I move back up her body, pushing down my loose shorts and gripping my thick cock. I rub the head through her wetness and thrust in, feeling the aftershocks of her orgasm in the contractions of her pussy.

I start fucking her hard, burying myself balls-deep. I pull her top down, letting her breasts spill out as I lean down and suck a fat nipple in my mouth. God, I miss the taste of her milk, but soon enough I’ll have it again. Thinking about it makes me harder, and I thrust roughly into her.


“Sean!” She pulls at my T-shirt, and it’s then I realize I’m still dressed. Only my cock is out, and it’s working in and out of her tight body. My shirt is the last thing on my mind.

I don’t stop moving inside her as I help Tessa remove my shirt. I’m like an animal, wanting to give her my seed make a baby.

Kissing up her neck, I bite her earlobe and lick the shell of her ear. I feel her shiver under me, and I hold her close as she tightens her legs around my waist.

“Say it, little fox.”

I hear her intake of breath as I plunge deeper, needing to be inside her body as fully as possible.

“I’m yours, Sean. Only yours.”

I feel her clench around me, and I reach between us to rub her clit. She’s already ready for another orgasm, and this time I want to cum with her.

Feeling her tighten on me again, I adjust the angle of my hips, letting her have every rigid inch of me.

“Goddamn right you are. And I’m yours, Tessa. Only yours.”

She clamps down on my cock, exploding into her orgasm. She clings to me as her hips jerk upward, tensing and contracting as she goes off.

Thrusting into her as far as I can go, I hold myself there as her clenches pull my own orgasm from me. I spill my seed into her welcoming womb.

I feel the smile on my face as I hold myself up on my elbows and bury my face in her neck. Nothing is sweeter or more satisfying than being inside my love.

Grabbing her hips, I roll us over so she’s straddling me and lying on my chest. I can feel her trying to catch her breath as I try to catch mine, both of us spent from the quick passion.

“You’re welcome, baby,” I say, kissing the top of her head.

She looks up at me and raises an eyebrow. “Welcome for what?”

“I just gave you a baby girl. It’s what you wanted, right?”

I feel her pussy pulse around me again as she starts to laugh.

I thrust into her, and her giggles turn into a moan as I lazily move in and out of her soaked cunt. “Why are you laughing, little fox? You know I’m right.”

“When it comes to you, Sean, I never doubt a thing you say. I guess only time will tell.” She pushes down on my cock, moving with me, then sits up to take all of me.

I hold her hips, rocking her back and forth on my cock, getting as deep as I can go.

“You love me, little fox?” I never get tired of hearing her say how much I mean to her, and I don’t suspect I will.

Pushing her gorgeous auburn hair out of her face, she looks down at me and smiles. “I love you, Sean.”

I sit up and kiss her neck, needing my mouth on her. “Stealing you was the best decision I ever made.”

I feel the vibrations of her laugh against my lips, and I smile, too. It sounds crazy saying it out loud, but I’ve never once regretted it. Taking Tessa and bringing her to the island and making a family has been more than I could have ever dreamed of.

She’s given me a life I don’t deserve, and I spend my days worshiping her and taking care of our son.

One day I’ll tell him the truth about what I did and how we came to be here. He deserves to know when he’s older, but not today.

No, today is for making love to my perfect goddess and creating a new life inside her. Today, like every day, is for happiness. Today I hold my angel in my arms and tell her over and over how beautiful she is and how lucky I am that she chose me.

Even if I never gave her a choice.


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