He stopped kissing me long enough to lift himself and pull up my dress. That’s when he discovered I’d left my panties off. He growled in approval as I giggled, covering his face with kisses while he fumbled with his fly. Then his c**k was out and pressing into me, sliding into my wet depths with a singular focus that drove me crazy.

Horse thrust into me over and over, touching me deeper than I’d imagined possible before him. I wrapped my legs up and around his waist, holding him to me and tilting my pelvis just the right way to make the most of his hard length.


“Can’t believe you’re stupid enough to marry me,” Horse muttered, sitting up and lifting my hips, one of my favorite positions because now every stroke drew the round lip of his c**k head across my G-spot with a force that drove me insane. He knew it too, and he grinned at me as I flew over the edge, moaning and arching my back. Two more strokes and he followed, spurting deep inside.

We came down together, panting under the stars, the faint sound of Mom’s reception floating up from the open windows below. After what seemed like forever, Horse sat up and I joined him, pulling down my dress as demurely as possible considering I’d just been f**ked senseless on a roof. I brought my knees to my chest and wrapped my arms around them, looking out over the lights of the valley.

“No second thoughts, right?” he asked.

“No second thoughts,” I said, feeling warm and happy all over. Then I held up my left hand. “Did you forget something?”

Horse smiled at me, looking very pleased with himself again.

“Yeah, I brought it for you.” He stood up and walked over to one of the rooftop air conditioning units. He grabbed a small, black bag and brought it back to me, dropping down onto the blanket. Then he reached in and pulled out a box.

A too-big box.

I narrowed my eyes and took it from him to discover that—in addition to being too big for a ring—it was way too heavy. I opened it and found a large, semi-automatic black pistol.

“It’s a .38,” he said proudly. “I know you’re a .22 girl, but it’s time for us to take the next step in our relationship. I think if you start practicing you’ll get used to the feel of it. This is a great piece because—”

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“I swear if you say one more word I’m shooting you,” I growled, thoroughly disgusted. Of course he’d buy me an engagement gun.

Stupid biker.

“At least take it out of the box and see how it feels in your hand.”

I shrugged and picked it up, wondering how many anniversaries we’d have before I needed my own private bunker to store my weapons. But as I pulled it out, a beautiful, sparkling silver engagement ring came with it, tied to the trigger with a short thread. It was gorgeous, not so big that it was tasteless but still absolutely stunning. It held a large blue sapphire with small diamonds on either side. I loved it instantly. Horse pulled it loose and I held out my hand for him to put it on. Then he took my chin and looked right in my eyes.

“Love you, babe. Are you still planning to shoot me?”

“Love you too,” I replied, grinning at him. “I haven’t decided yet about shooting you though. I’ll get back to you on that.”

“So you want to stay up here a little longer, just the two of us? Or do you want to go downstairs and show your mom your new bling?”

I laughed at him, leaning against his side as he wrapped an arm around me.

“Does it make me a horrible, shallow person that I want to go flash this thing around to everyone?”

“I’m fine with that,” he replied, kissing the top of my head. “Then you need to call Maggs and Em—it took everything I had to keep them from crashing the reception. They’re having a party for us when we get back to Coeur d’Alene. Picnic wants you to make potato salad. I told him no f**king way you’re cooking for your own engagement party.”

“Really?” I asked. He shook his head.

“Naw, I told him I’d do whatever it took. Love that shit. It’s the bacon that really sets it apart.”

“Baby!” my mom squealed, rushing out onto the roof. John followed her, along with Denise. “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t wait. Tell me all about it! Did he screw it up?”

“Go on, go to your mom,” Horse said, rolling his eyes. He stood and took my hand, lifting me to my feet. Then he smacked my ass, pushing me toward my mom and her new husband. “But when she’s done with you I’m taking you home to celebrate.”

I lifted to my toes to kiss him and then ran over to show Mama my new ring. I decided to leave the gun with Horse.

At least for now.

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