I crashed while Hawk was still on the phone. He was either busy or giving me space and since he had so much of it, that was easy to do.

I woke momentarily when he joined me in bed and curled into me. The instant his arm went tight around my belly and he settled, I fell back to sleep.


Now was now and I didn’t know what to do now. There were too many things to contemplate and just the thought of them exhausted me and I’d just woken up.

I sighed and as I did, my cell rang.

Saved by the cell.

It was on the nightstand, I reached out, grabbed it and I turned the display to see I had a call from Tracy.

I flipped it open and put it to my ear. “Hey babe.”

“Hi, how are you doing, honey?”

She was tweaked and my conversation with her last night didn’t assuage her tweakedness. Then again, most people lived their whole lives not having a friend who got caught in a drive-by then disappeared for hours because she was imprisoned in a motorcycle club’s compound.

“I’m okay, I just woke up,” I told her, shifted and lifted, leaning against the headboard and I saw movement so I looked down the bed to see Hawk at the top of the stairs. Bare chest again. Bare feet again. Track pants again. Eyes on me.


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“Are you sleeping all right?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered as Hawk approached the bed.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yeah, honey, I’m sure. Really, like I said last night, I’m okay,” I replied as Hawk made it to the bed then, whoosh, the bedclothes were pulled down.

My body locked in surprise.

Oh boy.

“Are things okay with Hawk?” she asked.

“Um…” I answered as I watched Hawk bend then his fingers curled around my ankles, he yanked me down the bed until my back was to it again then he spread my legs.

Oh boy!

“Gwennie?” Tracy called.

Before I could move a muscle, Hawk put a knee to the bed then he shifted his big frame between my legs.

Oh boy!

“Trace, I think…” I trailed off when Hawk’s hands went to my hips, pushing up my nightshirt and then his head bent and he kissed the skin just above my panties.

My belly lurched in a good way.

“You think what?” Tracy asked then went on quickly without waiting for me to answer. “Okay, I’m going to say it and I know you don’t want to hear it but I’m glad you’re there. I know you’re confused about things but I think this speaks volumes that he…”

She kept speaking but I wasn’t listening because Hawk’s hands kept pushing up my nightshirt and his body was going with it, raining kisses on the skin of my belly and midriff as he went.

“You know?” Tracy asked.

“Um… Trace, I gotta go.” And I did because my nightshirt was under my br**sts, Hawk’s hands had spanned the undersides and my ni**les had gone hard and tingly.

“Is everything all right?”

Oh yeah, everything was all right. Everything was just fine.

“I’ll call you later,” I told her but it was breathy because Hawk was now kissing me between my br**sts.

“You sound funny,” Tracy noted.

“I’m fine, babe, I’ll call you later.”

“Okay, I’ll let you go. Bye, babe.”

“Bye,” I gasped because both Hawk’s hands slid up and both Hawk’s thumbs did a pass over my hard, tingly ni**les.

I flipped the phone shut. “Hawk,” I breathed and then he moved fast.

The nightshirt went all the way up, forcing my arms with it then I was free of it. He tossed it aside, his hand slid up my arm, grabbed my phone, tossed it to the nightstand then it came to my face, his fingers at my cheek, his thumb curving around my jaw, he positioned me and kissed me.

Oh… boy.

I was primed for the kiss, way primed, so I allowed it and kissed him back. It sucked he was such a great kisser, which meant I had zero control, but at that point I was not complaining. Not at all.

His hands went down to my hips, over my bottom, down the backs of my thighs pulling and sliding up at the same time until they were behind my knees and then he yanked them high.

I held on, one arm around his back, one hand cupped on his head.

His mouth broke from mine and his lips slid to my ear as I lifted my head and kissed the sleek skin of his shoulder.

“Bet, just with that, you’re ready for me,” he muttered in my ear.

It was an unbelievably arrogant thing to say but he would win that bet.

“Let’s see how fast I can get you to come for me,” he suggested, my body twitched because it was intrigued by this suggestion then his hand slid down my belly and right in.

Oh yeah.

My back arched and a whimper slid out of my throat on the word, “Baby.”

His fingers slid through the wetness between my legs. “Ready for me,” he growled.

Then his fingers moved; they did this in demanding, delicious ways and Hawk proved he could get me to come for him really fast and also really, really hard.

I was in the middle of a very sweet orgasm when his hand disappeared, his body disappeared, my panties were hauled down my legs and they disappeared then his mouth was there.

Oh yeah.

“Baby,” I gasped, my fingers gliding over his cropped hair.

He was good at this because he liked doing it. This was not a chore for Hawk. This was not something to get out of the way or done to gain brownie points. This was something he got something out of, nearly as much as me.

Then he added fingers to the workings of his mouth and tongue.


My h*ps surged up. “Hawk,” I moaned.

God, this was good. It was so good orgasm two shifted in but he didn’t stop, his mouth, tongue and fingers kept right on going so that meant right on the heels of orgasm two, I experienced orgasm three. It wasn’t one long one, no way, it was one long, brilliant, awe-inspiring one followed by another long, brilliant awe-inspiring one.

Totally a superhero.

In the middle of it, Hawk’s fingers and mouth vanished, his body vanished then he was back, my knees were again hauled up and he was inside me.

Oh yeah!

God I loved this. He was strong and that meant he could drive deep, he could go fast and he could do it hard, all of which I liked a whole lot.

His face was in my neck and I wrapped him tight in my limbs.

“Honey,” I breathed.