Author: Kirsty Moseley

“Well, I don’t know why you’re looking so cocky about it; you’re not going to sleep too brilliantly either.” I grinned, sticking my tongue out at him.


“Hmm, is that an invitation?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. I instantly realised what he was talking about, he was asking if I wanted to kiss him again because I showed him my tongue. I sure as heck did.

“Sure,” I purred, looking at him seductively, knowing that he couldn’t reach me over the table so he would have to wait until after we left the restaurant.

He immediately jumped out of his chair and bent down next to me, taking my face in his hands and kissing me, not seeming to care where we were or if people were watching. I took the initiative this time and traced my tongue along his bottom lip, he opened quickly and I slipped my tongue in. He moaned into my mouth, pulling me closer to him. The kiss was so good that it was making me slightly dizzy. He didn’t once try to touch me other than holding my face, which I was surprised about. Maybe he wasn’t just using me for sex after all. I smiled against his lips and he pulled away, smiling at me too.

“Thanks,” he whispered, kissing me again quickly and then sitting back down opposite me as if nothing happened. OK, I am so not used to this whole dating and making out thing! “We’d better get going; I need to speak to your brother.” He frowned, looking sad and a bit scared.

“You’re not going to tell him, are you?” I asked, horrified at the thought of Jake knowing and going crazy.

He nodded. “Yeah, Angel. He’s known that I’ve liked you all this time, but he didn’t think that you liked me, so I need to talk to him about us actually dating.” He winced as he spoke; I would imagine that he was thinking about the ass kicking Jake would give him when he told him.

“Liam, why don’t we just leave that for a while, and then maybe in a couple of weeks, if everything is going well, then we can talk to him together. I mean, we don’t even know if it’s going to work out, do we?” I asked with a shrug. I didn’t really see the point in talking to Jake and upsetting everything if this wasn’t going to work out. In reality, how long would it last once he realised that I really wasn’t planning on sleeping with him anytime soon? When he got bored or desperate, he would run away from me to the nearest easy lay, screaming as he went.

He looked a little scared. “You don’t think it’ll work out?” he asked, his voice sounded hurt.

“Honestly? I just don’t think that you can wait, Liam. How long is it going to be before you decide that you’ve had enough and sleep with some bimbo?” I replied, hating the hurt expression that crossed his face.

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“I promise I will never cheat on you, ever. I’ve waited too long for this chance; I’m not going to screw it up.” He took my hand and I could see the honesty in his eyes, he truly believed that he wouldn’t cheat, but he was a boy after all and his body would say something else eventually.

“Let’s just wait a while, OK?” I suggested, pulling my hand away and waving for the waiter. He came over immediately. “Hi, can we get the check please?” I asked with a smile, he nodded and walked off.

“I’m just going to go to the bathroom. If he comes back before I’m back, then use this, OK?” Liam instructed, handing me his wallet and walking quickly to the bathroom.

I winced; I think I really hurt his feelings saying that. Damn it, I could be so stupid sometimes! I watched him as he walked away, my eyes unconsciously focused on his ass. Wow, he really does have a nice ass! Someone cleared their throat next to me making me blush because I had just got caught staring. I looked up and the waiter was standing there with the check.

“Oh, sorry! I didn’t realise you were there,” I muttered, embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about it.” He handed me the receipt and bent down next to me so we were at the same level. He put one hand on the back of my chair and one on the table so I was trapped. My heart started to race. He was too close. “So, I’ve not seen you around here before. I definitely would have remembered a face as beautiful as yours,” he said, his eyes were boring holes into me, as he looked like he was imagining me naked.

I squirmed in my seat. “Er no, I’ve not been in here before,” I muttered uncomfortably, looking at the amount that was due and grabbing Liam’s wallet from my lap.

“I’m Simon.” He held out his hand for me to shake. I looked at it and gulped; I really didn’t want to touch him so I just fiddled with Liam’s wallet and pretended to be looking at something. I felt him playing with my pony tail and I felt sick. “So, what’s your name?” he asked, with a flirty smile.

“Her name’s touch her again and I’ll break your face,” Liam growled possessively from behind me. I physically relaxed.

The guy stood up immediately. “Sorry, I was just talking to your girlfriend that’s all. No harm done,” he said innocently.

“Right,” Liam replied, sounding really annoyed. He reached out and took the receipt and his wallet out of my hands, looked at it and then handed the guy the money still glaring at him. My breathing still hadn’t returned to normal, my heart was still racing. Liam held out his hand to me. “You ready, Angel?” he asked, not taking his eyes off the waiter. I took his hand and stood up, following him as he led us out of the restaurant. Once he closed the door he turned to me. “You alright? You look a bit pale.” He stepped closer to me and put his lips on my neck. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pressed myself against him, letting his smell fill my lungs, his breath blew down my back and shoulders, making everything in my body relax.

I pulled away after a couple of minutes. “I’m fine now.” I smiled at him reassuringly and he stroked the side of my face lightly. “Come on let’s get back. I need to help Jake clear up so he’ll buy pizza tonight,” I teased.

He smiled and as we walked to his car, he slipped his hand in mine. I couldn’t help but smile. It felt right for some reason; his hand just seemed to fit mine perfectly. It was so natural that it was almost too easy.

Chapter 7

It took a long time to clear the house. Someone had been sick in the back yard so I sent Jake out to clear that, while I worked on the kitchen, collecting all of the empty cups and bottles. It seemed like the party had gotten a bit out of hand when Liam and I had gone to bed, and my drunken ass of a brother hadn’t bothered to stop it.

“This is the reason why I stay sober,” Liam stated, scrunching his face up in disgust at the vase full of urine on the windowsill in the lounge.

“You stay sober to stop people from peeing in my mom’s ornaments?” I asked, laughing hysterically.

He nodded. “Surprising, but true. There’s always one who can’t be bothered to walk to the bathroom,” he joked, making me laugh harder.

He smiled at me, making my heart melt, and Jake walked in. “Wow, did I actually hear you two laughing at something together in here? That’s a first,” he said, looking at what Liam was holding and flinching.

“I’d better go sort this out,” Liam muttered, walking off quickly. I could tell he was a bit uncomfortable lying to Jake, but I was really sure that a couple of weeks would be best, just to make sure this was what we both wanted.

“Jake, can Kate stay this weekend? Her parents are out of town and she doesn’t want to stay in the house on her own,” I asked, giving him my puppy dog face.

He grimaced. “Ugh! That girl does nothing but flirt with me, I wouldn’t mind so much if she was older, but I mean jeez, she’s my little sister’s age! Ew!” he said with a fake shudder.

“So, you don’t think a sixteen year old should go out with an eighteen year old?” I asked, trying to be casual.

He didn’t buy it, he looked at me sceptically. “You’re not interested in any eighteen year olds, are you?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at me. I saw Liam coming back down the hall way from the corner of my eye.

“No, I was talking about Kate,” I lied.

He nodded, seeming satisfied. “No, I don’t think they should. I mean, what sort of an eighteen year old would even look at a sixteen year old that way?” he asked, glancing at Liam as he walked past looking a little sheepish.

“It’s only two years, Jake, no big deal. You’re only freaked out because that’s the same age as me. Just because you wouldn’t date someone who’s my age doesn’t mean other guys feel the same way, right, Liam?” I countered, still trying for casual even though my voice cracked a little when I said Liam’s name.

“Right. I know a lot of hot ass sixteen year olds,” Liam replied, winking at me behind my brothers back.

“Yeah, but you can’t date any of them!” Jake growled, turning to look at him and slapping him on the back of the head as he walked past. I met Liam’s gaze and was a little shocked. Wow, Jake really did know he liked me, and by the look of it, he was very opposed to the idea of us being together. This could be even more complicated than I first thought.

Kate let herself in about an hour later. “Hey, Jake. Hey, Liam,” she purred as she walked in, giving them both a flirty smile. I saw Liam chuckle under his breath as he smiled back.

“Hi, Kate.” Jake smirked, giving her a flirty wink. He really didn’t help himself, if he wanted her to leave him alone, then why did he encourage her?

“Come on, let’s leave the man-whores alone,” I joked as I grabbed her hand and dragged her to my bedroom. I saw Liam smirk at me from the corner of my eye and I stifled a laugh.

“I can’t believe I get to spend the whole weekend here with you and your brother. Do you think Liam will stay here too?” she asked, her eyes sparkling.

“I don’t know, maybe you should ask him.” I smiled a little uncomfortably. I could just imagine her flirting with Liam right in front of me; I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it.

She dumped her stuff on my floor and threw herself down on my bed. Suddenly she rolled over and grabbed my pillow off of my bed frowning at it, looking confused. “Amber, why does your pillow smell like cologne?”

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