“Gabe, I think . . .”

He held a finger up to her lips.


“Ssh, sweetheart, no more talk,” he begged gently. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to do all evening.” Bobbi grabbed his finger between her lips and sucked the tip hungrily, watching his face tighten as he moaned shakily. It was amazing how such a simple gesture was able to render a strong man like Gabe as weak as a kitten.

“Oh?” she asked huskily, after running her tongue up and down the length of his index finger before releasing his hand to fall limply to his side. “What could that be?”

“You’re killing me, Bobbi.” He laughed unsteadily. His trembling hands went to the hem of her top and dragged it up and off before she even had time to blink, and then he sat back on his heels and just studied the skin that lay bared to his gaze. She fought the urge to cover her breasts, battling her instinctive shyness and kept her arms down, enjoying the appreciative look in his eyes as they studied the slight curves of her body.

“I love these.” She drew in a sharp breath as he bent over to plant a reverent kiss on one pointed tip and then the other. “They’re absolutely perfect . . .”

“Small,” she lamented, and he glared up at her.

“Perfect,” he maintained before he lavished each tip with even more attention until she fell back onto the sofa and writhed beneath him, lost in the sensation of his mouth and hands tormenting the overly sensitive peaks. After what seemed like hours, he raised his head to study the wet, rosy crests in satisfaction.

“My turn.” Bobbi could barely get the two words out but he understood her well enough and his head jerked up, while his eyes narrowed in anticipation. She sat up and tugged his shirttails from his trousers before burrowing her questing hands beneath the expensive fabric to find the velvety warmth beneath. She unbuttoned his shirt leisurely, kissing each wedge of skin as it was revealed, marveling at how hard, muscled flesh could be so satiny to the touch. When she’d unfastened the last button, she parted the two sides and scrutinized his muscular chest in purely feminine appreciation.

He was gorgeous: all bronzed flesh, hard muscles, and downy cinnamon hair. Her slightly work-roughened hands entangled themselves in the sprinkling of hair on his chest before making their fluttering way to his flat male nipples. When she found the rigid nubs, she thumbed them experimentally and smiled in delight when Gabe sucked in a harsh breath.

“You like that?” she asked huskily, glancing up to meet his burning eyes. No answer was required . . . he seemed to have relished it! “Great, then you’re probably going to love this!” She dipped her head and drew one of the stiff crests deeply into her mouth. Gabe made a strangled sound and jerked violently before grabbing her head between his hands and trying to drag her away from her task. Bobbi ignored him and continued to lick and suck seductively, relishing the musky taste of him.

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She shifted her attention to the other peak and nipped at it sharply, before licking away the sting. Gabe’s breath was coming in harsh pants and when he once again tried to drag her away, she complied and latched onto his mouth almost aggressively, relishing this new role of seductress. Gabe’s helpless groan was muffled against her mouth and he allowed her to take the initiative, his tongue playing court to hers.

Eventually he began to dominate their love play, as she bowed to his experience. His fingers initially fumbled with the button fly of her shorts before he found a rhythm and seductively undid one after the other. He tugged at the waist once he had them all unfastened and Bobbi raised her hips allowing him to wrestle off the tight scrap of material. After he had tossed the shorts aside he leaned back to admire what he’d revealed. He shook his head in wonder as his scrutinizing look traveled down her slender torso to her concave stomach, her tiny waist, and the delicate flare of her hips.

“Dear God, Bobbi, you’re . . . ravishing.” He breathed.

Damn him, she adored him. She wished she didn’t but it was hard not to when he was staring at her with such reverence in his eyes.

Gabe smiled at the sight of the plain white cotton bikini panties she was wearing. Bobbi probably had nothing that could be labeled lingerie in her underwear drawer. His Bobbi was a cotton-panties girl through and through. Lingerie was not for the practical mechanic, but he figured she would look pretty damned sexy in silk and lace too and vowed there and then to buy her some lingerie. It would definitely drive him wild to see her in overalls and fantasize about what sexy confections she might be wearing beneath them!

The very thought now had him so revved up that it was difficult not to rip the aforementioned panties off and bury himself so completely within her that he would be lost forever. He was irresistibly drawn back to her breasts, bending to tug one of her raspberry pink tips into his mouth. She gasped and arched back, offering herself up to him. He maneuvered her until she was lying down on the sofa and he was on top of her with his hips cradled between the welcoming warmth of her thighs. Not once during the move had he lifted his head from her tormented breast and she was groaning and pleading with him to let up on his exquisite torture. He eventually did, but only to create havoc with the other, neglected nipple.

Despite her pleas for him to stop tormenting her, Bobbi was contradictorily arching her back and thrusting her chest closer to his mouth. He laughed triumphantly and claimed her lips for yet another hungry kiss. The kiss was torrid enough to leave her limp and breathless, and she watched languidly as he got up to divest himself of his already unbuttoned shirt, then his shoes, and lastly his trousers and socks. Soon he wore only his black briefs, which did absolutely nothing to conceal his fierce erection from her. Her hungry eyes were riveted to the straining bulge between his thickly muscled thighs, and she was trembling uncontrollably when he settled back down between her spread legs. He smiled down at her before, without a word, lifting one of her legs and resting the slender ankle on his broad shoulder.