When she goes limp under me, I look up to see a peaceful smile on her face, her eyes closed. She’s out.

Pulling my finger out from her panties I bring it to my mouth, tasting her innocent pussy for the first time. It hardens my cock. I swear to Christ, it’s the taste of pure heaven. I can’t wait to have my mouth on her. I’ll probably eat her pussy for days. Until she begs me to stop, and I’ll beg her not to take it from me.


I have two days to make her fall in love with me. Ingrain myself into her as deep as possible, because come Monday, she’s going to hate me.

Rubbing my hands over her stomach, I think of another way to keep her attached to me. I’m going to put my baby there. Then she can never leave me. I’ll be spending the next few days trying to plant my seed.

Chapter 11


I wake to a warm body pressed firmly against mine. One hand is inside my panties, cupping my core, and another hand grasps one of my boobs. Warm breath tickles my neck. A face is buried there. The night before starts flashing through my mind.

Getting dressed up with Harper, going to the club, shots, then I seemed to slip into some kind of Sean pity party. A few guys had hit on me, and I hated every second of it. All I could do was keep thinking about Sean. I was comparing them all to him. Most of the men there had that whole bad boy thing that he does, but they didn’t have his soft eyes.

Then people started going at it. I wasn’t sure if I was at a club or an orgy. Or maybe that’s what clubs are like. Every time I went to check my phone, Harper would make me take a shot. Needless to say, I took way too many. Then I started to cry. I think I might be one of those depressed drunks. I’m not sure how my head isn’t pounding right now.

The club only made me feel like I didn’t belong, and Harper didn’t seem to help. As much as she would give me shit about Sean, she crawled all over Nick as soon as he walked in the door.

Did I call Sean? Just from his smell, I know it’s him wrapped so tightly around me. I’ll never forget that smell: earthy and warm. It will forever be branded in my mind. I don't think I could move an inch if I tried. His big body is locked around mine. Even his legs are tangled with mine, like we made crazy love all night and finally passed out like this.

That’s when I feel a hard cock pressed firmly against my ass. It’s clear Sean is big all over. Part of me wants to jump from the bed, but a bigger part wants to stay still and enjoy this. To soak in every second of it.

I try to remember more. Sean’s face flashes in my mind again. Him pulling me from the table at the bar, wrapping his jacket around me, a look of jealousy and concern on his face, then taking me home with him, where I pretty much begged him to have sex with me. He didn’t. I’m positive I’d still feel the effects of that if he did. I do remember him making me cum.

Sucking my nipple into his mouth as he slipped his hands into my panties, taking me to a place I’d never been before. I want that again. Over and over again. Even more, I want to do it to him.

All the things I said to him flash through my mind, making me cringe. Jesus, how am I going to face him when he wakes? I’d asked him to rip my dress from my body…and he did. His big hands grabbed hold and tore it like it was nothing. Maybe I could sneak out. I have no idea what I’ll wear, though, because I’m pretty sure that dress is destroyed.

I wiggle a little to see if I can slip free, but he only latches on tighter, and I swear I hear him mumble “mine.”

Holy shit.

I feel my vagina clench at the word. That’s completely ridiculous and barbaric, and I want him to say it again. I wiggle again, but this time he just lets out a cute little manly growl. I have to hold my laughter in.

Then all the sweet stuff he said to me comes flooding back, making me smile. God, this man is too good to be true. It’s like I’ve won the man lottery or something. I curse the blanket that is laid over us; I want to see myself wrapped in his arms. I want to see those tattoos latched around me so possessively.

I remember following him into the kitchen and the look on his face when he turned around and saw me standing there. I should be embarrassed; I can’t remember the last time someone saw me in my panties. Harper walks around naked like it’s no big deal, but I find myself to be self-conscious. I have wide hips and a few stretch marks from when my boobs came in a little too quickly one summer.

But that look on his face when he saw me like that was one of pure hunger. Like he was starving for me. Me. I have no doubt this man could have his pick of women, but the way he keeps acting makes me feel like I’m all he wants. It’s me in his bed, not someone else. He came looking for me last night. I have no clue how he found me. I’m just happy he did. Who knew where I could have woken up if I hadn’t run into him last night?

I know I’m new at this, but I find myself pushing all the things Harper has been chirping in my ear right out of my head. Sean has been nothing but pure sweetness to me, and I’m not going to mess that up. I want to see where this could go. And besides, it’s far too late.

I’m already falling for him, and I’m in way over my head. Either way, I’m going to drown in him, and I want to enjoy every second of it. I’ll pick up the pieces later. But maybe if I’m lucky, he won’t break me.

Chapter 12



I wake and feel Tessa stir under me, and I tighten my grip on her. She’s spooned against me, and I’ve got one hand down her panties cupping her pussy and one hand on her lush tit, letting it spill over my fingers.