“Shit,” he repeated over my head.

“Hawk’s right, honey, you can so do better than her.”


His other arm slid around me and it was his turn to hold on tight.

We held each other for awhile in silence before Troy broke it to mutter, “Maybe he isn’t a dick.”

I pressed my lips together but relaxed in his arms.

Then I lifted my cheek from his shoulder to put my lips to his ear.

“Missed you,” I whispered. “So much, Troy. So freaking much. It’s good to have you back, babe.”

Troy buried his face in my neck and I closed my eyes as I felt the heady sensation of everything in my world, everything (save my sister being in protective custody, though I focused on the word “protective” when I thought of that) turning into the absolute, most perfect daydream. Better than any daydream I could imagine and not only because it was better but also because it was real.

Then I gave Troy a squeeze, decided for him and therefore announced, “Tequila.”

Troy’s face came out of my neck, he looked at me, gave me a small, not very happy smile and whispered, “Right.”

I sighed then I turned my friend in the direction of the bar.

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Oh God.

I was going to bring it home!

“Baby,” I whispered, my face in Hawk’s neck, my arms around his shoulders, his hands were at my h*ps and I was riding him hard.

His head turned so his lips were at my ear.

“Mouth,” he growled, I lifted and twisted my head instantly, my mouth going to his as a moan slid up my throat. “Harder, baby, you’re almost there.”

“Hawk,” I whimpered into his mouth as I drove myself down on him harder and both my hands went to his head.

“Cabe,” he corrected on a thick rumble. “You call me Cabe when you bring it home.”

“Cabe,” I whispered then gasped, my back and neck arching as it burned through me.

Hawk’s hand slid into my hair, fisted and tugged gently, making my back arch further and I felt his mouth close over my nipple, sucking it deep, prolonging my orgasm as new heat blistered through me. Then he released my nipple, his other hand yanked me down hard on his cock, he buried his face between my br**sts and groaned.


We came down and when he finished, his lips slid along the inside of my breast and he kissed me there. I put pressure on his head, it tilted back, mine tipped down and his hand in my hair guided my mouth to his where he gave me a sweet, hot, wet, delicious kiss.

When he was done, I bragged on a whisper, “I brought it home.”

I felt his mouth smile against mine. “Yeah you did, baby.”

I lifted my mouth an inch from his and slid one hand to his neck, the other to his jaw.

“Did it work for you?” I asked softly.

The dimples, already there, got deeper. “You seriously askin’ that shit?”

“Um…” I replied.

His hand in my hair brought my lips back to his and he responded, “Yeah, Gwen,” he gave me a light kiss then his head dropped and he kissed the base of my throat where he murmured, “Oh yeah.”

“Yay,” I whispered.

He ran his nose along my jaw then he pulled slightly away, his hands going to my dress which was bunched at my waist. He pulled the wisp of material up, my arms went up with it then he tossed it aside.

Normally, I would have concerns about an expensive, satin dress being tossed to the floor.

At that moment, I didn’t give a shit.

Hawk fell back, taking me with him, then he rolled me to my back, unfortunately disconnecting from me but I took that loss because I gained his heat and weight.

His mouth was at my neck and he started speaking. “Next time you wear those shoes, babe, takin’ you on your knees and you’re not takin’ ‘em off.”

I twisted my neck and his head came up so he could look at me.

“Do you like those shoes that much?”

“Like the dress more, Sweet Pea, but those shoes are hot.”

I blinked at him. I could understand the dress, it showed more skin than it covered and the parts that covered skin clung to flesh but I was shocked a badass could like Cinderella-perfect shoes.

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Why are you surprised?”

“Um… they’re satin and have crystals and if the Brothers Grimm were clairvoyant and knew they would one day exist, Cinderella would have those shoes. Those are not commando shoes.”

“No, they’re commando’s woman’s shoes. The heel is high and you got great legs, babe, and the perfect ass but those shoes do the impossible and make your legs and ass even f**kin’ better.”

This was true.

Though I wouldn’t describe my ass as perfect, it made my belly squishy to hear Hawk do it.

“So,” I slid my hands down his back to wrap my arms around his waist, “you’re saying you bought me those shoes because you like them.”

“No, Sweet Pea, I bought you those shoes because when I saw you after buyin’ them, the minute you looked at me I knew it meant a lot to you. Your face was gentle.” His finger came to my temple and then slid down my hairline before his hand curled around my neck and when he spoke again, his voice was soft. “I’d do just about anything to make you look at me like that, Gwen, and I’ll keep doin’ it as long as I can surprise you and know, from that look, you like me spoilin’ you, it means somethin’ to you and I’m gonna keep doin’ it and only stop when I don’t get that in return.”

God. God. I loved this man.

“Hawk,” I whispered.

“Helped that you gave great underwear as a thank you.”

I grinned at him. Then I reminded him, “You took it right off.”

“Babe, your body in that underwear, burned on my brain. Fuck, I can still see it.”

I giggled and Hawk gave me his dimples.

“Well, this is good to know,” I informed him. “I thought you were a take it off because it gets in the way man. I’m pleased to know my efforts were appreciated.”

His head dipped and his mouth touched mine before he whispered, “Everything about you is appreciated, Gwendolyn.”

My stomach melted, my heart skipped and I felt a tingle in my throat.

“Cabe,” I whispered back then my arms left his waist and my hands went to either side of his head and I shared, “You should know, I’m living in a daydream. A real one. I’ve never been this happy. Not ever, baby, not in my whole life.” I lifted my head, slid my arms around his shoulders and kissed his jaw then said in his ear, “Thank you, Hawk.”