Which guy was real?

“You want a shower?” Horse asked.


“Yeah, I think so,” I replied. “Been a long day.”

“Use the bathroom upstairs, it’s nicer than the one down here.”

I nodded and left the kitchen, where Horse wiped up the table and counter like a perfectly normal person. So weird.

Just my luck—no lock on the bathroom door.

On the bright side, the bathroom had clearly been upgraded at some point in the recent past. In fact, looking around I was pretty sure it had been another bedroom at one point, that’s how big it was. All the fixtures matched the house perfectly—big, claw foot tub, and old dresser/vanity that had been converted by putting in a sink basin surrounded by a marble top. There was a sash window on one side, and the fact that it didn’t have real shades bothered me until I realized there wasn’t a chance of anyone ever seeing me in here. Just too far up and in the middle of nowhere.

In addition to the tub was a giant, modern shower stall with jets on both sides and a long bench. It should have been out of place, but somehow it all fit together. The best part? A big skylight that would illuminate the entire room beautifully when the sun was out. I couldn’t help but wonder how a bathroom like this wound up in an old farmhouse.

Horse’s laundry still sat in a pile on the floor, so I picked it up and threw it in the hamper. I figured I would probably be doing the laundry and wondered if he had a washer and dryer. I hadn’t seen any, but I hadn’t seen the mud room yet. All in all, the house might be a little rough in places but it was definitely comfortable. Certainly better than the trailer, and with a lot more potential than the place I’d shared with Gary.

Go figure.

So, the lack of lock was a problem, and as much as I wanted to give that tub a test run, I didn’t feel comfortable with it. Instead I stripped down and hopped in the shower, where I was pleased to find shampoo, conditioner and body wash. They weren’t my usual, but they’d do until I could get to the store. Thankfully the shower had lots of hot water, although it took awhile to reach the second floor. I soaped up my hair and rinsed it, then followed with conditioner.

The door opened and Horse stepped in as I started with the body wash. I should have seen it coming, I mean how predictable? I’d been worried about the tub but honestly didn’t see the shower thing coming. I guess I’m too pragmatic—he’d already showered, why would he want to shower again?


Anyway, I shrieked when I saw him, a shriek he shut down quickly enough by grabbing me and lifting me up into his body. I wrapped my legs and arms around him instinctively as he pushed me against the shower wall. Then he took my mouth and I no longer had any doubts how this evening would end.

How to describe that kiss?

Well, it was rough and deep. His tongue thrust into me over and over, and I felt his penis gliding across my slit as he restlessly pumped his hips in time with his tongue. I’d love to say I didn’t enjoy it, that I was a poor little victim of the Big Bad Biker, but that straight up isn’t the truth. I caught fire and would have rubbed myself against Horse like a cat in heat if he weren’t holding me tight. As it was, I dug my hands in his hair and I tilted my head to take him deeper.

One of his hands slid down my back, moving along the crack of my ass. He grazed over my rear entrance and I jumped, but he kept moving down. Then his fingers entered me, and I gotta be honest here, it kicked ass. Horse’s c**k slid back and forth along my clit from the front and his fingers delved deep inside from the back. He went after my G-spot first, sending me into shuddering convulsions just short of coming. Then he pulled his mouth away from mine and pinned me with his eyes as his fingers f**ked me. That’s when the torture began.

He worked me just to the point of orgasm over and over. I whimpered and moaned, desperate for him to give me more, but he just watched my face with that cold expression of his. I hated that look but there was something about it that turned me on too. He controlled every touch, every bit of stimulation taking over my body, and he wasn’t merciful. Finally he pulled his fingers away from me, hoisting my body higher until my hips were halfway up his chest. His mouth took my nipple right as his finger pushed into my ass and I moaned, stiffening against his invasion.

He ignored me, focusing on my nipple, sucking it deep into his mouth as his finger explored my rear, something entirely new to me. I always thought it would hurt to be touched there, but however rough he was with my breast—and he was rough, make no mistake, alternating between sucking, licking and little tiny bites—he kept his finger in my back passage gentle. I was so turned-on now that I couldn’t begin to process everything I felt. Pressure built in me and I felt my orgasm coming. I stiffened, bracing myself and tensing tight around his finger.

That’s when he pulled away and set me down without warning.

I swayed on my feet until I found my balance while he steadied me. Every nerve in my body was strung tight, jangling and overstimulated. I whimpered in protest, but he just gave me a smile that could have frozen lava.

“Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?” he whispered, pulling away from me to sit down on the bench, legs spread wide. Bastard. If I’d had any doubts about his arousal before now, the sight of him now destroyed them. His c**k was long and hard, his balls drawn up tight, showing just how close he was to the edge.

“On your knees,” he ordered, his voice harsh.

I knelt slowly before him, feeling like a slave wench servicing her conqueror, which I guess wasn’t too far off. I took his c**k in both hands, smoothing up and down it as I looked up at him. I licked the little notch on the underside of the head, flicking my tongue rapidly.

“Fuck me…” he groaned, and I couldn’t tell if it was an order or just an expression of how good it felt. He reached down and tangled his fingers in my hair, urging me to wrap my mouth around his cock. Sounded good to me. I opened my mouth, sucking him in as deep as I could, which wasn’t very far because he was so large. Still, what I could take I worked with my tongue, bobbing up and down on him as my hands got into the action. I used my right to jerk him off in time with my mouth. The left I dropped down to his balls, alternately rolling and gripping them. His c**k got harder and he started jerking his hips toward me a little with each stroke, holding my hair so tightly it hurt.

Horse leaned back, head turned to the side, eyes closed and an expression of infinite need on his face—that’s when I realized just how much power I held over him. He couldn’t take that from me. So long as he wanted my body, I had my own kind of control.