Precum wet her tongue and made his thrusts easier to take. His taste filled her mouth and she sucked greedily, wanting more. Wanting him to come down her throat and bathe her face with his release.

But evidently he had other plans.


Just when she was sure he would ejaculate into her throat, he pulled out abruptly and released his hold on her hair.

“I’ll be back for you,” he said in a low voice. “Do not move.”

She nodded her obedience and he left the room, leaving her to wonder just what he was cooking up. The fact that he’d said it was a preview of their night at The House had her nearly light-headed with anticipation.

It was several minutes before he reappeared. And he was completely nude, his erection straining upward so it was flat against his abdomen. Whatever he had planned, he was as excited as she was.

He reached down to untie her hands and then, to her surprise, he secured the tie around her eyes so she was blindfolded. He took her hands, easing her to her feet.

When he was certain she was steady, he curved his arm around her waist and led her toward the bedroom. A moment after they entered, he pushed her against what she realized was the special spanking apparatus that was normally stored in the spare bedroom.

He pushed until she was completely bent over the inwardly curved leather indention of the piece. Then he looped rope around one wrist and pulled until she was at full stretch and tied it to the bottom of the leg that supported the equipment. He repeated the process with her other wrist before moving to her ankles.

He tied both to the legs so she was completely immobile and powerless. Only then did he remove her blindfold so she could see—limited as her sight was.

“I’ll give you only the choice of what you will be flogged with,” he said in a rough voice that never failed to excite her.

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This was her Tate. Her Dominant. What she’d missed most in the past. His dominance. Her utter submission. And the fact that as careful as he was with her in all aspects, now he would be rough and unyielding, pushing her to her very limits.

“Leather,” she whispered. “The leather belt.”

She wanted that sharp edge of pain tonight. She didn’t want a gentle workup to something more. She wanted it all.

“My girl is feeling very adventurous tonight,” he murmured. “Leather it will be.”

Soon she felt the sensuous caress of the leather as he trailed it down her spine and then over her bu**ocks. He teased her, not giving her what she wanted right away. He continued to torment her, sliding the leather up and down her legs and over the crack of her ass.

When the blow came, it was a shock to her system. She’d been so lulled by the gentle kiss that the first lash took her breath away. Fire spread over her ass and she nearly cried out. But she wasn’t that undisciplined. She sucked in, holding in any verbal response to the strike, and then waited for the inevitable wave of pleasure that always followed.

Her eyes closed as the burn faded and became intense pleasure. The next blow she was better prepared for and it only increased the warm haze around her, pulling her into its embrace.

He was, as he’d warned, giving her all she could take. The leather kissed her skin over and over until her entire back and ass were on fire. But she’d long since entered subspace and only a dreamy cloud surrounded her.

She was desperate for his possession, for the moment when he’d toss the belt aside and f**k her hard and fast. But he seemed determined to make her wait and drive her to the very edge of her limits.

When the blows did end, she didn’t even realize it. It wasn’t until he reached down and yanked her head up by her hair that she somewhat fell out of the delicious haze surrounding her.

“Who owns you, Chessy?”

His voice was rough, even cruel-sounding, and she delighted in every word.

“You do, Tate.”

She was surprised she was even capable of speech at this moment.

“Who’s going to f**k your sweet little ass?”

Oh God. She was verging on orgasm just imagining what was to come.

“You are,” she croaked.

“Damn right,” he said, satisfaction lacing his voice.

His fingers slid between her cheeks, smoothing lubricant over and around her opening. He pushed a finger in, spreading more lubricant. Then another finger was added, driving her insane.

He f**ked her with his fingers for several long seconds before he seemed to be satisfied she was adequately prepared. But just when she thought he would finally give her what she most wanted, the leather descended again, jolting her abruptly from her state of anticipation.

He peppered her ass, fast and furious. She knew her behind was likely completely red. Just the way he liked it before he f**ked her ass. It was a test of her endurance and that line between pleasure and true pain was certainly tested, but Tate knew her and her body. Knew just how far he could push without going too far.

Before she got to the point where she would have cried her safe word, the blows stopped and he roughly parted the cheeks of her ass and with one forceful thrust, he was inside her.

Her body protested the invasion and she went rigid around his cock, trying to expel it. He was having none of that. He gripped her hips, withdrew the tiniest of inches and then thrust to the hilt, his abdomen pressed squarely against her ass.

God, he was all the way in and her body was screaming at his rough entry. Yet, it was a delicious sensation, burning, stretching, so beautiful and pleasurable.

His hands moved up her back, caressing and smoothing away the burn of the belt. Such a sharp contrast to the roughness he’d displayed until now.