Author: Kirsty Moseley

I laughed. “You did? That’s why you were looking nervous?” I asked, giggling.


“Say it again,” he whispered.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me, his mouth about an inch away from mine. “I love you, Liam James,” I whispered.

“I love you too, Amber Walker.” He kissed me, hard, and I couldn’t help but kiss him back with the same intensity. I ran my hands down his back and gripped the bottom of his t-shirt, pulling it up over his head, trailing my fingers down his chest, just marveling at how flawless he was. His hands were roaming all over my body hungrily; he gripped the bottom of my top and started pulling it up slowly, as if he was waiting for some sort of reaction. I felt my love for him bump up another gear because of how thoughtful and patient he was with me. I smiled against his lips and he pulled away, looking at me curiously.

“OK?” he asked, concern colouring his voice.

I nodded and pushed him off of me so I could sit up. I gripped my top and yanked it off over my head, throwing it to the floor. He was just watching me in shock. I pulled him back to me, kissing him deeply. His hands were everywhere while we made out but he didn’t do anything I didn’t want him to. It was perfect and sweet. An incredible end to an incredible date. After a while he pulled away and laid next to me, we talked happily for awhile.

At nine, he sighed. “Jake’s going to be home soon, maybe we should get dressed,” he suggested, looking a little reluctant as his fingers trailed over my bra and stomach.

I nodded. “Yeah. I don’t think he’d be best pleased if he came home and found out that you’d seen me with no top on, James,” I said with mock horror. He laughed and sat up, grabbing my shirt from the floor and passing it to me, kissing me again tenderly.

When we were both fully dressed again, we sat watching TV until Jake came home. I couldn’t keep the smile off of my face, Liam loved me and I loved him and everything was perfect. Jake came home and they played on the Wii while I did my homework, trying unsuccessfully, not to watch Liam’s ass as he stood in front of me. At ten he went home to change his clothes and see his parents for half an hour before he would sneak through my window tonight. I could barely contain my excitement at being with him again.

“So, how are you two getting on?” Jake asked curiously, when we were on our own.

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I grinned happily. “Really good actually. Thanks for not freaking out and hurting him or anything,” I said, grimacing at the thought.

He smiled sadly. “That’s OK. Just be careful, he’s a player, I don’t want you to get hurt.” He looked at me worriedly. He always was overprotective, but I guess growing up the way we did he always felt he needed to protect me from our father. I guess that urge never left, even after my father did.

I smiled and shook my head. “He won’t hurt me,” I stated confidently.

He laughed. “Such confidence in a guy who’s never managed to hold down a girlfriend before,” he mused, shaking his head.

“Jake, Liam’s a great guy, he won’t hurt me. He loves me.”

He sighed and nodded. “I know he does.” He frowned disapprovingly as he said it. I don’t think that Jake would ever approve of anyone I brought home; he was just so damn overprotective. He’d always been the best brother a girl could ask for. “So, do you need to talk to me about Dad or anything?” he asked, wincing slightly as he said the word dad.

I closed my eyes; I had been putting off even thinking about that man coming back. “I don’t want to see him,” I said quietly.

He pulled me into a hug. “OK, then we won’t see him.” He rubbed my back soothingly, looking at me worriedly, as if he thought I was going to have another panic attack like the last time we spoke about him.

“You can see him if you want to,” I said, feeling a little guilty. I didn’t want to stop Jake from seeing him if he wanted to.

He laughed humourlessly. “Actually, I need to see him.” He shrugged, and my heart sank, I didn’t want Jake anywhere near that asshole.

“OK, well if that’s what you want….” I trailed off, trying not to cry.

Jake pulled out of the hug and looked at me sadly. “I don’t want to see him, Amber, I want to kill him,” he stated, shrugging casually, making me laugh. I slapped his shoulder making him laugh too. “I promise I won’t let him hurt you, never again.” He kissed the side of my head gently, his whole body tense. I knew Jake always felt guilty that he didn’t do something sooner. I don’t think he’d ever forgive himself for it, but it was an irrational belief, none of it was his fault, yet he took all the blame for it not ending before it did. I think he forgets that he went through it too; he only ever worries about me. He never really talks about the fact that he probably got hurt twice as much as I did because he was always protecting me. He always seems to forget that he was a child at the time too, that he couldn’t have done anything about it anyway because he wasn’t strong enough.

“You know you’re the best brother in the world, right?” I told him, smiling happily.

He nodded, smirking at me. “Yeah, I know,” he replied cockily, making us both laugh again.

I sighed, feeling exhaustion creep in. “I’m going to bed. Night, Jake.” I kissed the top of his head as I went to my room, locking the door behind me out of habit.

I put on my pyjamas and just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard my window open. I smiled happily as Liam climbed in the bed behind me, wrapping his arms around me. “Hey, you,” I mumbled sleepily.

He kissed the back of my head gently. “Hey, yourself,” he replied, as I snuggled back against him.

“I love you, Liam.” I grinned as I said the words; it just got easier and easier to say each time.

“I love you more, Angel.” I sighed and closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep, safe and warm, wrapped in his embrace.

Chapter 15

~ Liam ~

I had been with Amber for a week now, and it’d honestly been the best week of my life - of anyone’s life, probably. She was just so perfect. I’d wanted her for so long that I was a little worried that if I ever did get her, that she would never be able to live up to what I had imagined. I’d put her on such a high pedestal that I was surprised she actually had enough oxygen to breathe. But being with her was better than anything I could have ever imagined.

I couldn’t wait for tonight. As usual, there was a party at Jake’s - the after game celebrations. I was definitely planning on dancing with my girl tonight. I pulled on a pair of ripped jeans and a white button down shirt and headed over to their house. I was so excited to see her that I could burst into song any moment. I still couldn't believe that someone like me would be lucky enough to have someone like her fall in love with them. She could have any guy she wanted; she was beautiful, smart, funny, and kind. Practically every guy in school lusted after her, not that I could blame them; her body was just out of this world, all that dancing…..

I struggled to watch her at her dance practice every Saturday, it was such a freaking turn on seeing her jumping around, shaking her ass. She honestly made my mouth water I wanted her so badly. It would be even worse tomorrow because I’d actually had my hands on that pert little ass that would be shaking around.

I went straight to their kitchen, helping Jake sort out drinks and snacks as usual. Amber was probably in her room making herself look unbelievable, just to tease the life out of me again. She’d insisted on flirting her pretty butt off with me every day at school for the stupid bet. Every day it got worse and worse as she bumped it up another gear. She was getting more confident now; she knew exactly how much she affected me, and definitely used it to her advantage. Not that I minded, she was having a good time doing it and seeing her enjoying herself made me happy.

Amber had been getting more and more into our relationship since she told me she loved me, taking things further and further. I was a little worried at first. I didn’t want her to think all I wanted her for was sex, I’d told her I would wait and I would wait as long as she needed. I truly loved her more than anything in the world. If I thought she would say yes, I would ask her to marry me right now, but I just didn’t want to rush her or pressure her into anything, we had all the time in the world.

Jake had been great so far too. He seemed to like the fact that Amber was happy so he didn’t give me too much flack about dating her. We did have a few words the day after he found out about us, but I’d never tell Amber about that. It was basically just threats of decapitation and castration - which I knew he meant. Not that it mattered, I wouldn’t be the one to hurt her or end this relationship, that was definitely up to her. All I wanted was to take care of her and make her happy.

An hour later, people started arriving for the party. I watched the hallway, waiting for her. Usually, she didn’t come out of her room until the party was in full swing, so I knew I had a little while. I spotted Jessica walk in and I groaned as I grabbed Casey, pulling him in front of me so she wouldn’t see me. She had been pissing me off so badly all week with all the flirting, well, they all had. I couldn’t believe that girls do that sort of thing, and jeez what they were offering, it was literally anywhere, anytime, and anything I wanted. I didn’t even want to think about what Jessica had offered me, the dirty little tramp. My subconscious mind wandered to the couple of times we’d been out and had sex, I shuddered a little at the thought.

Casey was laughing his ass off. “Seriously, Liam, just man up and f**k someone get it over with,” he said, laughing.

I rolled my eyes at his stupid comment. “Whatever, the only one I’ll be with is my girlfriend. I’m not interested in any of these skanks.” I waved my hand dismissively as a couple of girls eyed me from across the room. Someone grabbed my arm, squeezing gently to get my attention. Oh for goodness sake why can’t they leave the hell alone? “Look, I’m not interested! I’ve got a girlfriend!” I growled angrily as I turned around.

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