She was almost afraid of his phone ringing. It was only with the fiercest of restraints that she didn’t search for it, looking to see if it was attached to his hip as it always was. She forced herself not to think about it and to savor his promise that finally, finally he was focusing on just the two of them. No business associates, no clients—potential or otherwise. Just her and him and trying to rebuild all that they had lost.

He gently laid her down on the bed, standing over her, a fierce gleam in his eyes. His gaze was predatory as it raked over her, undressing her before he even touched her rumpled pajamas.


A delicate shiver worked its way over her body. Delicious anticipation. So much wanting and desire pent up inside her that she felt near to bursting.

Then he reached down and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her pajama bottoms and slid them slowly and reverently down her legs. He tossed them aside and then carefully unbuttoned her top from the bottom up, parting the material so her br**sts were bared.

He lifted her just enough that he could pull the top free and it went the way of her bottoms, disappearing from view. All that was left was the lacy, sheer panties that she’d purposely worn the evening before in anticipation of their anniversary.

Tate stared down at her, his eyes glowing in appreciation, taking in her near-naked body lying on the bed below him.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered. “The most beautiful girl in the world to me.”

She was sure she glowed as she smiled up at him, absorbing his words into her heart. She held up her arms for him, inviting him to lower himself onto her body. He took only long enough to strip out of his clothing before complying with her silent request.

His c**k pressed against the V of her legs as his body blanketed hers. He nuzzled his lips against her neck and then kissed and sucked a line down to her br**sts, shifting his body downward so he could feast on her.

He circled her nipple with his tongue, coaxing it to a rigid bud before sucking it firmly between his teeth. He flicked his tongue over the tip, his teeth grazing the tender flesh. She squirmed beneath him, breathless with pleasure.

She caressed his shoulders, enjoying the ridges of his muscles, tracing with her fingertips, the flesh solid and firm beneath her touch.

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Then he went lower still. After giving each breast equal treatment, his mouth trailed down her belly in a damp line. He nuzzled into the soft tuft of hair between her legs and then he ran his thumb down the seam of her pu**y. He parted the delicate folds and licked from her opening up to her clit.

Her hips arched, a soft moan escaping her. Tate knew so well how to please her. Every touch. Every kiss. Every caress. He knew her body better than she knew it herself. He always sensed what she needed even before she did and immediately gave her what it was she wanted. She never had to ask.

His tongue slid inside her, lapping gently against the walls of her vagina. He sucked as his tongue withdrew, causing her to clench in protest, wanting that delicious sensation not to end.

His hands slid underneath her ass, cupping the globes firmly as he lifted her higher so he could devour her with his mouth. Already she could feel the fluttering in her womb that signaled the rise of her orgasm.

“My girl is close,” Tate said against her clit, his breath blowing over the quivering bud. “Do you want to come now or do you want me inside you?”

As if he needed an answer to that question. She always wanted him inside her. Wanted them both to fall over the edge together.

“Inside me,” she said breathily. “I need you, Tate.”

Still, he teased and tormented her, bringing her right to the brink and then retreating, allowing her to ease back from the edge. Just when she thought she’d scream in frustration, he slid up her body, opening her legs wide as he settled between them. He nuzzled her br**sts, teasing them to rigidity before finally sliding inside her.

Her breath caught, unable to escape her chest as he pushed inside her. He was met with slight resistance as she stretched to accommodate him.

“Take me,” he growled.

It was a command he often gave her, one that sent delicious chills over her body. It was a game they played. As though she were reluctant to take him whole and he was determined to get there.

He withdrew and then thrust hard, seating himself fully, her gasp echoing through the room.

“All of me,” he commanded. “You’ll take all of me.”

“Yes,” she whispered. “Take me, Tate. You own me.”

He withdrew again and hammered forward, his hips pressed against her behind as he strained to reach maximum depth.

“How much can you take, Chessy?” The silky words slid over her ears, sending an uncontrollable shiver over her body. “No mercy. I’m going hard. I want you to come for me. Let go.”

Then he began thrusting hard and fast. The slap of flesh against flesh filled her senses. Her entire body tightened as her orgasm swelled and built, an inferno erupting all around her.

She sobbed his name as the room blurred around her. But through it all, she could see his face, his eyes intently boring into hers, demanding her submission. She gave it freely. For this man she’d give anything at all.

His body came down on hers, his forearms propped against the mattress on either side of her body. His hips undulated, rising and falling. Their breaths mingled and his mouth found hers in a heated rush that left her breathless. His tongue mimicked the motions of his cock, f**king her mouth just like his c**k f**ked her pu**y.

She hitched her legs higher, tilting her pelvis up so she could take even more of him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, anchoring herself to him and then lifted to meet every thrust, matching his motions so they moved in perfect unison.