The coals upon the brazier burned as intensely as the heated look in the chieftain's eyes. Caradog flared his nostrils and stared at the breathless pock-marked youth who had just delivered the news, that not only had three of his warriors been slain but that his brother had returned. Had he come back to take his revenge? Caradog creased his brow in thought  -  and worry. If Adiminus had returned to take his revenge however, why was he travelling in the opposite direction to his village? Caradog angrily dismissed his attendants  -  and even the woman he intended to take tonight. She could have the pleasure of his company and favour another time.

The jewellery-laden chieftain poured himself a large measure of wine. His mind was filled with a hundred thoughts, breeding like rats. He could not ultimately find out his brother's intentions until he encountered him. He could not ultimately live in peace until his brother was dead. First the Romans arrived, unsettling the region  -  and now his brother had returned to cause him personal disquiet. Yet were the two things related? Caradog recalled how one of his archers had reported seeing his brother fighting alongside the Romans on the beach. The chieftain had laughed at the idea at the time, but now it made sense. Should Adiminus now be serving in the Roman army  -  and rather than being a deserter Caradog judged that he was gathering intelligence for the enemy - then he would need to make his way back to their camp upon the south coast. His plan of action would be to send a small force to pursue his brother, but Caradog would also lead a small force of his own to lie in wait for him when he returned to camp. He believed he knew the route his brother would take. Wine stained his teeth as he grinned, wolfishly, thinking of how Adiminus always fancied himself as an archer and trapper. Caradog would now show his brother that he was superior to him in both of those trades.