"I'm afraid"—she reached into his open falls and stroked his aroused flesh?that continued association with you has made me shameless."

"Good, I was hoping for that." His lashes lowered, and his voice turned slightly breathless at her touch. "Amelia, if we have children... will you mind that they're part Roma?"


"Not if you don't mind that they're part Hathaway."

He made a sound of amusement and finished undressing. "And I thought life on the road would be a challenge. You know, it would terrify a lesser man, trying to manage your family."

"You're right. I can't imagine why you're willing to take us on."

He gave her na**d body a frankly lascivious glance as he joined her beneath the covers. "Believe me, the compensations are well worth it."

"What about your freedom?" Amelia asked, snuggling close as he lay beside her. "Are you sorry to have lost it?"

"No, love." Cam reached to turn down the lamp, enfolding them in velvet darkness. "I've finally found it. Right here, with you."

And he lowered himself into the clasp of her waiting arms.

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