Anton jumped back and looked up at Cam.


“Hey, Anton. Have fun tonight and we’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

He nodded and didn’t cause a fuss when India herded him out.

“He’ll be fine,” Keely said.

“When did you…why…?”

“It’s your wedding night. You need to be alone with your husband without worrying about a seven-year-old boy. And considering all that Anton has been through, Indy and I knew he’d be comfortable at Sky’s place.”

These people, this family was so thoughtful it brought a lump to Domini’s throat.

“But I did have to tell Sky and Kade you guys were getting married so she could do some planning. Cam said it was okay.”

“It is wonderful. Thank you so much.”

“Yeah, thanks.” Cam kissed Keely’s head. “You are the best sister ever.”

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“You know it.” She smirked. “Now can I tell everyone?”

“Have at it. Be nice to have good news to hear about our family for a change.”

“Amen.” Keely gave them both a quick hug and practically skipped out, cell phone at her ear.

“What do you say we go home, Mrs. McKay?”

Domini let her gaze linger on him. Talk about outrageously handsome. Cam had worn his dress green Army uniform rather than a traditional suit for the ceremony. With medals and patches adorning his chest and arms, and a burgundy beret on his head, he looked every inch the warrior soldier. And he was all hers.

At least for a little while.

She smiled. “Lead the way, Mr. McKay.”

Cam’s house didn’t look different. And yet, it looked completely different. Because this was her home now?

“Hang on, lemme come around and help you out so you don’t get that pretty dress dirty.”

He lifted her from the truck, and managed to steal a kiss. She had a sneaking suspicion she should get used to it. Mr. Tough Guy Cam was more publicly affectionate than she’d ever dreamed.

Once they were on the deck, Cam swooped her up into his arms again.

“Cam! What are you doing? Your leg—”

“Is fine. And I’m carryin’ my bride over the threshold, which is tradition in case you didn’t know, bein’s you’re Ukrainian.”

Touched beyond measure, she buried her face in his neck.

Cam pretended not to notice her tears. “There now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” He set her down and hugged her from behind. “Welcome home. Anything you want to change around here, feel free.”

This place was perfect and he knew it. “I shall endeavor to suffer through the lack of amenities until I am able to make the much needed changes.”

He laughed.

Domini sniffed. “What is that delicious scent coming from the kitchen? Did you cook?”

“Princess, I’m about the worst cook on the planet.” Cam grabbed her hand and towed her to the kitchen.

They both froze.

The table was covered with a crisp linen tablecloth. Two place settings, china dishes, silver, crystal wine and water glasses, were cozied side by side. An enormous bouquet of colorful wildflowers anchored one end; unlit candles in several sizes, shapes and colors anchored the other end. A bottle of champagne poked out of a silver bucket, alongside two beribboned champagne flutes, which read bride and groom. A piece of stationery was balanced between the salad plates.

“Did you do all this?”

“Wish I could say, yes, but I’m afraid not.” He pointed at the note. “Bet that’ll tell us who did.”

Domini flipped it open and read:

“Congrats to the newlyweds! We took the liberty of preparing your wedding supper—Swiss steak and scalloped potatoes are in the crock-pots, salad and chocolate cheesecake with raspberry sauce are in the refrigerator. Enjoy them at your leisure. Welcome to the family, Domini! Channing and AJ

PS - Macie says congrats and you’re on vacation for the next three days…”

She met Cam’s gaze. “I’m…stunned.”

“I shoulda figured those crazy females would do this after I told my brothers we were getting married today.”

“You told them? I didn’t think we were telling anyone.”

“I couldn’t help it. I wanted to beat Keely to the punch. I’m just so damn happy.”

“But…the only reason we got married was because—”

Cam’s mouth cut off her protest. Then his hands were in her hair, tearing the hairpins out, shaking her hair free and loose, as he preferred it. Domini was adrift, drowning in his passion.

“Since supper will keep, I’m taking you to bed. Right now.”

In their bedroom, after he’d peeled her out of her wedding dress, Domini stood before him naked, feeling strangely shy.

“You all right?”

“It’s silly that I’m nervous. I mean, we’ve done this before.”

“Never as husband and wife.”

“Are you nervous?”

He snatched her hand to kiss the skin above her wedding ring. “Just anxious.”

She tugged him toward the bed. “Maybe we should do it fast.”

“You always wanna do it fast,” he drawled.

“You always wanna do it slow,” she retorted. Domini stretched out on the bed with her arms above her head, one knee up, one leg down, back arched, breasts thrust up, knowing the wanton pose drove Cam crazy.

After Cam removed his prosthesis, he rolled on top of her. “Are we havin’ our first married-couple fight about sex?”

“No, but I think it’s important we learn to compromise right away.” She traced the line of his broad shoulders and down that muscular back, to those oh-so-wonderfully tight buns.

“I’m listening.” He nuzzled her throat in the spot that instantly made her wet.

“How about…you start out nice and slow, and then at the end we can go as fast as I want?”

“I believe that’s a compromise I can agree to.”

“See? That wasn’t so hard.”

“Oh, I disagree wife, I’m very hard.” Cam angled her hips and eased into her one excruciating inch at a time. “However, I think we’ve got this compromise thing down pat.”

Cam stroked Domini’s head as it rested on his chest, content to hold her, content she was finally where she belonged.

She picked up their joined hands and studied them. For the third time. “It was such a surprise.”


“My wedding ring. It’s perfect, Cam.”

“I’m glad. But now you’re gonna ask me where I got it, aren’t you?”

“Unless you tell me a story like…you gave it to the first woman you ever loved. She broke your heart but you kept the ring…then you can skip it.”

I did give it to the first woman I’ve ever loved.

She lifted her head. “Cam?”

“Nothin’ that sinister.” Cam swept his thumb over the stone. “This ring belonged to my great-grandmother, Dinah. After my great-grandfather died, she took it off and never wore it again. As the only girl, Keely inherited it, but she passed it along to me.”

Something akin to alarm flared in her eyes. “You gave me a family heirloom?”

“Is that an issue? You’d prefer a newer ring?”

“No! It’s gorgeous.” The platinum shone around the aquamarine stone. “But are you sure I should wear it?”

“You’re my wife. My brothers already bought their wives rings. Who else should have it?”

Domini didn’t answer. She rubbed her finger over the plain platinum band on his ring finger. He admitted it looked good next to the empty space where his left pinky used to be. It made his hand look…complete.

“Now I know why Keely insisted on this color for your ring. She was trying to match it to this one.”

He held their hands side by side. “Looks like a perfect match to me.”

“It is.” She kissed his pectoral. “Let’s eat. I’m starved.”

Cam insisted Domini wear one of his dress shirts and nothing else. He lit the candles and cracked the champagne while Domini dished up the food. They toasted. They kissed and nuzzled and were drunk on champagne and on each other. It was intimate and sexy and romantic and Cam couldn’t imagine a better wedding supper. Or a better woman to be married to.

He was hard as concrete after licking raspberry sauce off her nipples. “Let’s go back to bed.”

“But the dishes—”

“Will be right there in the morning. I think you get a free pass from doin’ dishes on your wedding night.”

Domini gave him a saucy look and ran to the bedroom.

He shoved his crutches by the nightstand and centered himself on the bed. “Come here and kiss your husband, your lord and master.”

Domini slunk across him, sexy as sin and straddled his groin. “You called, master?” She giggled. “I can’t even say that with a straight face.”

He fingered the necklace dangling from her neck. “Have I lost all control over you, wife?”

“No.” But she sobered quickly.

“Something wrong?” Cam twined her soft hair around his fingers. “No secrets between us now.”

A bleak look flitted through her eyes. She broke eye contact and kissed the inside of his wrist. “Everything is going to change between us when Anton is living here tomorrow. No more sex on the dining room table. No more bending me over the couch. No more plastering me against the refrigerator. We won’t be able to be as spontaneous with sex. Will that bother you?”


That grim expression crossed her face again.

“But having you in my bed every night more than makes up for it, Domini.”



“You won’t have a problem being sexually creative and commanding with a seven-year-old down the hall?”

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