She gasped at the shock of him filling her, pushing until she gasped, and dug her fingertips into his shoulder.

Cam paused, staring down at her with dilated eyes, the irises bright gold rims around circles of fathomless midnight. "Amelia, love? His kiss tasted of salt and intimacy. "Can you take a little more of me?"

She fought to think above the confusion of pleasure, and shook her head jerkily.

The corners of his lips deepened with a smile. He whispered, "I think you can."

His hands played over her, solicitous fingertips sliding to the place they were joined. He pressed inside her, a low rhythmic movement, and his fingers were astonishingly gentle, almost delicate, as they stroked in time to the patient thrusts. Gasping, she arched to take him deeper, and deeper still.