“He’s a smart guy, but he wasn’t smart enough not to steal from the Reapers,” I said, shrugging. “I guess it could go either way. Something’s gone really wrong with him.”

Someone pounded on the door again. Darcy walked over, opened it wide and glared at the drunken girl standing outside. She leaned over and vomited on the floor.


“Fuckin’ hate parties like this,” Darcy muttered, grabbing my arm and carefully stepping over the puddle. I hopped along with her as she dragged me down the length of the hall into a room with a giant table. Horse and Boonie sat studying some papers.

“You boys need more time?”

Horse leaned back, eyeing me as Boonie broke into a sly smile.

“Nope,” he said, standing and walking toward Darcy. “Missed you, babe. I hate it when you’re out of town. Next time make your mom go by herself, okay?”

Darcy murmured some reply I couldn’t make out and they fell into another clinch even more intense than the first. Boonie lifted her and set her butt on the table. That appeared to be our cue to leave, because Horse came over and took my hand, drawing me back out into the hallway.

Chapter Fourteen

Talking with Darcy made me feel both better and worse. What she had with Boonie looked pretty good. They seemed to keep focused on each other despite the chaos around them. Horse had offered me the same deal and I’d thrown it back at him, with prejudice. Still didn’t excuse kidnapping me. As we left Darcy and Boonie behind, a woman stumbled over to the wall across from us, bracing against it as she threw up noisily.

“You wanna go outside for some air, or back into the bar?” Horse asked, arm hooked around my neck, casually dominating me without even trying. He didn’t seem to notice the barfing.

“Some air might be good.”

He led me down the hall to a propped-open door. Beyond it was a cleared area, surrounded by a six-foot chain link fence. A huge bonfire lit up the place and I saw a lot of people smoking. My nose told me it wasn’t all tobacco. That made me think of Jeff rather wistfully. He was so smart—why did he get himself into this situation? He could do anything if he put his mind to it.

Horse pulled me over toward the back of the fenced area, still part of the party but outside the ring of light from the bonfire. He sat down in the grass, leaned back against the fence and tugged me down to sit between his legs. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me back against his chest. It felt good. Of course it always felt good when he held me, even when he was being a total ass**le.

“You and Darcy have a good chat?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “Very educational.”

“You give her the whole sob story?”


“Good,” he said. “She’ll pass it on to the right people. Word’ll get out where it needs to go.”

We fell into silence for a while. I watched a couple of guys drag out some big speakers, fiddling with the wires until classic rock burst out. Zeppelin, that kind of thing. Made me think of my mom. Not my favorite but it fit the night somehow. Girls started dancing around the fire, stumbling drunkenly into men who swung them up and around before dragging them off into the darkness. Horse’s hand slid down to my breast, reaching in to pop it out the top of the corset. I would’ve been utterly humiliated but I didn’t think anyone could see us so far out of the light and I had the start of a good buzz going. I knew there were other couples around us but I couldn’t see them, so we were probably safe from the audience.

That’s why I didn’t protest as his other hand pushed up my skirt and slid aside my panties to tickle my clit. I just leaned back into him, closing my eyes and focusing on the sensation as he coaxed me to life. Then I heard a shrieking noise and opened my eyes. A couple pulled away from the fire, close enough to us that we could see and hear them, but not so close that they noticed us.

The woman knelt in front of the man, unzipping his pants and pulling his c**k free. He grunted as she started sucking him off expertly, bobbing her head up and down while working his c**k with both hands.

Live  p**n , right in front of me.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I’d fallen into a strange and terrible world where people didn’t follow the rules, and instead of being horrified at what I saw, I felt myself getting wetter under Horse’s fingers. It affected him too—he was hard as a pike behind me. I knew he wanted me, not those girls around the fire, because it was all too clear he could have any of them whenever he wanted. A second man joined the couple in front of us and I perked up, fascinated. The first dropped down to his knees, the girl still working him, although with just her mouth now because she’d fallen to her hands and knees. The position pushed her ass into the air and the second man dropped down behind.

They formed the perfect silhouette of debauchery. The man in back pushed aside the flouncy little skirt she wore, gripping her panties and actually tearing them apart. I stiffened as Horse’s finger hooked into me and he whispered in my ear.

“You like that, baby?”

I shook my head, but I couldn’t seem to say anything. If I kept quiet, I could pretend this was all some dream where I didn’t have to take responsibility for my actions. The woman took the man’s c**k deeper into her throat, his hands coming up to hold her head as he started moving his hips. The second man’s c**k came out of his pants, and while he wasn’t as big as Horse, he was plenty big. He grabbed her hips, centering on her opening and thrusting in with one powerful motion. Her entire body stiffened but she didn’t cry out.

Probably because her mouth was too full.

The men slid in and out, creating a kind of weird rhythm, alternately filling her at both ends. I felt myself stiffening, tingles racing through my body as Horse popped out my other breast to twist and pinch the nipple while he drew his fingertip over and across my clit repeatedly. My hips lifted, encouraging him to do more. Clearly he got what I wanted, because he sped up to match the trio giving the show. The bikers f**ked her hard now and I wondered how she took it without feeling pain. She obviously didn’t mind, because she didn’t struggle at all—not even when the guy behind her pulled out and centered his c**k on her rear entrance, rubbing the tip around to lube her with her own fluids. She pulled her mouth free, dropping her head low, and groaned.

“Shit,” I muttered. Horse laughed in my ear as the man pushed slowly into her. His friend took her by the shoulders, bracing her as his buddy conquered her ass, inch by inch. Horse reached down with both hands, grabbing my thighs from the inside, pulling me up and onto his lap so my ass cradled his jeans-covered cock. The girl gave a startled grunt as the man bottomed out. I watched as she twisted, pinned by his cock, arms and legs quivering from the strain of taking him, but she didn’t protest or fight back. To my amazement, she opened her mouth and caught the other man in her mouth again.