He lifted up, so their eyes met over the plane of her body. “Watch me.” He lowered his head, rubbing his cheeks, his jawline and his lips into those tight red curls, coating his facial hair with her juices. “I love the way you smell almost as much as I love the way you taste.” He slid his thumbs up through the wetness and pulled back the supple skin hiding that pleasure pearl.


Her belly rippled with anticipation.

Kane nimbly flicked his tongue across the nub, not too hard, or too fast, just a consistent pressure.

“Yes. Yes. Don’t stop.”

When her pelvis arched, his lips enclosed her clit and he sucked, matching the rhythm of her pounding pulse.

Sexy whimpers surrounded him as she came, hard, fast, wet, and then she was done.

After gifting her pussy with one last soft-lipped kiss, Kane pushed up, placing his hands by her head.

Ginger’s generous mouth curved into a lopsided smile. She reached her arm above her head, stretching like a contented feline. “Wow.”

“How’s the throbbing shoulder?”

Another satisfied sigh escaped. “Completely forgot all about it.”

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Kane pressed his mouth to hers, sharing her taste. He wanted to kick off his pants. Feel the tight clasp of her cunt around his cock as he sank into her over and over. But Ginger wasn’t up for sex, especially not the raw, urgent fucking he had in mind. After several easy, lingering smooches, he forced himself to retreat.

“You need a more comfortable shirt to sleep in.”

She blinked at him with complete confusion. “But. You haven’t… We could… I want to, I mean…”

“As much as I love hearin’ how flustered my kisses make you, Red, the truth is, you’re injured. I probably already took advantage of you.” He grabbed her pants and motioned for her to raise her hips.

Her eyes narrowed, but she let him shimmy the yoga pants up her legs. “Your mouth sucking on my tits until I came and then that same hot mouth sucking on my pussy until I came? I fail to see how that’s you taking advantage of me, when you didn’t come at all.”

Whoa. Kane hadn’t expected such coarse, common words from the woman with the gigantic vocabulary.

“Shocking, isn’t it? How I prefer dirty-talking to sweet-talking?”

“Maybe some.”

“I can see how hard you are. I could give you a hand job? Shoot. I’m probably not very good with my left hand.”

“Neither am I.”

She laughed softly. “How about if I whisper dirty nothings in your ear while you jack off?”

His dick actually jumped at that sexy visual. “Another time. What shirt you wanna wear?”

“There’s a black tank top on the hamper.”

He snagged it and sat on the edge of the bed. “Up you go.” He unhooked the sling. The shirt came off first, then the bra. Before he covered her with the tank top, he drew a circle around each of her nipples, watching as they puckered into stiff points. He couldn’t resist granting each one an openmouthed kiss.

“You are a tit guy, aren’t you?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I’ve never gotten off just from a man sucking on my tits. I’ve been close a couple of times, but they’ve always stopped too soon. Too eager to get to the good stuff, I guess.”

“These babies are the good stuff.” Kane cupped the globes in his hands and rubbed his goatee across the tips. “I’ve got plans for these beauties.”

“Like?” Ginger prompted.

Kane locked his gaze go hers. “Like watchin’ them bounce as you’re ridin’ me. Holdin’ onto them as you fuck me reverse cowgirl. Slidin’ my dick in here until I’m ready to explode—” he dragged his index finger through the center of her cleavage, “—and then comin’ all over your chest, seein’ how those freckles look covered in my seed.”

She swallowed hard.

“Shockin’, ain’t it?” he teased. “How I prefer down and dirty sex to sweet, sweet love making?”

“Not shocking at all, Kane. Just hot as hell. I can’t wait to prove to you that I like it as down and dirty as you do.”

“Always full of surprises, counselor. But tonight, you’re done in.”

Ginger ran her fingers up the length of his fully erect cock and circled her hand around it. “Am I?”

Kane placed his hand over hers, squeezed once and removed her hand from his dick. “Yes.”

“What are you going to do now?”

“Sneak into the bathroom and whack off. Probably twice.”

She smiled cheekily.

And Kane did just that. Thinking of Ginger the entire time.

Chapter Six

Ginger managed to brush her teeth, wash her face and change into a fresh pair of yoga pants all by herself. It took forever, but she had to do it. If for no other reason than to prove to Kane that she was on the mend and she was up for anything tonight.

She’d shuffled to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee when she heard Kane come up behind her.

“Just what do you think you’re doin’?”

His raspy morning voice sent tingles zipping across her nerve receptors. She turned her head and his mouth was right there. Sweet, minty breath drifted from between his parted lips.

“Ah hell, Red, how am I supposed to resist kissin’ you when you look as fresh and pretty as a damn daisy?” He pressed his lips to hers, bestowing the type of gentle, warm kiss lovers shared after a passion-filled night.

She’d barely caught her balance from his sweetness when he scrambled her brain cells with a no-hold-barred-I-want-you-now zealous kiss of intent.

“Why you tremblin’?”

“Just thinking about last night.”

Kane pushed a piece of her hair behind her ear. “No regrets?”

“Only that I didn’t get a chance to touch you at all.”

“There’s always tonight, if you’re feelin’ up to it.”

Ginger’s eyes searched his. “You aren’t bothered by the fact that all I did was lay there and wasn’t an active participant?”

“Not in the least.” He nipped her mouth with firm-lipped sugar bites. “Although, I am hard as a fuckin’ brick thinkin’ about your mouth on my cock. That’s the image I jacked off to last night. You, on your knees, lookin’ up at me, your soft hair teasin’ my thighs as my dick is buried in your hot mouth.”

Heat moistened her pussy. “What are you doing right now?”

“Not draggin’ you to your bedroom, as much as I’d like to.” He backed off to mutter, “Maybe we better talk about something else. Park that sexy ass on the chair and I’ll make us some coffee.”

“Bossy much?” Ginger shuffled to the kitchen table.

“You don’t know the half of it.”

“But I’ll bet you’re dying to show me.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

This man could get her all kinds of fired up just with molten looks and sexy words.

Kane rested his backside against the counter as the coffee brewed. “So what do you guys do on Sundays?”

“Depends. Sometimes Hayden has a friend over. Sometimes you two do Little Buddies stuff.

Sometimes we spend a couple of hours playing Xbox.”

“Is it true you only let Hayden play the Xbox once a week?”

She nodded. “Probably sounds crazy. But it’d be easy as a single parent to let him fill up the hours with TV or video games while I’m working. I don’t want to socially stunt him by keeping him away from video games entirely, but there are better things he can do with his time. So far he hasn’t fought me on the one day a week rule.”

He cocked his head. “Do you follow that same rule, counselor? Or are you addicted to the Internet and your cell phone?”

“I spend plenty of time on the phone and the computer during working hours. It’s a respite when I’m done for the day. I have a BlackBerry, but I don’t know how to do half the shit on it. Sometimes I take pictures. What about you? You texting like crazy and always checking your email?”

“Not hardly. I have a BlackBerry, but we don’t get cell reception everywhere on the ranch, so it’s dead more’n half the time. I do text. I’m online once a day, usually to check stock prices, do a little research. I use my laptop for updating the databases about our herd. The dams and sires, calf live birth weights, milk weight gain ratios, that sort of stuff.”

Living in an ag community, she was aware that ranchers, especially the younger generation, used computer technology for everything. “Do Kade and your father do that much computer work too?”

“Kade could do it if he wants to. I always send him backup files of my work in case something happens to me or to the computer, but Kade has way more on his plate after workin’ hours than I do. It makes sense the responsibility falls to me.”

Ginger didn’t respond.

Kane brought her a cup of coffee and sat across from her. “I see the wheels a’turnin’, counselor.” He blew across his cup. “You shocked I’m mildly technologically savvy?”

Her gaze hooked his. “Not at all. It just makes me wonder how many more responsibilities fall to you because you don’t have a wife and three kids waiting on you after you drop off the last bale of hay.”

“You worried I’m doin’ more than my fair share?” he asked, his tone slightly amused.

“I guess I am. I’m not sure how the McKay Ranches Inc. or McKay Cattle Company works. Your family ranching businesses are the only clients Dad has kept on since his retirement and he’s slowly easing me into it. But it does seem unfair if you’re bearing a bigger workload.”

“Sometimes I forget you’re a lawyer, and you look at things differently than normal folks.”

She gazed at him coolly. “So I’m abnormal? Was that an insult, McKay?”

“Whoa. You iced over my coffee with that cold glare, sugar.”