He noticed her focus was on his hands on her tits. “I figured I’d give you the whole body treatment.


You know. Makin’ sure you were clean everywhere.”

“You just want to soap up my tits.”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.” He started on her neck and quickly moved across her clavicle and shoulders. Then he coated his hands with more suds and swept them over her breasts. Under her breasts.

Cupping and squeezing. Rasping his thumbs across the beaded tips of her nipples. Over and over.

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Ginger watched him. The absolute lust in his eyes as his slippery hands mapped every inch and curve of her breasts.

“You have the greatest tits I’ve ever seen. Just so damn perfect. Responsive.” He pinched the left nipple a little harder than she was used to and looked at her to gauge her reaction.

The initial sharp sting mellowed into a delicious heat. “Oh.”

“You like that?”

“I’m not sure. It surprised me.”

“You ever worn nipple clamps?”

She shook her head.

While he talked, he continued lathering every inch of her breasts. “I’d like to get them hard with my mouth and put clamps on. The kind with the chain between them. Then I’d fuck you. Slowly. Every so often I’d yank on the chain. When you were ready to come, I’d remove the clamp and suck hard until all the blood returned. Suck until you came again. Then I’d do the same thing to the other side.”

A rush of moisture trickled from between her thighs. Moisture that owed nothing to water from the shower. “Kane—”

Kane’s dark eyes searched hers. “There’s so much I wanna do to you, Red. I wanna make you forget every man’s touch but mine.” He kissed her again, with the brutal intensity that stole her sanity.

Then just as quickly, he backed away. He snagged the handheld shower and rinsed her; his gaze tracked the rivulets of soap.

Her stomach cartwheeled when he dropped to his knees and the stubble of his closely shorn head brushed her belly.

“Hold still. I’ve never shaved a woman’s legs before and I don’t wanna cut you.”

Right. He was down there to shave her legs. Not to bury his face in her pussy.

Ginger’s whole body became a mass of goose bumps as his hands stroked her legs. She even forgot her embarrassment about being hairy. The plastic wrap around her cast rattled as he maneuvered the razor above it.

“There. Done.” He rinsed her legs. As he stood to replace the handheld showerhead in the base on the wall, he looked at it, then her. “Do you ever get yourself off with this?”

Dammit. She was a thirty-seven-year-old woman. She wasn’t supposed to blush.

Kane crowded her. “Do you?”


“Do you use the pulsing option full blast on your clit?”

“Yes. If I’m getting myself off, I want it to happen as fast as possible.”

“No buildup?” he asked silkily. “No teasin’, enjoying the feel of the warm water flowing over your cunt, makin’ it wetter? Softer?”

Her pulse raced. Was there a question in there?

“Are you wet right now, Ginger? After havin’ my hands all over you? After me tellin’ you all the raunchy things I wanna do to you? After havin’ my mouth—” he placed his lips on her ear, “—this close to that sweet, sweet pussy?”

His deep, husky voice zinged in an electric current as if she’d stepped on a high wire. “Yes.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Her eyes flew open when Kane was on his knees again. He uttered a harsh, “Spread your legs.” The instant she gave him enough room, his mouth was on her.

“Oh God.” His thumbs traced the shape of her sex from the top of her pubic bone through the slick folds to her opening. His tongue darted inside. Again and again. Kane lapped and licked and sucked.

Biting. Growling. He fucked his tongue into her channel so deep she felt the press of his teeth into her tender tissues.

Ginger’s legs shook. Her skin was on fire.

Kane retreated, rubbing his beard across her upper thighs, the rise of her pubic bone, the curve of her hip.

She glanced down at him.

He licked his lips and smiled naughtily. “Guess I was wrong. You are wet. Wet and soft and tasty. I’m gonna need another bite or two to tide me over until I fuck you.” Then he bent his head again and ravaged her with his mouth.

But this time he also used his hands. This time he slid his thumb into her pussy as the fingers of his other hand held open the flesh above her clit so he could suck on it unimpeded. His thumb slipped in and out of her cunt, and he added another finger. Two, three, four times those digits plunged deep while he teasingly nibbled on her clit.

She wanted to beg him to hurry, but Ginger suspected it’d spur him to slow down even more. So she bit her lip, closed her eyes and let herself go, giving her pleasure over to him.

Kane sensed her surrender. He stopped tonguing her long enough to say, “Good girl.” His thumb slipped back into her pussy, and his index finger, wet with her juices, began to stroke the bud of her anus.

Lightly. Then persistently.

Her orgasm hovered close enough to taste.

He made a feral, snarling noise that vibrated against her sensitive tissues. His mouth suctioned to her clit and he sucked strongly as his finger slipped into her ass.

That bite of pain gave away to indescribable pleasure as he thrust the two digits in and out, pressing his thumb and finger together on the thin wall separating the two passages.

Ginger screamed as the climax overtook her. Every part of her body, her clitoris throbbed against Kane’s flickering tongue. Her internal muscles clamped down on his fingers, trying to bring them deeper into her body with each clenching pulse. Her nipples tightened, as if suckled by phantom mouths. The orgasm drew the breath from her lungs.

And still Kane didn’t let up.

She should’ve pushed his head away, needing a break from the consuming sensitivity. But he remained in place. Sucking her. Fucking her pussy and her ass with his fingers. Rebuilding that ball of sexual energy until her skin prickled and another orgasm slammed into her.

“Oh. My. God. Yes. Yes!” She thrashed, against him, against the wall, unable to hold still. A slight tinge of pain reminded her of her bum arm. Her hand landed on Kane’s head as she pressed his face into her needy cunt.

The blood quit pounding in her head, her ears, her nipples. Between her legs. The haze of pleasure cleared, but didn’t fade completely.

Ginger glanced down at his dark crown. He’d pressed his forehead into her lower belly. His breathing stuttered across her wet skin.

Kane looked up at her, fire in his eyes. Without a word he removed his fingers lodged within her body. He stood. He placed a soft kiss on the section of her skin where neck met shoulder. Holding her by the waist, he turned her around to face the short wall. “Bend over.”

Any relaxation she’d attained vanished when Kane layered his muscled body to hers. He put his knee between her legs and widened her stance, canting her hips to his liking.

Kane’s chest felt like an electric blanket pressing on her back. He trailed firm-lipped kisses up her nape. The head of his cock nudged her pussy. Then he rocked his hips and filled her with a single stroke.

His impatience was arousing. Ginger gasped with his every forceful thrust. All the way out, all the way back in. Hard. Fast. Without pause.

He’d curled his hands around her hips. Even in his lust filled state, he showed his concern for her injury. Which was sweet.

But that was the only sweet thing about Kane McKay right now. Sounds of flesh slapping flesh, his guttural noises, the splash of water around their ankles, spun Ginger into distorted reality. That familiar sensation bloomed in her core. No. She couldn’t. She’d just had the two best orgasms of her life—back to back. There was no way she could come again.

Was there?

The pressure of Kane’s fingers on her hips increased and he switched to short, shallow jabs.

When Ginger felt his cock go harder yet inside her, she bore down and he flew apart. Ramming into her without care or concern.

His hips kept moving as he muttered. After he slowed and stilled, he slumped across her back, breathing hard, still lodged inside her.

Although he couldn’t see it, she permitted a smug smile.

Kane pushed her hair aside to sink his teeth into the back of her neck.

She held very, very still. She’d sworn she’d seen or read something about the neck biting in the aftermath of mating as a mark to ward off other males.

He murmured, “We still need to rinse your hair.”

“I’m sure the water has gone cold by now.”

Kane took a step back and returned with the showerhead. “Tilt your head back. I see your hair flowing down your back and your ass at that sexy angle. Christ, Red. You make such a goddamn pretty picture, it almost makes me hard again.”

His hot words washed over her, warming her as thoroughly as the lukewarm water that flowed through her hair. She pushed upright and turned to see Kane scrubbing his head with one hand and his body with the other. He grinned. “See? I’m pretty low maintenance.”

“And yet you look damn fine all the time.”

He placed a dot of soap on her nose.

Kane made her stay in the shower until he’d toweled off. He dried her off, removed the plastic from the cast and even combed her hair.

One thing he didn’t do? Help her get dressed. He informed her he intended to have her at least once more before the school bus pulled up. Getting dressed was pointless.

When Ginger yawned, he tucked her in bed and told her to rest up while he fixed lunch.

Sex. More sex. Snuggling. A shower complete with multiple orgasms? Now food served by the virile cowboy who’d also served up the delicious orgasms?

In her estimation, days didn’t get much better than this.

Chapter Ten

After five days of looking after Ginger and Hayden, Kane was at loose ends.

During Ginger’s nap, after their mind-blowing shower, he’d rounded up Hayden and Dash’s dirty clothes. He’d washed four loads of laundry. He’d fixed lunch and organized leftovers for supper. He’d loaded the dishwasher.

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