"Will you set up your company in our home, then?"

"About that . . ."


She sounded so earnest he braced for the next announcement. "Yes?"

"I'd like to keep working for Phillips."

"You're serious?"

"Go ahead and laugh. I know you want to."

He did exactly that. Once he calmed down, she explained that she was still going to run her company with Jordan. "Please don't tell Phillips."

"He's going to notice when you keep coming to work."

"He's going to gloat."

"Yes, he will."

"The working conditions will have to change, of course. I'm only going to be available part-time. And I don't want him pointing to the chair any longer. It's just plain rude."

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"He loves pointing. You're going to take that away from him?"

She sighed. "Okay, I'll let him point to the chair."

"You're such a pushover," he laughed.

"Hey!" She jabbed his shoulder with her finger.

Liam grabbed her hand and kissed it. "When will you tell Charlotte you're going to stay in Boston?"

"About that . . ."

"You want me to tell her."

"I'll tell her we're getting married first, and then I'll slip in that we're staying in Boston. I'll probably blame you."

"That's fine with me. Are you going to tell her you finally confronted your aunt and uncle and really let them have it?"

"Probably," she said. "Letting them have it didn't seem to do any good. They're both still calling. Uncle Russell is always drunk and always shouting."

"You've done enough," he said. "I'm begging you. Let me have a turn. I can get them to stop. I promise."

"Sure. Why not? Take a turn. Then they can start calling your number."

"No, they won't," he said with complete confidence.

"You mentioned with your promotion you can take a step back and let other agents you've trained handle more of the work."

"That's right."

She raised herself up on her elbow and propped her chin in her hand so she could stare into his amazing green eyes. "And exactly what is that work?"

He answered, "Maybe someday when we're old and gray, and we're rocking on the front porch watching our grandchildren, I'll tell you all about it."

She kissed him on the cheek and laid her head back down on his chest. For the first time in her life she knew how it felt to love and be loved.

"Sounds good to me," she whispered.

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