Without another word, I dive in. Like a toddler getting his first luscious taste of birthday cake. I sink my face—my tongue—into her p**sy. She tastes warm and silky like the liquid sugar on top of a cinnamon bun, but sweeter.

Kate’s knees buckle, but I brace my hands at the small of her back and slide her legs over my shoulder. And then I lay back on the floor so she’s straddling my face.

Like I’ve dreamed of every damn night.

She writhes and gasps above me. Unabashedly. And I devour her in a starving frenzy. Her whimpers get higher. Louder. Her hand reaches back. And she strokes my c*ck over my pants.

You ever heard of a two-pump chump? Well, if she doesn’t stop touching me real frigging quickly, you’re going to get a bird’s-eye view of one.

I grab her hand and lock our fingers together. Kate uses them for leverage as she rotates her hips, rubbing her gorgeous cunt against my mouth. She moves once, twice…and then she’s coming. Screaming my name brokenly.

She breathes deep as she comes back down. Then she slides sinuously over my body till our mouths line up. And we’re kissing. It’s savage and rough—all tongue and teeth. My hands push through her hair, pulling it loose. Her h*ps grind against my dick, and her wetness soaks through my pants.

“Fuck, Kate. I’m going to come so f**king hard.”

I just hope I’m actually inside her when I do.

She swirls her tongue around my nipple before she tells me, “Pants, Drew. Off.”

My h*ps bow off the floor as I tear at the button on my pants. I manage to push them and my boxers down to my knees, but I’m too out of my mind to get them off completely.

I grab her h*ps and bring them lower. And my c*ck slides effortlessly inside her.

Christ Almighty.

We freeze—our faces just millimeters apart—our breaths harsh and entwined. My eyes hold hers. And then she moves. Slowly. Drawing me almost completely out—before surging back down. My head falls back, and my lids close.

It’s perfect. Divine.

My hands are splayed across her hips. Helping her. Gripping hard enough to bruise. And then she sits up, arching her back till her hair brushes my knees. I force my eyes open, needing to see her. Her head’s back, her br**sts are high, and her lips are open as euphoric moans and nonsensical words slip out.

You know how sometimes you read about nak*d pictures of some moron’s wife getting leaked onto the Internet? I never got that.

But now I do. Because if I had a camera? I’d be snapping that shutter like the freaking paparazzi. To capture this moment. To remember how Kate looks right now. Because she’s just that magnificent. More stunning than any masterpiece in the Louvre—more breathtaking than all the Seven Wonders combined.

She moves faster, harder. And I feel the pressure building low in my gut.

“Yeah, Kate. Ride me…just like that.”

Her tits bounce with each thrust. Hypnotically. And I just can’t resist a taste. I sit up and cover one tip with my mouth, laving and flicking her pointy little peak with my tongue. She screams as her legs wrap around my back—pulling me tighter—rubbing her cl*t along my happy trail.

She’s close. We’re f**king close. But I don’t want it end. Not yet.

So I roll her under me, cradling the back of her head in my hands, protecting it from the wood floor, as I lay on top of her. Kate’s welcoming thighs open wide, and I push even deeper inside her.

“Oh God…oh God…”

The sound of our bodies slapping and her breathy voice fills the room like an erotic symphony. The New York Philharmonic’s got nothing on us.

“God! Oh God!”

I smile as I pick up the pace, “God’s not the one f**king you, baby.”

Sure, I’m in love, but this is still me here.


Much better.

You didn’t think I was going to start spewing sickeningly sweet, asswipe-like phrases, now did you? Sorry to disappoint.

Besides, I like the word fuck. It implies a certain level of heat. Passion. And it’s specific. If Congress had asked Bill Clinton if he f**ked Monica Lewinski, there wouldn’t have been any question about just what the hell they were talking about, now would there?

It doesn’t much matter what you say when you’re screwing anyway. Or how you do it. Slow and gentle or fast and violent—it’s the feelings behind it that make it mean something. That make it mean everything.

Christ, am I enlightened or what? Aren’t you proud of me? You should be.

I bend my arms and cover her mouth in a devouring, harsh kiss. Then I lick my way to her shoulder and, caught up in the moment, bite down. Not hard enough to break the skin but with just enough pressure to send Kate flying over the f**king edge again.

I straighten my arms so I can watch her. She bucks up one more time before she goes stiff and tight beneath me. Her perfectly painted toes curl in the air as she comes. Her muscles squeeze me hard from base to tip, like desperate hands milking a tube of toothpaste from the bottom up, wringing out every last drop.

My head rolls back and my eyes close as I grunt and curse. And I’m helpless—like a grain of sand in the grip of a tsunami. Pleasure pounds out of every pore in my body as I come with the force of a frigging geyser.


We ride out the wave of ecstasy together until we’re both gulping for air. And then I collapse on top of her. My cheek lies in the valley between her br**sts, my stomach between her thighs. And few seconds later, Kate’s hands come up my back before sliding down my spine in the most soothing f**king way.

I cup her face with my hands and kiss her. Slowly this time. Languidly. Her doe eyes stare into mine. But neither of us speaks. We don’t need to.

And then I feel it.

Have you ever seen a racehorse after it’s been sidelined for a while? I have. When they get back on the track, it’s like fire’s been shot into their veins. They can just run and run—countless laps—miles at a time.

You see where I’m going with this?

I flip us over so Kate’s once again on top, her knees straddling my hips, her head against my chest. We really should move this to the bed—the floor’s damn hard. But, then again, so am I. And that takes precedence.

Kate lifts her head and her eyes widen. “Already?”

I raise my brows. “We’ve missed a lot of quality time lately. Apparently my dick would like to make up for every second of it. You game?”

I rotate my hips, and she moans just a little.

I’ll take that as a yes.

Chapter 28


A few hours and three orgasms later, we’re laying side by side facing each other. Sharing a pillow. The pillow.

“Say it again.”

It’s the tenth time she’s asked me. But I don’t mind. I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face if she wants me to.

“I love you, Kate.”

She sighs. It sounds content. “I’m going to be really clingy and needy for the next few weeks. You should be prepared.”

“I’ll be insecure and jealous. It’ll work out great.”

There’s a smile in her voice. “You told me you don’t get jealous.”

I shrug. “I also told you I wasn’t going to lie to you ever again.”

Her hands comb through the back of my hair gently. “When did you know?”

I smile. “The first time you let me come inside you without a rubber.”

She yanks my hair. Hard.

“Ow! Jesus!”

Her voice is exasperated, like a mother who just caught her kid snagging an off-limits cookie for the tenth time.

“Drew. That doesn’t sound very romantic.”

“You don’t think so?”

I find the strength to lift my head, and then I lower it down over her already hardened nipple. I suck at it, tease it with my teeth, before slowly letting it go with a pop.

“Because I happen to think coming inside you is very, very romantic.”

As I start to give the other beauty the same treatment, she gasps. “That’s a good point.”

I chuckle. “They all are, sweetheart.”

Laying my head back down, I drag my fingertip up her arm, fascinated by the goose bumps that rise up as I go.

“Aren’t you going to ask me when I knew?” she asks.

“When you knew what?”

Kate rolls onto her stomach. And her hair swings over her shoulder, reaching the skin on my ribs. Tickling it like a feather. It’s arousing. Sensual. And just like that, I’m ready to go again.

Edward Cullen can take his stupid her**n and OD on it. Kate is my own personal brand of Viagra.

“When I knew I was in love with you.”

Have you noticed that Kate hasn’t returned any of my “I love you”s? I certainly have. But like I said—I try not to put much faith in words. Actions tell you more. And every move Kate makes tells me that we’re on the same page.

Still, I’m kind of curious.


She leans forward and kisses my eyes…my cheeks…and then the tip of my nose before planting a sweet one on my lips. Then she leans back. “Do you remember that day in my office? After Billy and I broke up, and I was crying?”

I nod.

“I should have been devastated—I was—for a little while. But then you came in, and you put your arms around me. And I never wanted you to let go. It was like everything I’d always needed, anything I’d ever wanted, was right there in front of me. And that’s when I knew. That, somehow, you’d sucked me in, and I was totally in love with you.” She laughs softly. “I was so scared…”

I bet.

“…because I never in a million years thought you’d feel the same way.”

I brush my thumb across her beautiful bottom lip. “I already did, Kate. I just didn’t know it.”

She smiles and lays her head back down on the pillow. Her voice is soft and sincere.

“Yeah. You can be a real dumbass sometimes.”

Was that what you thought she was going to say? Me neither.

“Excuse me?”

She cocks a brow smugly. “I’m just saying, if you look at our history—”

Before she can finish, I’ve got her pinned under me, her back to my chest. “Those are fighting words Kate.” My fingers travel down her ribs slowly. Torturously. She starts to squirm, and her ass rubs against my cock.

It’s nice.

“Take it back.”


My fingers move light and fast over her. Tickling her without mercy.

“Say, ‘Drew Evans is a god. A brilliant, genius god.’”

She bucks and shrieks, “Drew! Stop! Stop!”

I don’t let up. “Ask me nicely and maybe I will. Beg me for it.”

She laughs even while she’s screaming. “Never!”

You know what they say about never, don’t you?

Oh yeah—this is going to be fun.

She begged.

Did you have any doubt? Then she got on top of me, and I was the one begging.

Now I’m lying with my head at Kate’s feet, massaging them. Her head’s on my thigh. Want to know how we ended up in this position? Nah—I’ll let you use your imagination.