I heard the question in the way he said my name.


“Make me feel,” I whispered.

His hand slid beneath my shirt, his fingers drifting feather-light across my belly until he palmed my breast. He squeezed, plumping the aching flesh before his clever fingers gripped my nipple. With a decadent knowledge of my body, Gideon rolled and tugged the hard, tight point of my breast, the relentless pressure and pulling sending pulses of need through my entire body.

I moaned, aroused. Desperate. My legs tightened around his so I could rub my damp sex against his thigh.

“Does your pretty cunt ache, angel?” He nibbled at the corner of my lips, the words a seduction all their own. “What does it need? My tongue … my fingers … my cock?”

“Gideon.” I whimpered shamelessly when he pulled away, my arms reaching for him as he rose above me. He hummed a soft sound of reassurance and dropped Lucky carefully to the floor. Then his hands were at my hips, pulling my underwear down to my knees.

“You haven’t answered me, Eva. What do you want me to put into your greedy little cunt? All of the above?”

“Yes,” I gasped. “Everything.”

A moment later my legs were in the air and his dark head was lowering to the sensitized flesh between my thighs.

I held my breath, waiting. Folded as I was, I couldn’t see …

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The hot, wet velvet of his tongue slid between the tender folds of my sex.

“Oh, God!” I arched into a rigid bow.

Gideon purred. I struggled, trying to lift my hips up to the ecstasy of his wicked mouth. Gripping my thighs, he held me in place, tasting me at the pace he wanted, licking over and around the slick opening … taunting me with my hunger to feel his tongue inside me. His lips circled my throbbing clit, his mouth suckling, the flat of his tongue rubbing across that sensitive pleasure point.

“Please …” I didn’t care that he made me beg. The more I gave him, the more he gave back to me.

But he made me wait as he savored me, his hair caressing the tender skin at the back of my thighs, his tongue massaging my clit with the faintest of pressures.

I pressed my hands to my face. “That feels so good … Don’t stop …”

My mouth fell open when he licked lower, dipping the merest fraction into the trembling clutch of my body … then lower still, rimming the rosette that quivered beneath the silky caress.

“Oh!” I gasped, half mad with the barrage of sensation after hours of numbness.

His growl shivered through me. My body jerked as he finally gave me what I wanted, his stiffened tongue pushing into my slick heat with a slow, delicious thrust.

“Yes,” I gasped. “Fuck me.”

His mouth was exquisite, the source of all pleasure and torment, his tongue wicked in its sensual assault, plunging between the clenching delicate muscles.

Gideon ate me with tautly driven focus, so avid and greedy that I writhed with the incredible ecstasy pulsing through my body. There was pressure, and then his thumb slid into my rear and began fucking the tender opening. The fullness there contrasted with the rhythmic thrusts of his tongue. My core tensed. I hovered tautly, on the precipice of orgasm …

I screamed his name, my body on fire, my skin hot and damp. I was alive with pleasure, burning with it. The climax shattered me, broke me into pieces. But Gideon wouldn’t relent, his tongue sliding up to lash my clit. One orgasm rolled into the next.

Sobbing, coming hard and endlessly, I pressed my fists to my eyes. “No more,” I pleaded hoarsely, my limbs trembling hard as my core spasmed with yet another rush. “I can’t take any more.”

I felt the mattress dip as he moved, one hand holding my ankles. I heard the snap of his waistband as he shoved his boxer briefs down.

“How do you want it?” he asked darkly. “Slow and sweet? Fast and rough?”

Oh God …

I forced my answer past dry lips. “Deep. Hard.”

He came over me, pushing my legs back until I was bent in half.

“I love you,” he vowed fiercely, gruffly.

The lush crest of his thick cock surged into my sex, stroking over tissues already swollen and tender.

Folded as I was, my legs bound by my underwear around my knees, it was tight inside me and he was so big. I was stretched by his girth, my sensitive flesh stinging from the forcefulness of his possession. And he still had more to give.

Groaning my name, Gideon swiveled his hips, pulling out, pushing in, working the heavy shaft deeper. “Are you feeling this, angel?” he demanded, his voice gruff with desire.

“You’re all I feel,” I moaned, needing to move, to take more. But he kept me restrained, his body fucking me with destructive expertise.