Her heart softened at the vulnerability and true regret in his voice. “You make me happy, Tate. You’ve always had the power to make me the happiest woman on earth.”

Left unsaid was that he also had the power to make her the unhappiest woman in the world. But he understood.


“If you’re going to miss dinner tomorrow night, I may see if Joss and Kylie want to go out,” Chessy said.

Tate nodded. “Tomorrow we’re holding a planning meeting. Not sure when we’ll wrap up but we’re planning to have dinner delivered to the office and eat there. Day after tomorrow, we’ll be in meetings starting at eleven with the CEO and CFO of Calder Enterprises. We’ll have lunch and then give a presentation and then likely have dinner so I’ll be out of pocket all day.”

Chessy stood to clear her plate from the table and she dropped a kiss on Tate’s cheek. “I have every confidence you’ll win the account.”

He stopped her, pulling her down into his lap so she had to set her plate back down on the table. He cuddled her to him, simply holding her as he kissed her forehead and then both eyes and finally her mouth.

“I love my girl. I don’t deserve such blind support, but knowing you believe in me makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.”

She put her palm to his jaw and then kissed him back. “Our child is counting on her father. I know you won’t fail her or me.”

He hugged her to him, shuddering with emotion. “I’m going to be a father,” he said in wonder.

Chessy smiled. “We may not have planned her but I’m thinking she must be very strong-willed because she was conceived in nearly impossible odds.”

“You think it’s a girl, huh.”

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“Oh I’d love a boy or a girl. I’ve just gotten into the habit of saying her. I like to picture you with a precious little girl and spoiling her rotten.”

“I plan to spoil her mama rotten first,” he said gruffly. “I haven’t been a very good Dominant, Chessy. But that’s all going to change provided you still want my dominance. I’d understand if you didn’t.”

She stared lovingly at him. “I’m yours, Tate. You own me heart and soul. I need your dominance. I don’t want you to start trying to be someone you’re not because you’re afraid that I’ve changed. I’ve been waiting here all along for you—the real you—to come back to me.”

“In that case, forget the dishes and go into the bedroom. Take your clothes off and kneel in the middle of the bed.”

Excitement coursed through Chessy’s veins at the rough command in Tate’s voice. God, he sounded just like the Tate she knew and loved so well. She wasted no time in getting off his lap and hurrying toward the bedroom. She also didn’t waste any time worrying over whether their activities would hurt their baby because she trusted Tate implicitly. He’d never go too far and would always be mindful of their little one.

She undressed with little care, tossing her clothing on the floor in front of the walk-in closet. Then she climbed onto the bed and knelt in the center, facing the doorway so she’d immediately see Tate’s expression when he walked in.

A few moments later he walked through the door holding several lengths of soft rope, deep red in color. His eyes caught fire when he his gaze fell on her kneeling naked on the bed.

“Lie back,” he said in a husky voice. “Reach your hands toward the headboard and spread your legs toward the foot of the bed.”

She obediently complied, arranging herself so she was comfortable before lifting her hands above her head so that her knuckles just grazed the headboard.

“Who does my girl belong to?” Tate asked, the question familiar.

“You,” she whispered, arching her back as he trailed a fingertip down the middle of her body, over her belly and between her legs where he stroked and petted her most intimate flesh.

Still fully clothed, he straddled her body but was careful to remain up on his knees so her belly didn’t bear any of his weight. Then he reached above her head and coiled one length of the rope around her wrists before pulling it tightly upward to tether it to the headboard.

He moved off her body and then took both ankles, pushing them upward until her knees were bent and her heels rested against the bottoms of her thighs. Then he looped rope around her upper thigh and ankle, securing them together so she was spread wide. He repeated the process with her other ankle and then glanced at her to silently question her comfort level.

She gave him a reassuring smile so he’d know she was fine. How could she not be?

He stepped away from the bed and began slowly undressing. She stared unabashedly at him, drinking in his muscular body as he stripped down to his white briefs. The bulge of his erection was straining against his underwear, a rigid bow trying to push through.

Knowing what she liked, he reached inside his underwear instead of simply pulling the briefs down his legs and he pulled out his cock, stroking it as it strained upward toward his abdomen.

She licked her lips in anticipation and he groaned. Then as if deciding to be generous and give her again what she wanted, he climbed onto the bed, using one hand to turn her face toward him. He positioned his c**k at her lips and tapped her cheek in a command to open for him.

He slid in immediately, his taste filling her mouth. She sucked avidly, running her tongue over the veins and the head, teasing and tracing every inch. Moisture beaded on the tip of his c**k and she licked it away, humming her pleasure.