Drew shakes his head. “Confirming, once again, what I’ve known all along. Billy Warren is, and always has been, a complete f**king idiot.”

I’m used to Drew’s digs against Billy. And in this case? he’s not exactly wrong.


So I tell him, “As long as you don’t to make me swallow the worm, I’ll give it a go.”

his eyes light up, like a kid in a bike shop. “You know what this means?”


he wiggles his brows. “I get to teach you how to do body shots.”

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Although I don’t believe you need to be drunk to have great sex, having a good buzz certainly doesn’t hurt.

Drew and I are in the elevator heading back to our room, both of us more than tipsy from the tequila. I can taste it on Drew’s tongue—bitter with a touch of citrus. he has me pinned against the wall, my skirt bunched up around my hips, and we’re pushing and grinding against each other.

I’m glad there’s no one else in the elevator—although at this point? I’m really too far gone to give a damn.

We stumble into the room.

Still groping and kissing.

Drew slams the door and spins me around. In one quick movement he pulls the dress down my body, leaving me bare. Except for my heels.

I lean over the desk, resting on my elbows. I hear the hiss of a zipper—and then I feel him. Sliding his c**k between my lips— testing the waters—making sure I’m ready.

I’m always ready for him.

“Don’t tease,” I whimper.

Between the tequila and the elevator, I’m really turned on.

Needy. he pushes in slowly but to the hilt. And I sigh.

Now, we all know the old phrase that bigger is better. And Drew is big—not that I have a lot to compare him to, but he’s twice the size of Billy.

I’m not making you boys out there uncomfortable, am I? News flash—this is how woman talk. At least when you’re not around to listen.

Anyway, it’s not really size that makes the man. It’s rhythm—the pace—knowing how to hit all those delicious spots with just the right amount of pressure. So the next time you see an infomercial for Cockgrow or Miracle-Dick?

Save your money. Buy the Kama Sutra instead.

Drew grabs my hair, pulling my head back, and moves quicker. hard and fast. I grip the edge of the desk, holding on for balance.

he kisses my shoulder and whispers in my ear, “You like that, baby?”

I moan. “Yes . . . yes . . . so much.”

he thrusts into me with more force, shaking the desk.

And just like that, I’m coming like an out-of-control locomotive.

I’m floating. Weightless.

And it’s sublime.

Drew slows the movement of his hips as I come down, drawing it out—making it last. he pulls me back against his chest and his fingers skate up across my stomach and up to my br**sts, cupping and kneading them with both hands.

I raise my arms around his neck, turning my head, bringing his mouth to mine.

I love his mouth, his lips, his tongue. Kissing is an art form, and Drew Evans is Michelangelo.

he pulls out of me and I turn around to face him. Backing him up to the bed. Drew sits on the edge and I climb on, wrapping my legs around his waist.

God, yes.

This is how I like it best—chest to chest, mouth to mouth, not an inch of space between us. I take him in my hand and slide down onto him. My insides stretch with the fullness and Drew moans.

I rise slowly and slam down hard. Testing the strength of the bed springs.



I move faster. Deeper. Our bodies are slick from the Mexican heat.

And then Drew is holding my face in his hands, his thumbs moving back and forth across my skin. Suddenly tender. Worshipful.

Our foreheads press together and in the dim light I can see his eyes looking down, watching where he moves in and out of me.

And I look down too.

It’s erotic. Sensual.

I push his hair back from his forehead.

And my voice is begging, “Tell me you love me.”

he doesn’t say it often. he prefers to show me. But I never get tired of hearing it. Because every time he actually says the words, I’m filled with same wonderment as the first time.

“I love you, Kate.”

his hands still hold my face. Both of us panting—moving faster—getting closer. It feels spiritual.

A holy communion.

Drew’s voice is hushed. Breathless. “Tell me you’ll never leave me.”

his eyes are soft now, liquid silver. Pleading for reassurance.

For all his audacity and over-confidence, I think there’s a part of him that’s still haunted by the week he thought I’d chosen Billy over him. I think that’s why he works so hard to prove how much he wants me.

To show me that I chose wisely.

I smile softly and look right into his eyes.

“Never. I’ll never leave you, Drew.”

The words feel like vows.

his hands grip my hips, raising me up, helping me move.

“God, Kate . . .” his eyes close.

And our mouths open, giving and taking each other’s breaths.

he expands inside me, throbbing, as I clamp down hard around him.

And we come together. In perfect unison.

Perfect splendor.

Afterward, Drew’s arms tighten around me. I touch his face and kiss him gently. he falls backward on the bed, taking me with him, keeping me on top. We lie like that for a while until our heart rates come back down and our breathing slows.

And then Drew rolls me under him.

And we do it again.

Chapter 2

The New York City club scene.

Pounding music that only allows for conversation if you’re a lip-reader. Sweaty guidos in their I’m-too-sexy silk shirts, who think breathing is a sign that you’re interested. Impossibly long lines at the bar and insanely priced watered-down drinks.

Not really my favorite place to be.

I’m more of a bar girl. Bottled beer, jukeboxes, pool tables—I can be quite the pool shark when I need to be.

Not that I haven’t enjoyed a good rave or two in my time.

What? You thought pot was the only illegal substance to grace my bloodstream? Afraid not. Ecstasy, acid, ’shrooms—I’ve tried them all.

You look a little shocked. You shouldn’t be.

The whole drug culture was started by intellectuals in institutions of higher learning. Don’t even try and tell me Bill Gates came up with Windows—a maze of interconnected, multicolored path-ways—without some serious psychedelic assistance.

Anyway, despite my preferences, four weeks after Cabo, Drew and I end up at the hottest club of the moment. With our best friends, Matthew and Delores. To celebrate their first anniversary.

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