“You’ve got thirty minutes,” he said. “Then you’re on my bike and we’re headed home. Grab anything you want to keep.”

“Okay,” I replied, hoping he would leave me to pack in peace. Instead he leaned back against my still-cracked door, watching as I dug through my closet. I decided to go light on the clothing. I could always get more stuff to wear, but I wanted my pictures and what few keepsakes I’d managed to take with me from Gary’s. It was depressing to realize just how little I had.


I pulled out my shoebox of papers, tossing it on the bed. The box tipped over, spilling out photos. I ignored it, turning back to dig through the closet again. My mom had a pretty nice pair of leather boots in there somewhere, and while I’d never been a boot person, it seemed like wearing something to protect my legs might be important on a bike.

Horse sat on the bed, flipping through the photos. I ignored him, tugging at my cargo capris when they rode down, showing off my thong. Why had I decided to wear it today?

“You wear that shit for him?” Horse asked, his voice like ice. I turned and looked up to find him holding up a wedding picture smeared with dried blood. Me and Gary. So f**king young.

“Wear what?” I asked.

“That butt floss,” he snapped. “Why the f**k are you wearing a thong to work at a daycare? Are you seeing him again?”

“No!” I burst out, horrified. “I haven’t seen him since he beat the shit out of me, you should know that. He hasn’t called me, nothing. When I get all the papers ready, Denise’s husband said he’d serve them for me.”

“You keeping this?”

“Yeah,” I said, studying the picture. I’d had so many hopes and dreams then back then, and I let a man destroy them. “I don’t want to forget. At least not yet.”

Horse dropped the picture without a word and I kept packing, glancing at my phone periodically to check the time. Finally I surveyed the growing pile on my bed, sad that my entire life took up such a small space. All I had left to grab was bras and panties, which I really didn’t want to dig through with him watching me.

I didn’t exactly have a choice though.

I stood up and opened my underwear drawer. There wasn’t a lot, but if I was going to be Horse’s…um…whatever…some pretty panties might come in handy. He came up behind me, reaching down and cupping my hips in his big hands, pulling me back into his body as he leaned over me. He took a deep breath.

“I love how your hair smells,” he said gruffly as his hard c**k pressed against my butt. I heard Picnic and the others talking in the living room. Jeff was out there, waiting to see if they were going to kill him.

“I have ten minutes left,” I murmured, my voice tense. “Please.”

Horse let go of my hip, grabbing my hair roughly and twisting my head around to the side. His lips covered mine, taking me hard, tongue thrusting in and out. I moaned, collapsing against him. His other hand reached around to my front, ripping open the buttons on my capris, and I heard one clatter against the floor. His fingers plunged into my panties, sliding roughly along my clit before sinking into me. I moaned, despising myself because it turned me on so much.

He pulled his mouth away from mine, pinning me with his gaze. I couldn’t breathe, his eyes were so intense—full of desire and lust and anger, all directed at me.

“This pu**y,” he said, fingering me. I moaned in response, ashamed at how easily he made me wet. “This pu**y is mine. You are mine. I’ll f**k you when and where I want, and you can either take it or get the f**k out. Are we clear?”

I nodded, shivering. I wanted to hate him but my body disagreed. He kept his hand in my hair, holding me tight as he stroked me repeatedly. My legs weakened and I whimpered, desperate for relief. That’s when he took my mouth again.

Now his tongue thrust in time with his fingers. The flesh between my legs tightened, muscles flexing all over my body. Horse stroked harder and I quivered on the edge. He pulled his mouth away from mine, dropping his lips to my neck, licking and sucking as I thrust my hips against him, desperate to come. Then he bit my neck and I moaned.

Loud enough to be heard in the other room, I’m sure.

Horse pulled his hand out of my pants and stepped back. I froze in disbelief, my panting breath loud in the room. When I turned to him, shaky, he gave me a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. Then he slowly and deliberately lifted his fingers, licking off my juices.

“Don’t care how good you taste, you don’t call the shots,” he whispered. “We clear?”

“Your rules,” I whispered back. “Or I leave. And what happens if I do?”

“To you?” he said. “Nothing. You’re with me of your own free will. But the club has to be paid in blood, Marie, not even I control that. Don’t forget.”

I nodded quickly.

He pushed me gently to the side and opened my lingerie drawer, digging around in it. He pulled out several thongs and a teddy, tossing them on the floor.

“You won’t need these,” he said. I nodded as he turned back to the drawer, trying not to think of what else he would find in there. I winced as he stopped suddenly, thinking I had the shittiest luck on earth because this wasn’t going to be pretty.

He pulled out the bundled black Reapers t-shirt he’d left crumpled on my floor after that disastrous night he’d spent in my bed, hefting it as he glanced toward me with a question in his eyes. I shook my head, blushing fiercely, reaching out to take it.

Horse didn’t hand it over. Instead he unrolled it, eyes widening as he found the bright-pink jelly vibrator with the dual heads, one for my clit and one for my G-spot. We both stood there silently, looking at it. Then he rolled it back up and handed it to me, eyes full of satisfaction.

“Pack the shirt and the toy,” he said, watching as I stuck it in the bottom of my backpack. I don’t think I’d ever been more embarrassed in my life. I didn’t meet his eyes as I dumped the rest of my things in, zipped it up and threw it over my shoulder.

“That it?” he asked. “You want anything else from the living room or kitchen? It won’t be here if you try to come back.”

I shook my head, still unable to speak. Stupid, stupid, stupid…

He leaned in close and whispered in my ear.

“Next time you want to play with your pretty pink toy, you do it while I’m watching. If you’re a good girl, I’ll let you wear the tee. Got it?”