Not a question.


“You think I want to keep Katzinski?”

Cam granted her the slow, sexy smile that turned her knees weak. “Now that we’ve got that settled…” He kissed her. Lord did he ever kiss her.

After he released her mouth, he nuzzled her cheek, her hair, her neck. “Domini, I…”

“What?” she whispered, feeling the urgency in his tone.

“I-I’ve gotta go.” His breath drifted across her ear. “I’ll call you later and I’ll see you at the courthouse tomorrow.”

Cam smooched her forehead and climbed in his truck.

Evidently what he’d meant to say hadn’t been so urgent after all.

Cam had chickened out telling Domini he loved her and none of the legal stuff mattered because their marriage would be real in every sense of the word.

It’d been hard seeing her caught off balance, seeing her struggle. She wasn’t sure of anything.

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But Cam had never been more sure of anything in his life.

His first call was to his sister. “Hey Keely, I need your help.”

“Big surprise.”

“Seriously. This is important. Can you keep a secret?”

A beat passed. “I’ll keep your secret if you forget what you saw at Colt and Indy’s wedding reception and we never ever ever bring it up again.”

He frowned. “You haven’t talked to him about it?”

“No! I hate him! Hate him, understand? And if I ever see that smug, self-serving, self-righteous prick again, I’ll cut off his limp—”

“Okay, okay, I get it. So, if you help me, I will erase my memory of the incident in question.”

“Deal. What’s up?”

“Domini and I are getting married tomorrow.” Cam grinned like a loon. He couldn’t help it. By this time tomorrow that Ukrainian princess would be his. His wife. In his bed every night. Forever.

Keely squealed. “Get out! That is so awesome.” She went quiet. “Dammit, Cam, you’re not telling anyone else in the family, are you?”

“Nope. Well, I’m gonna ask Colt to stand up for me at the courthouse. Which means Indy will know.”

“Why the big secret?”

“The McKay family can be overwhelming. With Luke’s death, and what Domini is going through after Nadia’s death, and dealing with Anton…we decided to keep it simple.”

“Who’s standing up for Domini?”

“Umm. I don’t know. I don’t think she knows.”

“Oh, pick me, pick me! I couldn’t stand it if I didn’t get to be in your wedding, Cam. Please?”

“That’s Domini’s choice. If you get over to her place right away and help her, she’ll probably pick you. She was kinda freaked out, to be honest. She doesn’t have a dress or flowers, and the rest of that girly crap I don’t know nothin’ about.”

“Say no more. I will take care of it pronto.” She sniffled. “And can I just say I’m really really really happy for you?”

“Yeah, you can.” His wild child baby sis was such a softie. “Do you still have Grandma Dinah’s wedding ring?”

“Yeppers. Why?”

“I know Grandma left it to you and all, and obviously I’d pay you for it—”

“Cameron West McKay, you’ll do no such thing as pay me! I don’t know why the hell she ever left it to me anyway, unless she thought it was the only wedding ring I’d ever get.”

Cam laughed.

“I’d hoped one of my brothers would want it.”

“As I am the last male to get married, it ain’t like you’ve got a choice on which brother,” he said dryly.

Even though Keely was mute on the other end of the phone, he heard the gears churning.

Why the sudden marriage? Why was he denying his family a chance to share in his happiness? Especially when he’d had so little of it in the last few years?

Cam heard her intake of breath and he braced himself.

But Keely’s train of thought had nothing to do with his impending nuptials. “So if Domini is moving in with you right away I totally call dibs on her apartment.”

Chapter Seventeen

“…by the State of Wyoming, I pronounce you husband and wife.”

“Can I kiss my bride?”

“By all means, Deputy.”

Cam flashed Domini a devastating, possessive grin. Then his hands were cupping her face and he kissed her with such melting sweetness, with such pride and intent, Domini knew she’d start bawling if he kept it up.

She murmured, “Save some of those kisses for tonight when we’re alone.”

“Got plenty more where those came from. Now that you’re mine, I can kiss you pretty much any time I please, wife.”

Colt clapped Cam on the back. “Congrats, bro.” He hugged Domini. “Welcome to the family.”

“Thank you.”

Cam took Colt aside to talk to him.

“Domini, you look gorgeous, fabulous, radiant all those bridely type words,” India said. Her curious gaze zoomed to the chain circling Domini’s neck. “Where’d you get the necklace?”

“Cam gave it to me last week.” Lord. It seemed like a lifetime ago. But Domini had gotten so used to wearing the necklace, she felt naked if she took it off.

“I never would’ve guessed Cam was so…generous.” Indy traced the satin sleeve banded across Domini’s biceps. “And wow. Who would’ve thought this color would be perfect for a wedding dress?”

“Keely thought of it.” She’d shown up yesterday afternoon with three wedding dress choices. This one stood out—a simple, short silk sheath in aquamarine.

“Doesn’t it match her eyes exactly? I knew there was a reason I was compelled to buy this classy dress last year…it just wasn’t for me,” Keely said.

“Keely, I can’t thank you enough for all you did to get me ready. The dress. The hair. The makeup. The bridal bouquet.” Driving her to Spearfish so she could pick out a wedding band for Cam.

Her husband.

Oh God. She’d really done it. She’d really married him.

“Don’t sweat it. We’re sisters now.” Keely hip-checked Indy and whispered, “So now that Domini is officially a McKay, let’s figure out where you’re gonna tattoo her.”

“What? I have to get a tattoo?”

“Ssh. India has tattooed all the women who’ve married into the McKay family with the McKay cattle brand. It’s something we started with AJ.” Keely grinned. “Since we didn’t throw a bachelorette party before AJ’s wedding, we had a private tattoo party afterward at Indy’s new studio. Channing and Macie’s brands are ‘tramp stamps’ on their lower backs. Mine is on my hip. Indy did hers on the inside of her left thigh last year. Skylar’s is on her shoulder.

“At the McKay branding we convinced Libby and Jessie to get ’em too. Which was when I came up with the brilliant idea for the first annual Cowgirl’s Night Out.” A moment of silence passed as they all thought about Jessie, and how much everything had changed since that night. Keely squeezed Domini’s hand. “She’ll be happy for you and Cam, I promise.”

“Everyone is going to be happy for you two,” India added.

“Once they all get over being pissed off they weren’t invited to the wedding,” Keely said.

That had bothered Domini. It was like Cam was…embarrassed to be marrying her. Or maybe he wanted to save the big family celebration for when he got married for real.

Anton wormed his way between India and Keely. “Domini?”

“Hey, sweetling.” She smoothed his cowlick. “You were very good during the ceremony.”

“Are you really married to him now?”

“Yes, I am.” Domini held out her left hand. The large, square pale blue stone glimmered in the light. She definitely planned on asking Cam where he’d found such a stunning ring—on such short notice. “And tomorrow we’re both moving into Cam’s house. Tonight—”

“We have a special sleepover planned for you, Anton, to officially welcome you into the McKay family.”

Confused, Domini looked up at Keely. “What? But—”

India crouched down and spoke to Anton. “All the ladies at Sky Blue miss seeing you, sport, and they know how much you miss your mom. They miss her too. So Skylar set up a pizza and movie night tonight with your friends from Sky Blue daycare.”

“Just babies,” he scoffed.

But Domini could tell he was interested.

“No, Ky, my nephew, is spending the night with you at Kade and Skylar’s house.” Keely whispered, “Ky is ready to hang out with you because all of his other cousins are younger. A couple of them are even—gasp—girls!”

“Ky’s okay,” Anton said. “So is Eliza.” His eyes pleaded with Domini. “Are you gonna be there?”

“Not tonight,” India said firmly. “But we will bring you back to her and Cam first thing in the morning.”

“You promise you aren’t going nowhere? You promise you’ll come for me tomorrow?”

“You have my word, Anton.” How was she supposed to leave him?

“Just one night,” Keely assured him.


“Good. We’ll swing by Domini’s apartment and load up your stuff, and then you, Indy and me will hit the grocery store for serious junk food. I hear you like cookies.” Keely started to lead him away.

They’d made it about ten feet when Anton stopped. He barreled back to Domini and threw his arms around her, nearly knocking her over. “Promise? You promise I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“I promise.” She squeezed him tightly and for once he didn’t try to squirm away.

“Where’s my wife?” Cam’s voice boomed in the small space.

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