“You and I are a team.”

“We’re getting there. I need to learn how to hold up my end better.”


“I have no complaints.”

I smiled. “I didn’t fuck up, which isn’t the same as doing a good job.”

His fingers brushed my cheek. “I wouldn’t care if you fucked it up, although I’m sure your definition of what that would be is very different from mine. I wouldn’t care if you have green hair or purple hair or whatever color you choose, although I’ll say I like it blond. You’re what I want.”

Turning my head, I kissed his palm. “Angela looks like Corinne.”

He huffed out a surprised laugh. “No, she does not.”

“Oh my God, she totally does! I mean, not like twins or anything. But the hair and the body type.”

Gideon shook his head. “No.”

“Do you think Landon went for someone who looks like your ideal woman?”

“I think your imagination is running away with you.” He put his fingers over my lips when I would’ve said more. “And if not, he got it wrong, so the point is moot.”

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I wrinkled my nose at him. My clutch vibrated next to my thigh and I reached for it, pulling my phone out.

There was a text from Raúl. She’s at work.

I glanced at Gideon and found him watching me.

“I asked Raúl to track down Anne today,” I told him.

He muttered something under his breath. “You’re damned stubborn,” he bit out.

“As you pointed out, I feel confident and sexy.” I blew him a kiss. “It’s a good day to say hi.”

His eyes lifted to the rearview mirror. Angus met his gaze and something passed between them. Then my husband turned his brilliantly blue gaze back to me. “You’ll do whatever Angus says. If he doesn’t think it’s a good idea when the time comes, you back off. Understood?”

It took me a beat to reply, because I’d expected more pushback. “Okay.”

“And you’ll come to the penthouse tonight for dinner.”

“When did this become a negotiation?”

He just looked at me, implacable and unwavering.

“I told Cary I’d take him out to dinner, ace. He’s been making calls for me today while I’ve been with you. You’re welcome to come along.”

“No, thanks. Come over afterward.”

“Will you behave?”

His eyes sparkled with mischief. “Only if you do.”

I figured if he could have a sense of humor about it, we were making progress. “Deal.”

We pulled up in front of the Crossfire and Gideon straightened, preparing to get out. As Angus rounded the car to open the door, I leaned forward and offered my mouth. Cupping my face in both hands, Gideon kissed me, his lips firm and possessive. Unlike the melt-my-panties kiss he’d given me when we left Tableau One, this one was sweeter. And thorough.

I was breathless when he pulled away.

He studied me a moment, then gave a satisfied nod. “Call my cell as soon as you’re done.”

“What if you’re—”

“Call me.”

“All right.”

Gideon slid out of the back of the Bentley and strode into the Crossfire.

I watched him until I couldn’t see him anymore, remembering the first day we met. I’d been inside the lobby then and he’d come back for me. I kept that in mind, knowing it was senseless to feel bereft now, but it was never easy watching him walk away. That was one of my many flaws and something I would have to get over.

I miss you already, I texted to him.

His reply was quick. I’m glad, angel mine.

I was laughing as Angus slid in behind the wheel. He looked at me through the rearview mirror. “Where to?”

“Wherever Anne Lucas works.”

“She may be working for hours yet.”

“I figured. I’ve got a few things I can handle while I wait. If I run out of things to do, we’ll try again some other time.”

“Got it.” He started the Bentley and took off.

I called Cary.

“Hey,” he answered. “How was lunch?”

“It was good.” I caught him up.

“Eventful,” he said when I finished. “Can’t say I get the whole Landon thing, but then I don’t understand much of what goes on with your old man. Is there anyone not pissed off at him?”


“Right, but you’re not banging him.”

“Cary, I’m going to kill you, I swear.”

His low chuckle rippled over the line. “I got in touch with Blaire. He said he can meet you at the penthouse tomorrow if you like. Just text him a window of time and he’ll see what he can do.”

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