He was right, I was there. My head flew back, collided with his shoulder and I came. Hard.

His hand between my legs took mine and he wrapped both our arms around my middle, his other hand still cupping my breast as he drove me down and he thrust up, his face in my neck, his deep grunts shivering through me.


Then he ground me down as he pounded up, kept the connection and he growled into my neck.

“Baby,” I whispered, my neck twisting, his head came up, his mouth took mine and his tongue slid inside.

God, I loved the taste of him.

He held me close and connected as he kissed me then his mouth released mine. He pulled me off his cock, twisted me around, put me on my back in bed and followed me down. His body covered mine, his h*ps between mine, I wrapped my calves around his thighs and my arms around his back.

His face went into my neck and my fingers trailed the skin of his back.

“Hawk?” I called.

“No, baby, to answer your question, I’m not a superhero,” he said into my neck, my body stilled and I realized he was joking.

“Arrogant,” I remarked but I did it laughing.

His head came up, he smiled down at me and my hand automatically slid down, around, up his chest, his neck to cup his cheek, my thumb touching his dimple.

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“Gwen?” I heard and I jerked my eyes from their contemplation of his dimple to his.


“You called me, babe.”

“I did?”

His smile got deeper; I saw it and felt it as his dimple moved under my thumb.

“Yeah, you did,” he answered.

“Sorry, I got mesmerized by your dimple.”

He went still then his face dipped close and he murmured, “Christ, like it when you’re sweet.”

I felt my body melt under his and my hand slid back across his hair.

“I remember what I wanted to say,” I told him softly.

“So say it, Sweet Pea,” he said softly back.

“Thank you for telling me about Ginger and Tack and being so nice about Mom.”

His hand came up and his fingers trailed my hairline before he whispered, “You’re welcome, baby.”

“And thank you for making me safe,” I went on.

“Gwen,” he whispered.

“And for trying to find Ginger.”

“You can stop now.”

I ignored him. “And for saving me from biker prison.”

“You already thanked me for that, even though you did it during a rant.”

“Well, thank you again because it was kind of filthy in there and I wasn’t a big fan of touching anything or, um… sitting on anything so that made it more uncomfortable than just being locked in a room for your own protection but against your will.”

“I’ll make sure Janine doesn’t fall down on the job,” he remarked.

“I’m being serious,” I said quietly.

His hand cupped the side of my head and his thumb circled at my temple.

“I know you are,” he quietly replied.

“My life is a mess,” I shared something he already knew.

“This will pass, Gwen.”

I pulled breath in through my nose and then said on the exhale, “I hope so.”

His hand slid down and his thumb glided across my lips. “One positive thing you learned today. It’s lookin’ good for you. Your Mom’s a mess, babe, but she’s still a babe.”

I felt my brows draw together. “Did you just call my Mom a babe?”

“You look like her,” he replied.

Well, that wasn’t so bad. My Mom was a mess, Hawk was right, but she had pretty kickass style.

“You act like Meredith,” Hawk cut into my thoughts.

I focused on him. “I do?”

“When you’re bein’ sweet and not ranting or hacking at cookie dough with cleavers.”

I smiled. “I didn’t hack at cookie dough with a cleaver.”

He grinned down at me. “It was close.”

He was right and I felt my body start to shake with laughter.

He watched me laugh until I was just smiling at him then he dipped his head and kissed the base of my throat. Then he rolled off me, pulled the covers over us, reached out to turn off the light on his nightstand and turned me so my back was tucked into his front. Then he pressed into me and reached across me to turn off the light on my nightstand. Then he pulled the hair off my neck and kissed the skin at the back of my ear. He wrapped his arm around me, pulled me deep, hitched my leg with his and settled into the pillows.

Hawk’s goodnight.

No slam bam thank you ma’am. Instead, talking, laughing then cuddling.

I guess I could deal with firebombs and drive-bys and learning my Mom was still a mess after all these years if this was how I ended my day.

I lay in the dark of Hawk’s cavernous warehouse, in his big bed, his big, warm body close, the memory of his goodnight sweet and fresh.

Yeah, I could deal with all that if this was how I ended my day.

But now I was wondering if Hawk felt the same.

Chapter Nineteen

One Hand Up

My eyes opened and I saw it was dawn. There were lights on in the warehouse and I knew they were over the kitchen. I heard Hawk’s murmur, he was far away, on the phone.

I scooted to the edge of the bed, dropped my torso down and felt for my nightshirt. I found it, searched for my underwear, found that and lifted up. I pulled my nightshirt over my head, shoved my arms through and then shimmied my undies up while in the bed. Then I got out, wandered to the bathroom, did my thing, wandered out and down the stairs.

Hawk was still on the phone, dressed in uniform of skintight, long-sleeved tee and cargo pants. His hair was slightly wet and he already had his boots on.

He was leaning one hand into the back counter, he didn’t move and his eyes didn’t leave me as I walked his way. I lost sight of him when my body collided with is, my cheek pressed to his chest and my arms went around him. He took his hand off the counter and wrapped his arm around me.

“Yeah, report it to Lawson, set up the meet with Tack,” Hawk said into his phone.

I sighed into his chest. He wasn’t going about his own business, he was going about mine.

“Copy that,” he went on, “be there in twenty.”

He flipped his phone shut and shoved it into his cargos. I tipped my head back and looked up at him as his other arm closed around my shoulders.

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