Author: Kirsty Moseley

He laughed and wrapped his arms around me. “Angel, you couldn’t possibly be any hotter, trust me. That would be illegal,” he replied, kissing me again. I pulled the damp towel off and threw it on the floor as he picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me up to the pillow end and pulled the covers back, climbing into the bed with me still attached to his front like a baby monkey. He pulled the covers completely up over our heads and pulled back to talk to me in the semi darkness. “I missed you tonight. Why didn’t you stay and play with us?” he asked sulkily.


“I thought you and Jake needed a little time together. You haven’t really spoken to him on your own since he found out about us. He’s still your best friend, so you’re just going to have to find a balance. You can’t spend all of your time trying to get in my pants, you know,” I joked.

“But I love trying to get in your pants,” he whined playfully, giving me the puppy dog face, making me giggle. I was warming up now. His body heat pulsing into me and our hot breaths tangling under the duvet, made it seem almost steamy under there. Then again, that might have just been the passion I felt burning inside me. “I guess you’re right. Jake was fine tonight, he actually said it was nice to see you happy, which I took all the credit for of course,” he said cockily.

“All the credit? Wow, that’s an inflated ego you have right there,” I teased, smiling at the double meaning, about the bulge in his jeans that was pressing onto me. He laughed and stroked the side of my face with the back of his fingers.

“You’d better not be n**ed with my little sister, James!” Jake growled warningly from near the door.

Liam pushed the cover back off of our heads, grinning guiltily. “Jake, dude, a little more warning would be nice.”

“Oh, Jake, get a grip! What do you want? And have you ever heard of knocking?” I asked, pushing the covers back further so he could see I had a t-shirt on.

“I knocked. You just didn’t hear through all the flirting,” he replied, smirking. We all laughed and Jake shook his head. “Anyway, I just wanted to tell you, Ambs, that Mom’s coming home on Sunday.”

I grinned; I hadn’t seen my mom in three weeks. “Yeah? Awesome!” I cried happily.

Jake nodded, his smile matching mine. “Yeah. OK well, I’m going to bed. Keep the noise down in here; I don’t want to hear anything.”

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I laughed and couldn’t resist teasing him some more. “Jake, you might want to borrow my iPod, we’re warming up for the bet,” I joked, winking at him.

Liam burst out laughing and Jake just glared at me, shaking his head disapprovingly, closing the door behind him. “Angel, you are just too funny,” Liam said, kissing down my neck.

“Shut up, JAMES,” I replied, mimicking Jakes tone jokingly.

Chapter 14

I woke in the morning with a huge smile on my face. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I had woken up next to the world’s most sexy boy, who just so happened to be in love with me. I smiled against his arm that I was laying on and pressed back into him, feeling his hard chest press into my back where he was spooning me.

“Liam?” I whispered, turning my head in his direction.

His arms tightened around me as he slowly opened his eyes. “Hey,” he mumbled, lifting his head so he could kiss me. “Wow, I love waking up knowing that you’re finally mine.” He laid his head back down and sighed contentedly. “So, can we tell people we’re dating today?” he asked happily, grinning from ear to ear.

“Um…. no. Not today. I still need to do a bit more prep work on that,” I replied, running my hand down his chest, tracing the bumps of his muscles.

He groaned. “By, ‘prep work’, you don’t mean you’re going to flirt and make me horny as hell again like yesterday, do you?” he asked, looking at me pleadingly.

“You’ll have to wait and see, won’t you? Oh, and I give you my permission to touch me a little today if you want,” I offered casually. I turned to face him, propping my head up on my elbow so I could see him better.

“Mmm….. touch you, like this?” he purred. His fingers trailed across my body slowly, from my face, down my neck, across my br**sts and stomach, finally settling just on the inside of my thigh. His hand was so close to my core that I couldn’t stop the little moan that escaped my lips.

He traced his fingertips across my leg, making me whimper. Damn, I wanted him so badly but I just couldn’t, not yet. “Don’t, Liam,” I begged. I said the words but I moved my h*ps unconsciously, trying to get closer to his hand.

He laughed, putting his lips so they are almost touching mine. “Promise you won’t tease me too hard today at school,” he murmured against my lips as he moved his hand away to the outside of my thigh.

“I won’t tease you too much. I can’t promise you won’t get hard,” I teased, twisting his words.

He crashed his lips to mine and I could feel he was smiling. “You’re such a damn tease! I don’t even think you realise what you’re doing to me,” he growled, kissing my neck gently. Jeez, I knew exactly what I was doing to him, I could feel it!

I kissed him back passionately and he pulled away after a couple of minutes, just as I was getting really into it. “I better go.” He kissed me again as he climbed out of the bed.

“OK. I’ll see you in a bit,” I replied, watching as he pulled on his clothes. He winked at me as he climbed out of my window, heading back to his house. Even though Jake knew, Liam still needed to keep up the pretense for his parents. He couldn’t exactly been seen leaving through the front door when he was supposed to be in his bed.

I climbed out of bed and skipped to the bathroom for a shower. When I was dry, I stood there looking through my closet for a long time. I needed something different to wear today. I wanted Liam to look like her really wanted me in front of everyone because I didn’t want to keep lying about our relationship. I pulled out a denim mini skirt and a plain black V-neck short sleeve top. I smiled as I looked at the outfit. This would definitely work. I got dressed and looked myself over in the mirror, the skirt was short but not too short that I looked like one of the skanks, and the top was fitted but not too much, just enough to hint at what was underneath. I grinned and pulled on a pair of ballet flats, completing the outfit.

I grabbed the little bag that I got from the family planning clinic and pulled out my box of pills. Scanning the packet, I found the first one and swallowed it quickly, smiling to myself. I skipped to the kitchen. Liam was chatting to Jake with his back to me; there was already a bowl of cereal on the counter waiting for me. I felt my heart melt a little at his thoughtfulness.

“Good morning,” I chirped. Liam was just drinking a glass of water and as he turned around, he almost choked. Jake slapped him on the back roughly and I just laughed. Yep, that was the effect that I wanted! His eyes were wide and hungry as they looked me over slowly; making me blush as I imagined the thoughts he was having about my body. He still hadn’t spoken. “Liam, you want to take a picture? It’ll last longer,” I joked, eating my cereal.

That seemed to snap him out of the private fantasy he was having. “You’re not wearing that today are you?” he asked, frowning slightly.

I looked down at myself wondering what he meant by that. I didn’t look that slutty. “Yeah, why?” I asked, confused. I thought he liked the outfit; he certainly looked like he did!

He walked up and wrapped his arms around me from behind. “Angel, how the hell am I supposed to concentrate all day, knowing that my beautiful girlfriend looks like a freaking sex goddess? Are you torturing me on purpose?” he whined, kissing the side of my neck and running his hands up my exposed thighs.

I giggled and elbowed him in the stomach. “Well then you’ll just have to exercise some control won’t you,” I teased, pulling away after grinding on his erection discreetly.

He groaned and moved so that he was behind the counter, probably so Jake couldn’t see he was so excited. “You are so not playing fair,” he whined.

I just laughed and grabbed my bag. “Ready to go, Jake?” I asked, smiling at my brother who looked like he was trying to ignore our little exchange but was failing miserably.

“Yeah. I think Liam needs another minute to calm down though,” he stated, laughing, making Liam roll his eyes. I giggled at his warning expression. Jake grabbed my shoulders and pushed me out of the door. I was still laughing at Liam.

The morning flew by and finally lunchtime was here. I was so excited to see Liam that I couldn’t stop smiling. “What the hell’s wrong with you?” Sean asked, looking at me like I’d lost my mind.

“Nothing, just having a good day. Plus, I’m hungry and we’re now going to eat,” I lied smoothly.

“You gonna make another move on Liam?” Kate asked, smirking at me knowingly.

I laughed. “Oh heck yeah. Just watch Jessica’s face. I’m going to make him want me today.” I grinned happily. This was going to be great and Jessica was going to hate every second of it.

“No doubt about it,” Kate agreed, laughing.

“Oh! So that’s what the skirt’s for!” Sean stated. A look of understanding crossed his face.

I laughed and nodded. “Think it’ll work?” I asked him, actually wanting his opinion.

He nodded. “Oh yeah it’ll work. All the guys in school have been talking about your killer legs today. I must say that even I, who am totally in love with my girlfriend, have checked you out,” he admitted, shrugging.

I slapped him on the shoulder playfully. “Ew! That’s gross, Sean. You’re one of my best friends! Best friends don’t perv on each other!” I stated, faking a shudder.

“Actually, I’ve been checking you out too,” Kate joked.

“Me too,” Sarah added, making us all laugh harder.

As we walked into the canteen, laughing, I could actually feel some of the guys looking at me. Now that Sean had said about it, I realised I did have a lot more male attention than normal.

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