“Gabe . . . what are you doing?” she asked in confusion, but he merely smiled down at her, before kissing her inner ankle. His warm, large hands circled the ankle, then traveled slowly down the length of her leg purposely allowing the back of his hand to lightly brush against the warm wetness between her legs, his knuckles grazing the moist material of her panties, before his hand stroked its way sensuously back up to her ankle. He then repeated the whole agonizing process with her other leg, this time allowing his hand to linger longer at her sensitive core.

He grinned down at her and he should have looked ridiculous with his face framed by her feet but instead he looked absolutely wicked and oh-so-sexy. He winked mischievously before hooking his thumbs in the sides of her panties and sliding them up over her hips with tormenting slowness. Bobbi was arching her hips impatiently and he bent to kiss her lips gently.


“Patience, my sweet,” he whispered against her mouth. “This is going to be so good. More than merely good . . . It’s going to be exquisite.” He’d completely removed her panties by now and had tossed them over his shoulder, uncaring of where they landed. He scrutinized her naked flesh raptly. A gentle hand found its way to her abdomen and down . . . to where the softest sprinkling of curls lay in wait of his touch. His long, blunt fingers entangled in the grasping curls and then moved down even farther, to where there were no curls and only a warm moistness that ached for his touch.

Bobbi cried out when his fingers found her sensitive clit and she went unbearably tense when he stroked her there. God, it was divine. She sobbed and tried to dislodge the tormenting touch.

“No, Gabe. It’s too much . . . ,” she pleaded, but he ignored her and that same finger slipped deftly inside of her.

“Oh Christ.” Gabe was groaning too now and his chest was heaving uncontrollably as he fought to breathe. “You’re so hot and tight, sweetheart.”

Bobbi’s hands were doing some exploring of their own; she was learning his hard curves and angles and kissing every inch of flesh accessible to her. She pushed impatiently at his briefs—needing to have him completely naked and open to her touch. Understanding what she wanted, he pushed the briefs down his hips and kicked them off.

Bobbi’s eyes widened in awed disbelief at the sight of him. The last time she had seen Gabe in the buff had been on a skinny-dipping adventure when he was ten and she five and he had certainly grown a lot since then. The childhood memory reminded her of exactly whom it was she found herself naked with and she flushed unexpectedly, going crimson with sudden embarrassment. She may have wanted him for years but this was still Gabe and she was seeing him naked. What should have felt awkward felt comfortable and right and the embarrassment was fleeting.

Her eyes were focused on his erect penis and she shook her head in amazement. Yes, this was Gabe, and God, he was gorgeous.

“Oh Gabe,” she breathed in awe, and he grinned, understanding and appreciating her tone.

“Oh Bobbi,” he mimicked in the exact same tone of voice. His hand fumbled around on the floor beside the sofa before finding his discarded trousers and removing a condom from one of the pockets.

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“You’re ready, right?” he asked, his voice tight with barely restrained urgency, and she smiled.

“You have no idea how ready I am,” she assured him, and he grinned in relief, before tearing the packet with his teeth. He efficiently donned the condom, the back of his hand brushing against her as he did so, and she bit back another cry at her almost unbearable sensitivity down there.

Without any hesitation at all, Gabe kissed her deeply and entered her with one long, sure thrust. Bobbi stiffened but when there was no further discomfort, she relaxed and began to follow his lead.

After that initial fast and economical thrust, Gabe began to move almost leisurely. He was hunched over her slender form and moaned whenever she lifted her hips to meet his gentle strokes. His tongue parodied the lazy movements of his body and Bobbi found herself rocking slowly to the edge of an insidiously looming pit. Her fingers dug into his back and both of them were soon sobbing each other’s names. Their pace quickened abruptly and they soon began to fly out of control. They were melded together in more ways than the most basic, their chests were glued together, their lips were locked, and their arms and legs were inextricably entangled.

“Gabe,” Bobbi whispered his name on a note of pleasure so intense, it almost resembled pain. It took her breath away and she shuddered quietly around him as she was catapulted headfirst into a frighteningly deep black abyss, where she felt herself free-falling to an end that she could not see. Gabe’s thrusts were so fast now, one could barely finish before the other started, his face was contorted and dripping with sweat.

“Bobbi . . . ,” he grunted. “God!” He came with one final, massive thrust. He went completely boneless in her arms and was waiting to catch her when she floated to the bottom of the abyss.

He withdrew his still throbbing penis from her with a wince, while she sucked in a shocked gasp at his abrupt departure from her body. He immediately dispensed with their protection and gathered her into his arms.


They were silent for a very long time afterward. The sweat dried and cooled on their bodies, and Bobbi began to shiver despite the warmth of the evening. Gabe tightened his arms around her and turned her so that she was sandwiched between the back of the huge, lavishly upholstered sofa and his hard body. She immediately felt safe and warm and buried her face against his chest with a contented sigh.

She dozed off but woke with a start when Gabe adjusted his position carefully.