Holy shit, that turned me on.

I let go of his balls, reaching down between my legs to finger myself. Faster and faster I worked, until I heard him giving little grunts of encouragement and I felt little pulsing twitches start at the base of his cock. My legs quivered as I hovered right on the edge of my own explosion.


Then Horse came in my mouth, something I’d been fantasizing about for months. He didn’t do it halfway, just like everything else in his life. I’ve only ever given a blowjob to one other man—Gary—and it was nothing like this. After he finished, I kept sucking on him as I rubbed my own clit hard. He didn’t soften completely, although the urgency was gone. Unfortunately, that’s when he noticed what I was doing with my hand.

“Stop it,” he ordered, reaching down to grab my arm, pulling me to my feet in front of him.

“Horse, please,” I begged.

“Do you realize how much time I’ve spent jacking myself off, thinking of you?” he asked, still sitting. I shook my head, startled by the question. “Any idea what it felt like that time you pulled away from me? Blue balls don’t come close to what you did to me, babe. Enjoying watching it happen to you for a change.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “But I couldn’t make love with you when there was an audience. I just couldn’t.”

“Make love? Don’t fool yourself, this is about f**king, Marie,” he said. That hurt, hurt way more than I could have expected. Then he made it worse. “And get used to the idea of an audience, because I’m not gonna let you off easy just because you’re squeamish.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, stiffening.

“In my world we don’t follow the rules, babe,” he said. “There’s nothing about me my brothers don’t know. Remember what I told you while you were packing your shit?”

”Yeah,” I whispered, mesmerized as he leaned forward, nuzzling between my legs, flicking his tongue over my clit twice, which was almost enough to sent me over.

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But not quite.

I shifted restlessly, wishing I could bring my legs together, squeeze them just enough to finish the job, but he wouldn’t let me.

“This is my pu**y,” Horse said, reaching up inside me with two fingers, rubbing against my inside wall purposefully. I shivered. “I’ll f**k it when I want and how I want. We party with the club and I get horny, you spread for me and you don’t bitch about it. That means against a wall, on the floor, in the middle of the f**king grocery store, you give it to me when I want or this deal is off. Get it?”

I nodded, torn between anger at his words and desperation for his touch. Fortunately he stopped talking and sucked on my clit. I blew about ten seconds later, my moans echoing in the shower as I came. It took everything I had to stay on my feet, and even then I gripped his shoulders hard enough to leave marks.

He left me to finish washing, which consisted mostly of getting the conditioner out of my hair and my heart rate down to normal. I wrapped my hair in a towel and pulled on sweats and a ratty t-shirt to go back to my room. The door to Horse’s room was closed and the house was silent. That surprised me somehow. I guess I expected to see him again, that he’d want more from me. I knew he liked sleeping together, we’d done it twice and he’d held me all night both times. That’s when it really sank in.

Horse didn’t want me in his room because I wasn’t his woman. He’d offered me that and I said no—now my job was to service him and stay out of his way. Suddenly having my own room wasn’t looking so good. I actually felt lonely for the jerk, wishing he’d spend the night with me. But Horse had made himself clear—cuddling was for girlfriends and old ladies.

Now I was just a quick f**k, and it was my own damned fault.

Chapter Twelve

A hand slid into my sweatpants sometime during the night, fingers grazing my clit as a mouth claimed my breast. I moaned, sleepy and unsure if this was a dream or not. Then the hand left me to pull down my sweats. I opened my eyes, awake now, trying to figure out what was happening. A man was on top of me. Gary? I opened my mouth to scream and a hand covered it even as he spoke.

“No more sleeping in shit like this,” Horse murmured as he pushed his leg between mine. “You sleep naked or in something sexy, no excuses.” Then he kissed me gently below my left ear, nuzzling my neck. He pulled his hand from my mouth and I punched his shoulder.

He laughed.

“Don’t cover my mouth!” I hissed.

“Didn’t want you screaming and rupturing my eardrum, babe,” he replied, his voice low and sexy. He pressed his hips into the cradle of mine and I shuddered. How could he piss me off so much and turn me on at the same time? It wasn’t fair. “You gonna behave or should I tie you up?”

“Are you serious?”

“Fuck, yeah, I’m serious,” Horse replied, reaching down to find my clit. I arched up and moaned, because no matter how angry he made me, my inner slut wanted him. Bad. “I’m the boss. You remember that or I’ll teach you.”

He caught my hands and pulled them roughly over my head, holding them prisoner with one hand while his other worked me like he’d done in the bathroom. My body was starved for this, still wound up from earlier. I’d been too paranoid to touch myself after the shower, nervous he’d come into my bedroom and discover me. I don’t know why keeping that part of myself from him seemed so important, but it was.

In less than a minute, he had me primed and ready. He pulled away and I heard the crinkle of a condom wrapper tearing. Horse muttered a curse in the darkness before coming back, catching my hands and pinning them on either side of my head as he lined up his c**k with my opening.

Horse had a big dick—I knew this. But I didn’t truly grasp the implications until he started pushing into me, slow and steady, no hesitation and no stopping. I squirmed against the bed as he filled me, the satisfaction of feeling full tempered with little twinges of pain as he stretched me wide. I could just make out his features in the faint moonlight streaming through the window—a mask of determination and desire that overwhelmed me. Then he hit bottom, balls-deep in my body. My muscles twitched around him, little tremors running through me as I struggled to hold him.

“Gotta get used to me, babe,” he murmured, dropping kisses across my face before taking my mouth again for the first time without urgency. “I’ll take it slow.”

And he did. Gradually I felt myself relax around him, and when he started stroking, that big c**k of his rubbed against me in places I hadn’t even realized existed. Gradually he moved faster and I started lifting my hips to meet his, body eager for more. Usually I don’t come from vaginal sex alone—I need more stimulation for my clit. Horse was different though, because his body was big enough to spread me wide open, exposing my center to the delicious slide of his erection as he pumped in and out of my body. Having my arms pinned wide added to the experience because I couldn’t do anything to stop him. I had to take what he gave me, no arguments, and that was weirdly liberating—utterly guilt-free sex.