“Like a yard light?”



“Maybe if you cut the headlights.”

Kane clicked the lights off, even the interior lights.

Talk about dark and spooky. Ginger focused on the blackness out her window. A snow squall faded and she caught a fleeting glimpse of light. “There. Straight ahead.”

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“You sure?”

No. “Yes, I’m sure.”

“Hope you’re right, Red. If I run over a fence, you’ll be out here fixin’ fence with me early summer.”

“I know how to wield a pair of wire cutters, so bring it, cowboy.”

Kane gunned the truck. For a second it felt as if they were airborne. They landed hard and Ginger held onto the support strap hanging from the top of the doorframe.

“Sorry.” Snow covered the windshield as they annihilated another drift. The wipers whisked away the remnants in a rapid slap slap slap and they skidded to a stop.

“We’re here.”

Ginger made out the faint orange glow of the porch light. Snow had drifted in front of the screen door up to the door handle.

“Looks like I’m gonna hafta shovel again before we can get inside. Sit tight. No reason for you to be out in this.” Then he bailed from the truck.

She watched him shoveling snow until he’d created a pile as high as the deck rails beside him. Despite the freezing-ass weather, something warm moved through her. Clearing a path for her through the snow was akin to him throwing his coat over a mud puddle. But Kane had proved himself thoughtful and chivalrous to the core numerous times. For the first time they’d be alone tonight—all night—and they could do whatever they liked.

Ginger had a few specific things she’d like to do with him.

Kane returned to the truck, killed the engine and pocketed the keys. “Need help getting out?”

“I’m good.” She grabbed her bag and hopped down. The snow reached her knees and completely filled her snow boots. She trudged to the steps and Kane was already there, holding the door open.

She moved aside to give Kane room as they ditched their winter clothing. He hung both sets up on pegs that resembled fossilized feet. “Interesting pegs. Are those chicken feet?”

“Turkey feet. My buddy Ash, over in Lingle, is a taxidermist and he makes ’em.”

She stepped off the small square of linoleum. Her wet nylons clung to her legs. Shep was stretched out on the floor, eyeing them with “you poor suckers” canine smugness.

Even Kane noticed it. “Shep, you better get out there and get your business done before it gets any worse.”

Shep scooted behind the chair.

Kane laughed. “Lazy damn dog.”

Ginger tossed her bag on the coffee table and looked around. The last time she’d been here, Kane had literally thrown her up against the wall and fucked her. Then she’d left.

The kitchen and living areas were in the front of this trailer. She assumed the bedrooms and bathroom were down the hallway. From where she stood she could see the tidy kitchen and the dining room alcove, which boasted a felt-topped gaming table instead of a traditional dining room set.

A half shelf divided the rooms, but all the spaces screamed bachelor. No knickknacks, no artwork, no colorful rugs or extra throw pillows. The furniture consisted of one long black leather couch, one oversized black reclining chair. A chrome and glass coffee tabled piled with mail. A fifty-two-inch flatscreen TV

mounted on the largest wall with AV equipment stacked beneath it.

Ginger glanced at Kane, who watched her taking stock of his place. He’d set his jaw in a hard line as if he expected her to pass judgment.

Silly man.

She closed the distance between them, wrapping her arms around his waist and placing a kiss on his neck. “Thank you for inviting me into your home, Kane.”

“It ain’t much.”

“But it’s yours and that’s all that matters to me.”

Kane kissed the top of her head. “You hungry?”

“Cold. I hope you’ve got some sweat clothes to lend me because this is all I have.”

“Sure. I can hook you up with something.” He snagged her hand and towed her down the hallway.

“Wait. I’ll need my phone in case Hayden calls.” She grabbed her phone from her bag, expecting Kane to protest, but he didn’t. Again, she realized she should stop making assumptions about this complex man.

His bedroom was bigger than she imagined, with a king-sized bed covered in a puffy navy blue comforter, and yet another big TV atop a dresser. On the opposite side was a simple desk with a lamp and a laptop.

“So this is your bedroom.” Way to be obvious, Ginger.

“I hope you weren’t expectin’ a swingin’ bachelor pad. It’s just a basic bedroom. Nothin’ fancy.”

Ginger slid her hands up his chest and trapped his face between her palms, looking him straight in the eye. “Stop. Do you really think I care that you live in a trailer?”

“I don’t know. Hell. It’s just…not what you’re used to.”

“What? Clean and quiet?”

He laughed softly.

“I am unbelievably happy to be here with you, so please don’t think I’m looking around and finding anything lacking. Because really, when I’m with you? All I see is you.”

Kane pressed his lips to her forehead. “You undo me sometimes, Red.” His lips drifted down her hairline. “I know we just got here, but the truth is, if I see you takin’ your clothes off in my bedroom? Well, sugar, I’m gonna want you to leave ’em off for a bit.”

“Is that so? But won’t I be cold if I’m naked?”

“I’ll keep you warm.” Kane’s mouth grazed the top of her ear. “Very warm. Hot, even.” Moist lips meandered down to the spot on her neck below her ear. The spot that caused her knees to buckle and made her panties damp. “I’m dyin’ to touch you.”

“What a coincidence. I’m dying to have you touch me.”

Kane ate at her mouth as he unbuttoned her white blouse. His rough hands skated over her arms as her shirt slid to the floor.

Drugged by his kisses, Ginger let her head fall back as Kane removed her bra and unfastened her skirt. He snapped the waistband of her pantyhose. “Take these off while I get nekkid.”

“Just as long as you get nekkid fast.”

“That ain’t gonna be a problem.”

Ginger shimmied her pantyhose off and pulled back the covers on his bed. She sighed deeply when her skin touched the flannel sheets.

“I like the sound of that sigh.”

“I like your flannel sheets.”

Kane crawled across the bed toward her. “I really like the look of you in my bed on my flannel sheets.”

“You don’t have to use that sweet-talk when I’m a sure thing. Crawl under here with me. It’s toasty.”

“Aren’t you the bossy one? In my bed, no less.”

She blushed. “Am I in trouble?”

“I knew you were trouble the second I set eyes on you.” He nuzzled her cheek. “Stretch your arms above your head.”

Ginger pushed the pillows aside and placed her palms flat against the headboard. “Like that?”

“Perfect.” He trailed kisses down the center of her torso, stopping briefly to suckle her left nipple, then her right. His tongue dipped into her belly button and followed in a straight line over her mound.

When his tongue probed her folds, she spread her legs and arched into him. His fingers squeezed her inner thighs. Ginger realized that was one of her favorite things about oral sex with Kane—the feel of him holding her in place. Holding her steady to receive the pleasure he gave her. His tongue flicked her clit, teasingly, precisely, but always with unbridled passion.

Kane took his time tasting her, not in a teasing manner; he just slowly, thoroughly feasted on her pussy. When the telltale contractions started, Kane fastened his mouth to her clit, bringing her to climax with soft, gentle nibbles interspersed with butterfly licks as she came with a soft wail.

Right after the last pulse, Kane’s cock was driving inside her still-throbbing tissues, immediately bringing her to the verge again. He buried his mouth in her throat, thrusting into her, making this bonus orgasm last.

Soon as her head stopped spinning, she opened her eyes and smiled at him. “Wow.”

“The wow factor is always a good sign.” Kane slid his hands up her arms and threaded their fingers together. “Look at me while I’m lovin’ on you, sugar. See exactly what you do to me.”

Something big shifted between them in that small moment.

Ginger molded her mouth to his, desperate to taste his passion as well as feel it. The kiss never veered out of control. It stayed as easy and steady as the way he made love to her.

When his thrusts became faster and his hands squeezed hers, she wrapped her legs around his waist and bowed into him.

Kane threw back his head and groaned, eyes closed, neck taut, mouth slack, absolutely beautiful in the moment that he let everything go.

He blinked at her, as if clearing the fog away, and smiled an endearingly shy and somewhat boyish smile.

That’s when she knew what the elusive something was: love.

She loved him. Holy crap. She was in love with him.

“Why so serious?” he murmured.

Instead of blurting out, Because I just realized I love you and I’ve never been in love and it’s scaring the living shit out of me, Ginger hedged. “I seriously like looking at you. You are one hot hunk of cowboy manflesh, Kane McKay.”

Kane blushed. “Dammit, Red, knock it off.”

“You can’t take a compliment any more easily than I can ask for help.” She framed his ruggedly handsome face in her hands. “I say, ‘you are gorgeous’ and you say, ‘thank you’—go on let’s try it. Kane, you are gorgeous.”

“I am not gorgeous,” he said through clenched teeth.

“Yes, you are. And you are one of those men who looks better as he ages. You are beautiful. Not just here.” She stroked his cheekbone with her thumbs. “Inside too.”

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