“I’m in charge here, don’t forget it,” he stated.

I nodded, mesmerized. I didn’t complain as he reared up just enough to rip my shirt up and over my head, taking my arms with it. Instead of pulling it off all the way, he tangled it around my wrists, holding them captive with one strong hand above my head as he slid lower, mouth taking my nipple and sucking it in deep. Sensation exploded through me and I moaned. Loud. Aching emptiness grew between my legs and I imagined him thrusting into my body, stretching me open wide as he took his pleasure.


Horse fumbled at his waist with his free hand, sliding down his boxers. Then he thrust his hips between mine again. Oh shit, that felt so good. Now his c**k head pressed right against my slit through my panties instead of stroking the length along my clit. This created a whole new sensation as the thin fabric stretched against the unbearable pressure, actually pushing into my body with the tip of his c**k before the fabric stopped up.

I bucked against him, desperate for more.

He pulled his head up from my breast and leaned up and over me, still holding my hands captive. I twisted, aching and raw.

“Fuck me, you’re a hot piece of ass,” he muttered. I closed my eyes, trying to catch him with my hips, whimpering for him to take me.

“Hold your hands over your head or you’ll pay,” he ordered, pinning me with his intense, green gaze.

“Okay,” I said, more than willing to do anything he asked. I hadn’t felt this turned-on in forever, hovering within spitting distance of the Big O in less than five minutes.

It had never been like this with Gary.

Horse let my hands go, sliding lower, rubbing his nose along my belly as I twisted, then his hands caught the sides of my panties and tugged them down. I kicked one foot free, spreading my legs wide. He didn’t hesitate, latching on to my clit with his mouth as he thrust two fingers into me hard. No warning, no preparation, just the rough pads of his fingers attacking my G-spot.

Goddamn. This was better than my special pink vibrator, the one with two heads and the wiggly thing. My body stiffened and I grunted, toes curling. It was right there, just out of reach.

He pulled his mouth away and laughed.

“Knew it’d be like this,” he said. “I can’t wait to get inside, you’re tight as f**k so it might hurt the first time. But I’ll stretch you out a little and then holy f**k, it’s gonna be good. Time to come.”

His mouth came over me again, sucking deep. His fingers starting thrusting in and out and I grunted, muscles trembling as I stiffened. So close. He paused again, but I didn’t open my eyes to see what he was doing. Maybe I should have, it would have given me some warning. When he started f**king me with his fingers again, he found my ass with his other hand. I screamed as he thrust a finger in my back entrance, exploding into his mouth as my back arched off the bed.

It took me a couple minutes to come back to myself.

I opened my eyes to find him beside me, up on one elbow, studying me not with satisfaction but brooding, determined need. I blinked at him, dazed.

“Gonna f**k you now.”

“Sure,” I whispered, dazed. “Not sure I’m gonna be able to participate too much, think you blew a circuit or something.”

He smiled, a look of grim satisfaction. Then he carefully positioned himself over me, reaching down between us to position his wide c**k head against the lips of my slit. I came to my senses.

“Condom!” I gasped, pushing at his chest. “Stop! We need a condom.”

“Want you bareback,” he muttered, narrowing his eyes. “I’m clean.”

I shuddered, closing my eyes.

“Maybe you are, but I might not be. Gary was cheating on me.”

That caught his attention, and his eyes softened. He reached up and brushed his thumb against my cheek, where the bruise had been.

“He gave you that mark, yeah?” he asked. I nodded. “Your brother said he’s history. That right?”

I nodded again, looking anywhere but his face, which wasn’t easy with him right on top of me.

“I don’t want to talk about Gary. Do you have a condom?”

“Yeah, out in my saddlebags,” he said. “Believe it or not, I didn’t entirely plan on this.”

I laughed.

“Neither did I.”

“I know,” he said, rolling off me and flopping on his back. I turned on my side and looked down to see his c**k for the first time.

“Oh my god…”

It was huge. I mean, huge. Not just long, but thick and hard and flushed bright red so it looked almost angry. It curved up, wider in the center of the shaft before narrowing under the ridge of his head.

I couldn’t help myself. I reached down and traced the length, mesmerized by the heat of his soft skin over something so hard and formidable.

“Told you why they call me Horse,” he said. I dragged my eyes away to look at his face, reading satisfaction mixed with his desire.

“They make condoms that big?” I asked, halfway serious.

“You’d be surprised,” he muttered. “Saying this goes against everything I believe in, but you’d better let go of my dick.”

He rolled off the bed, reaching down to grab his jeans, pulling them on over his length with some effort.

“Goin’ outside to my bike. Don’t move.”

That wouldn’t be a problem.

He opened the door, then stopped in the doorway.

“Fuck,” he said, sounding resigned.

“The sweet butt’s a screamer, I like that,” I heard a man’s voice say from the living room, right outside my door. Oh shit. I grabbed the sheet, jerking it up and around me. I couldn’t believe we’d had an audience. The walls in this place were paper thin, they must’ve heard everything.

I turned and moaned into my pillow.

“Sounds like a hot little bitch,” said another voice. “She ready for another round? I’ll take a piece.”

Oh my god.

Horse walked out, slamming my door behind him. I heard him snarl something. Then laughter, followed by a thudding noise and a grunt. More laughter. The front door opened and slammed shut. A minute later Horse opened my door and came back in the room, carrying a leather bag. He sat down on the bed, digging in it and pulling out a handful of condoms, tossing them toward me.

“No way,” I said through gritted teeth.

Horse stood and pulled off his jeans, climbed up and over me on the bed on his knees, c**k thrusting aggressively. He narrowed his eyes and I shook my head quickly, feeling frantic.